Top 15 Best WordPress Websites For December 2018

With WordPress websites still reigning online at the end of this year, there are plenty to choose from for our Best WordPress Websites list.

For those of you who know how versatile WordPress is, it will come as no surprise how diverse the list of websites below is.

Thanks to the incredible community behind WordPress, innovation happens every single day, making WordPress not only a great platform to build a website, but also a great platform to build a business – period.

From small agencies and education, to giant businesses and personal blogs, there’s plenty to love about the 15 WordPress sites below.

When choosing our top picks, we looked for attributes like overall design, including layout, images, color schemes, etc., as well as SEO performance.

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The Fifteen Best WordPress Websites for December 2018

  1. Nationalarchives.gov.uk : The official website for the United Kingdom’s government archive, this robust website allows government records to be preserved. As you can imagine, the website is robust, allowing users to explore over a thousand years of history with just one click. But, while the website has the potential to be dull and boring, the National Archives site is anything but. Using many of WordPress’ best features, it engages the user with a smart, intuitive layout and plenty of captivating pictures. The website even utilizes a shop function, allowing visitors to browse and buy gifts in their bookshop.
  2. Sonymusic.com : One of the most recognized music companies on the planet, Sony Music’s website takes users on a journey, allowing them to experience a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most famous recordings ever. Utilizing their menu to give visitors instant access to the information they want about the latest news or featured artists, the website also incorporates videos directly on the homepage (a smart SEO move, although Sony is big enough to not need to worry about that). For music lovers, the Sony Music website is an easy place to go to stay up-to-date with all of the latest music industry news. And, thanks to WordPress, it’s all laid out in a super easy-to-navigate manner.
  3. Vivendi.com : A multinational mass media company based out of Paris, Vivendi’s website is every bit fun as it is functional. Because it is such a big company, Vivendi has a lot of decisions to make about what it wants to feature on its homepage, as well as the rest of their site. The beauty of their WordPress website is that it manages to convey information that’s interesting to a variety of users, and all in an attractive design. A smart menu and slider at the top of the landing page directs visitors right where they want to go. And, if someone is new to the company, there’s plenty to explore just by scrolling down. Colorful and engaging, Vivendi’s site is a great example of a multi-purpose WordPress website done right.
  4. Fortune.com : Another well-known website, many people are surprised that such a huge business magazine would be powered by WordPress. But, those are the people who underestimate just how powerful WordPress websites can be. Because so many people rely on Fortune for critical, breaking news, it’s important that the navigation is easy – and that the homepage is instantly engaging. A great example of a magazine layout, Fortune.com uses columns and sections to organize constantly changing news stories. And, because there’s so much to see, even a simple feature like a hovering menu can become critical for making a visitor’s experience as awesome as possible.
  5. Vogue.com : A fashion behemoth, Vogue relies on WordPress to create a magazine experience online – something that has become more and more critical as the demand for print magazines continues to decline. Visually stunning, Vogue’s site leverages the power of images, videos and gifs to create pages that captivate all of the senses. And, just like the magazine itself, they’ve made plenty of room for high-paying ad slots both in the middle of their pages and on the sidebars. Of course, if you want to rediscover the joy of reading articles in print, Vogue is quick to use pop-up ads to offer subscription discounts. All in all, the website is a stellar example of smart marketing done with style.
  6. Washington.edu : Like any major university, the University of Washington’s website is responsible for handling a lot of different visitor experiences at once. From prospective students to current students, alumni and staff, there’s a lot going on at once. What we love most about the University of Washington’s WordPress site is that it manages to put information that’s interesting to everyone on the homepage, making sure that as many eyes as possible are seeing the latest news and stories. Of course, because many of the visitors know just where they want to get, the comprehensive menus, which can be found throughout the landing page, are vital.
  7. Airstream.com : An iconic American classic, Airstream’s website does lots of things really well. First, they invite visitors into a community, showcasing their “explorers” through social media posts that are highlighted on the homepage. This community expands into the blog posts featured on the homepage as well, which give visitors an idea of what owning an Airstream will really be like. Second, they make it easy to navigate the variety of products they offer by using categories and photographs. But, one of the coolest things about the Airstream website is that they’ve managed to make their FAQ fun, breaking down each question into a post, complete with pictures and videos.
  8. Finland.fi : One of our favorite WordPress websites for December 2018, this Finnish site has one goal: to share stories. A captivating website that showcases stories from their country, including incredible feats of nature and bizarre customs, the website does everything right. From engaging copy (“things you should and shouldn’t know”) to a layout that is designed for scroll-happy fingers, Finland.fi demonstrates how to infuse websites with personality. But, it isn’t just fun and games – the menu at the bottom of the homepage gives you access to some more serious information, like info about investments and studying abroad. Of course, this info is accompanied by fun graphics just to keep the personality in every inch of the site.
