Top 50 Landscaping Websites for 2020

What makes the best landscape website? Companies that make their service and site stand out to potential customers are using the best design. Websites should be welcoming, build trust, and showcase the services offered. They should also be easy for people to navigate. The best sites go one step further to provide valuable information to their audience beyond sales copy.

These are 50 of the best landscape sites that match all of these criteria.

  1. Borst Landscape & Design

    Borst Landscape & Design sets the bar high with its visually stunning video header. It not only showcases the company’s work but also puts the face of the owner front and center.

  2. The Garden Continuum

    The Garden Continuum site goes a step further than most in offering specific education to visitors. They do not just sell their services. In fact, they provide helpful educational resources regardless of whether or not you make a purchase. This makes this site valuable to all visitors and helps differentiate it from many others.

  3. Home Outside

    From the moment you open the Home Outside site, you will be able to find the information you need. Also prominently featured on the homepage is information about Julie Moir Messervy. She is the owner, and in addition to being the leading expert on the team, she is an author.

  4. HighGrove

    The HighGrove site focuses on the industrial side of landscaping but still provides what customers need. Their site has clear and quick examples of work they have completed, easy ways to get a quote, and images of the team.

  5. Unique Landscapes

    Unique Landscapes is not only the name of the company but describes their website as well. This site has a more Victorian feel, but it demonstrates their modern approach to landscape design.

  6. Todd Haiman Landscape Designs

    Todd Haiman Landscape Designs wastes no time with copious amounts of copy. Rather, he gets right to the awards he has won for his designs. He also showcases his work.

  7. Land-Con LTD

    Land-Con LTD ensures you can easily reach them with their simple call to action. For those who are not ready to make that call, it is easy to find examples of the firm’s work and their areas of expertise.

  8. Harrison’s Landscaping

    Harrison’s Landscaping website is simple, bright, and elegant. There is enough information for a visitor to understand their capabilities without being overwhelmed.

  9. Salisbury Landscaping

    Salisbury Landscaping has everything that makes a good landscaping site. It is simple, easy to navigate, and visually represents their work. It goes one step further with an active blog that helps educate their audience on landscape maintenance.

  10. Studio Outside

    People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Studio Outside features more pictures on their site than sales copy. The concept is simple: See what they have done, and if you like it, you can reach out to them. This concept works well for their commercial clients.

  11. Ecology Artisans

    Speaking directly to your audience is important, and Ecology Artisans does that well. Going beyond just landscaping, they educate their audience on how to use these unique ecologically focused landscapes.

  12. Deep Rooted Designs

    Balancing a highly visual site with good copy so that neither take away from each other is challenging. This is exactly what Deep Rooted Designs has achieved on this elegant and stunning site.

  13. Waterwise Landscape Design

    It takes courage to stand out, and that includes website presentation. Allan Sidwell shows that your website can be unique while still presenting a site that represents your company. Waterwise Landscape Design also makes it easy for visitors to find all they need.

  14. Scot Eckley Inc

    Scot Eckley Inc has taken simple to a whole new level. This site provides a beautiful visual presentation with just enough copy. There is no scrolling required from computer or tablet users.

  15. Sundrops & Starflowers

    Sundrops & Starflowers owner Stephanie Selig has tastefully met the challenge of being true to her nature while also providing what users need. Not only is her company name unique, but she also has colorful illustrations on her site to help you find what you need.

  16. McHale Landscape Design

    McHale Landscape Design makes it simple to dream about the possibilities of landscaping. With the site’s bold pictures of the company’s work and easy navigation, users are left to dream about what they want rather than searching through endless pages for the information they seek.

  17. MasterPLAN Outdoor Living

    MasterPLAN Outdoor Living provides elegance to outdoor spaces and takes the same approach on their website. Bringing their examples to life with quality video footage, it is easy to imagine what could be done with their services.

  18. Kyora Landscapes

    Sometimes, it is good to have the element of surprise, and that can certainly work in web design. Kyora Landscapes keeps visitors focused on what is presently in front of them with the use of dynamic scrolling. This prevents the entire page from loading before the visitor starts scrolling.

  19. Cording Landscape Design

    Cording Landscape Design wants their landscapes to inspire, and that comes through with their website, too. Their site boasts large images with abundant color to draw a visitor’s attention and inspire their imaginations.

  20. SQLA Inc

    SQLA Inc has done a great job of inspiring trust and authority. Not only do they have incredible images of their work, but they also have great examples of where they have been mentioned in the press. This does a lot to develop buyer trust.

  21. Green Island Design

    Green Island breaks the current trend of predominantly white backgrounds. This definitely makes it stand out against the backdrop of so many other sites, especially with their artfully photographed designs.

  22. True Scape Design

    True Scape takes connecting with their market to a whole new level. They work to connect with the emotional side that guides buying behavior through their unique take on integrated video and uncommon photography angles.

  23. Harris Bugg Studio

    Harris Bugg brings modern landscape design to their website. The site is beautifully laid out, with bottom screen primary navigation and non-traditional secondary navigation. It is enough to make the visitor realize they are looking at something unique but still able to find what they need.

  24. Carex Design Group

    Carex Design’s site brings a splash of color to simple web design. With a warm green overlay in the header and colorful content navigation colors, the site breaks the mundane mold.

