The 5 Best WordPress Plugins January 2021

WordPress is the internet’s most popular content management system for a good reason. You can enhance its abilities by integrating new plug-ins into your WordPress dashboard, helping you achieve better results from your website.

5 of the Best WordPress Plug-Ins for January 2021

  1. WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates gives you a better understanding of your affiliate marketing performance. It offers in-depth breakdowns of individual affiliate links and generates comprehensive reports on recent results. Pricing: Regular license: $49, Extended license: $3,025.

  2. EventON Event Calendar

    EventON Event Calendar takes the clutter out of scheduling events. Altogether, it comes with more than 200 features for customizing your calendar. The plug-in also gives you the power to schedule and modify virtual events with ease. Pricing: Regular license: $25, Extended license: $250.

  3. QrMaker Contactless QR Restaurant Menu Maker

    QrMaker Contactless QR Restaurant Menu Maker is a COVID-friendly plug-in that makes menu planning easy. It generates custom QR codes for menu items. The plug-in also helps you upload your menus to your website. Pricing: Regular license: $19, Extended license: $99.

  4. Convert Plus

    Convert Plus helps you manage pop-up ads. It comes equipped with more than 100 ad templates, 12 pop-up triggers, and 10 areas to display ads. Pricing: Regular license: $23.

  5. UberMenu

    UberMenu equips website owners with an easier way to manage information. It offers hundreds of responsive mega menu options, including advanced submenu layouts and tabbed submenus. Pricing: Regular license: $25.

With many thousands of WordPress plug-ins to choose from, selecting apps that suit your needs can be difficult. Now your list of reliable widgets is five plug-ins longer.

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