  9. Borngroup.com : An award-winning digital and content production agency, BORN’s WordPress site isn’t just somewhere you “land” – it’s somewhere you experience. Considering their industry, it’s not surprising how engaging the website is. But, for people who are new to or wary about WordPress, it’s a great example of just how custom WordPress websites can be. Beautifully designed from top to bottom, BORN is a great example of a website that has been curated to impress.
  10. tripadvisor.com/blog : Although the TripAdvisor website isn’t on WordPress, their blog is. One of the reasons is because WordPress really does offer an incredible platform for this type of content layout. Originally designed for blogging, WordPress shows off on the TripAdvisor blog, using an attractive magazine-style design that puts images and their titles front and center. By sharing travel guides, tips, and vacation inspiration, the TripAdvisor blog encourages people to get out and explore (and to buy tickets and book hotels of course, too).
  11. Fourhourworkweek.com : One of Tim Ferriss’ main online hubs, the New York Times bestselling author uses WordPress to teach everyone how to live anywhere (rich) on their own terms. Specifically designed with intelligent marketing in mind, the Four Hour Work Week website is a stellar example of how well WordPress works for online businesses. Using landing pages and capture forms, Tim Ferriss and his team are able to engage visitors at different points of their experience. And, thanks to a super smart design (you can’t even get access to the meat of the site without entering your email), the experience is heavy with multimedia and interaction, including access to his podcast episodes and blog posts. So, if you’re still wondering if WordPress can integrate the features you want for your website, checking out Fourhourworkweek.com can help you see just how possible it really is.
  12. Wolverineworldwide.com : Covering more than 200 countries around the world, Wolverine Worldwide is dedicated to creating “good products for good people.” Clean and simple, their homepage gets the job done, but in a way that’s attractive and inviting. A simple menu helps to guide visitors to the in’s and out’s of the business, showcasing their ‘About Us’ page, their brands, investor relations, and careers. The company behind many brands you love, Wolverine Worldwide is a gateway to Keds, Merrell, Saucony, Sperry, Chaco and more.
  13. Africa.si.edu : What was once a private educational institute, the National Museum of African Art is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural understanding, especially in the fields of social sciences and arts. Featuring an intelligent menu, as well as an engaging sidebar, the website instantly brings visitors into the fold, inviting them to explore both on the website and in person thanks to its updates about its latest exhibitions and events. By pulling in the social media stream and calendar on their homepage, their front page is always changing, which is a great feature for frequent visitors. The social media links included at the top of the page allow visitors to stay in touch across channels, making the National Museum of African Art’s WordPress website a launching point for long-term relationships with its fans.
  14. Skillcrush.com : A website designed to bring practical classes to your fingertips, Skillcrush promises to teach you the digital skills you need to get hired in today’s world, such as website design, coding, and more. With a video welcoming you above the fold of their homepage, Skillcrush immediately grabs your attention, much like a commercial on TV would. And, by integrating a quiz into their main offer, they give visitors something to do, which reduces the bounce rate and helps to encourage further engagement throughout the site. The WordPress website also introduces a free bootcamp, which offers immediate value to visitors that are interested in enrolling later.
  15. Thepennyhoarder.com : When people want to learn about saving money – or even just get inspired to start – The Penny Hoarder is the place they go. Offering stories and practical tips, this WordPress website fuses magazine-style content with academy-style learning to create an interactive experience visitors love. Clean and well-organized, the website, which could be overwhelming considering the amount of content, actually is pleasant to visit and browse. One of the reasons why is that they understand the power of white space – and they utilize it to help visitors feel calm and at ease when moving from page to page. Categories, editor’s picks, and trending content help visitors navigate the website, giving them an opportunity to discover exactly what they’ve been looking for.

And, of course, this list is just scratching the surface.

With more than 75,000,000 WordPress websites currently in existence, there are more than enough to choose from.

The best part about looking at all of these sites for this list is that WordPress allows websites to be unique, which means that even the best of the best don’t look anything alike.

It’s not hard to showcase personality with the endless amount of features, themes, and plugins available to WordPress users – and that’s exactly why so many people rely on WordPress to build their websites.

But it’s not just design that makes WordPress websites so great – WordPress websites are built to perform.

So, no matter how big or niche your business is, using WordPress as a foundation means that you’re building with some of the most innovative technology available.

(And, we think, that’s a pretty awesome place to get started.)

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