The 5 Best WordPress Plugins December 2020

WordPress is an exceptionally powerful tool for your website, and by installing the right plug-ins, you can make your website even more powerful and user-friendly. Thanks to the hard work of many developers, there’s plenty of great plug-ins that you can use.

The Top 5 Hottest New WordPress Plug-Ins for December 2020

  1. Covid-19 – Seat Reservation Management

    Covid-19 – Seat Reservation Management is a plug-in that allows you to reserve seating at your facility with COVID-19 social distancing requirements in mind. Pricing: Regular license $34, Extended license $45.
  2. Ultimate Membership Pro App

    Ultimate Membership Pro App allows businesses to establish a chat support system that will automatically steer customers to the right department and allow for easy connection with them. Pricing: Regular license $9, Extended license $11.
  3. WooCommerce Product Image Flip

    WooCommerce Product Image Flip is a great app if you are looking to easily integrate product pictures into your website. By adding this app, users can mouse over a product, which will then smoothly flip to reveal additional information about the product in question. Pricing: Regular license $15, Extended license $19.
  4. Contact Form 7 Signature

    Contact Form 7 Signature is designed for situations in which someone needs to sign a contact form. It allows for increased professionalization of your website and can make adding digital signatures a breeze. Pricing: Regular license $19, Extended license $24.
  5. Jeg Weather

    Jeg Weather is designed to easily integrate into your website and give visitors a snapshot of the weather in their area. It will automatically detect location, so users don’t have to do anything to make this plug-in work. Pricing: Regular license $24, Extended license $31.

These plug-ins may vary in functionality, but all have the same benefits. They are easy to install, a breeze to operate, and can dramatically increase the functionality and operational ability of your website.

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