  25. Horizon Landscape Company

    Horizon Landscape uses a design not commonly seen. They use multiple sections of color throughout the homepage. In addition to that, they help draw the eye of visitors with well-placed mouse-over effects.

  26. Robinson Environmental Design

    Robinson does a great job of showing there is more to landscaping than plants. As you scroll down their page, it is like scrolling through a picture book of possibilities.

  27. Outdoor Establishments

    Outdoor Establishments gets past the establishment of web design. They use a moving menu bar, expanding text blocks, and a shadowbox portfolio gallery. It is truly a spectacular representation of their work.

  28. Brumley Gardens

    Brumley doubles as a horticulture provider as well as a landscape design and service company. Their site is beautifully laid out to attract the attention of both audiences without being overwhelming.

  29. Farmside Landscape & Design

    Farmside has a beautiful site that uses exquisite imagery to invite visitors to look through the pages. There is just enough mouse-over effects to keep it lively but not too distracting from the beautiful demonstration of their work.

  30. Dreamscape Designers

    Dreamscape’s tagline is “when ordinary isn’t satisfactory,” and the site matches that theme. With navigation around the central content block, it certainly demonstrates a departure from the normal without sacrificing user experience.

  31. Weddle Landscape Design

    Professor Arnold Weddle founded Weddle Landscape Design, and as such, the site has a very academic feel to it. Despite that, it allows visitors to find what they are looking for, using unconventional shapes to help draw attention throughout the site.

  32. Meadowbrook Design Landscape

    Sporting the classic white block feel, Meadowbrook’s site quickly transports users into a world of possibilities. The galleries help show the progression from design to implementation.

  33. The Urban Garden Company

    The The Urban Garden site communicates the company premise, which is exceptional landscapes that are sustainable and easy to maintain. The site not only has pictures of the amazing work but also introduces the owner, Ali.

  34. The Corduroy Studio

    Like a comfortable pair of corduroys, Corduroy Studio’s site is warm and inviting. Keeping a simple design, the images are muted so that the site is not overwhelmingly bold.

  35. Ian Barker Gardens

    This site uses an elegant and bright color scheme with bold pictures showcasing Ian’s work. The site itself is easy to navigate, using collapsing content blocks to prevent the endless scroll.

  36. Cleator Landscape Design

    Visitors to Cleator are greeted with an uncommon grid-designed homepage. This unique approach puts their projects front and center while maintaining an easy-to-navigate menu across the top.

  37. Aden Earthworks

    Visitors are welcomed to Aden Earthworks with uncommon yet warm earth tones. The site itself is beautifully laid out, giving users not only the standard menu but also a graphic menu once they reach the service pages.

  38. Form Garden Architecture

    Form Garden uses a simple design allowing users to see the site without a lot of scrolling. True to the idea that form matters, users can navigate the site from the traditional menu across the top or through various secondary navigation options throughout the site. Adding to the uniqueness are the different background images that adorn every page of the site.

  39. Twelve Gardens

    One of the challenges of living in the city is finding a piece of nature you can claim as your own. This site not only shows those spaces Twelve Gardens helps create but also offers that little place of solitude among all of the overwhelming landscape sites.

  40. TLC Gardens

    The desert is simple, but with the right touch, it can be welcoming. The same can be said for websites. While keeping this site simple, TLC shows how they have transformed mere desert lands into relaxing oases.

  41. Living Landscapes

    Landscapes should be a living and evolving environment, with subtle change all around. Living Landscapes has captured this sentiment on their website with just enough movement to make it interesting.

  42. Bolton Landscape Design & Masonry

    Sometimes, it pays to be bold. Bolton takes this approach on its website, offering large header images and graphically rich content.

  43. Tessa Rose

    Tessa matches designing playscapes with the colorful design of her website. Boasting adorable pictures of kids and playgrounds, this will get you excited to create a play space of your own.

  44. BlueSky Landscape Design

    BlueSky takes the idea of getting back to nature and implements it on their website. The design is clean and minimal, leaving the visitor to enjoy the amazing pictures of their work.

  45. By Design Landscape Architecture

    By Design takes elegance and simplicity seriously in both its landscapes and web design. The site is simple with exquisite images to showcase their work.

  46. Yardscapes

    Yardscapes offers a more contemporary feel for its visitors. The navigation is simple enough, with a unique blueprint background and a fun nonstandard font.

  47. Gelderlands Landscape Design

    Gelderlands has figured out how to stand out as a service company against the sites of high-end designers. Taking a nod to the simple and visual, this site helps visitors quickly see the quality of their work in a bold way.

  48. D.A Gracey

    D.A Gracey takes what is often mundane and transforms it into something beautiful, including their website. This site features a warm yet bright color scheme, a little-used collapsing and scrolling secondary menu, and some well-implemented mouse-over effects.

  49. Neave Landscaping

    Neave Landscaping features warm tones with bold pictures to showcase their work. This does a beautiful job of bringing the various services Neave offers to an easy-to-navigate user experience.

  50. Earthworks Landscape & Design

    Featuring the light and dark contrast popular in modern design, Earthworks appeals to a wide market seeking a range of services. Throughout the site, they have kept visual representation a key element while also implementing eye-catching vertical secondary navigation to help users more easily move through the site.

These landscape sites are some of the best in the business. If you are looking to create your own site, you’re sure to find inspiration from some of these companies.

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