Using Theme My Login WordPress Plugin

While in the process of making a customer portal website, a fellow Freshy designer and I found the Theme My Login Plugin, which themes the login pages to your WordPress theme instead of the default.

It also gives you control of the redirects and lets you customize the emails that get sent out for new user, forgot password, etc.

Divi has a login module, but this is nice for more advanced functionality.

Note: The only problem I ran into was when testing the login page out. I tested the “forgot my password” button to make sure we could reset the password okay. I was sent the link to reset, but when I opened it the site said the link was invalid.

With the help of some online forums and the expertise of another FS developer, we found the following solution:

  1. “Whitelist” the following URLs from being cached:
    • /login/
    • /logout/
    • /resetpass/
    • /register/
    • /lostpassword/
    • /your-profile/
    • Anything that comes after those URLs (params, other pages, etc.)
  2.  Once you do this, the password reset link should work!

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