The 17 Best WordPress Themes For December 2018

With the number of WordPress Themes available, the possibilities for your website are endless.

Each WordPress Theme is designed to bring a unique aesthetic to your brand and offer a way for your followers or customers to interact with you that is seamless and enjoyable.  If you’ve ever surfed the web scouring for a new WordPress Theme for your website, you won’t be surprised at how many amazing themes are available.

Of course, however, only a few can be the best.

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your web store, online magazine, blog, news site, or anything in between, these 17 WordPress Themes won’t disappoint.  We picked them based on their versatility, design and ease of use.  

Ready to get going? We are too! Let’s dive in.

The 17 Best WordPress Themes For December 2018

  1. Composer : A WordPress Theme that truly pops off the page, Composer offers over 200 layouts and 90 demos you can use to make your website dreams come true.  The bold headers and simple homepage layout make it easy to navigate for users of any age and background. And, if you are concerned about speed, you shouldn’t be.  The Composer theme has been designed and optimized to function at the fastest pace possible – we’re talking cheetah fast. Compatible with all browsers and any plugin you could ever want, you truly can’t go wrong when you go with Composer.
  2. Newspaper : Designed to get the word out quickly and clearly about all the hottest news, the Newspaper WordPress Theme does not disappoint.  We don’t just love Newspaper because it was the #1 selling theme of the year, we love it because it just makes sense. No matter what kind of news you are reporting, Newspaper makes it possible to post countless articles and posts so your readers never miss a beat. If you’ve never used a WordPress Theme before, the over 50 available demos makes it easy to dive in headfirst and get your page published without breaking a sweat.  And, since people don’t really sit down in a lazy chair to read the news anymore, Newspaper is designed to look great on mobile devices for all of your busy followers on the go.
  3. Shopkeeper : If you own a website built around the business of selling products to people, there is nothing more important than making sure your goods look good.  With the Shopkeeper WordPress Theme, you are able to do just that. We’re obsessed with the simple way you can drag and drop your pages to make them look exactly like you’ve always imagined…and then change them quickly when they don’t work for you anymore.  With Shopkeeper, you aren’t limited to one header style, because all businesses are different. And, whether you want to blog about the latest fashion or build a portfolio of your best designs, Shopkeeper makes it possible.
  4. X : A very plain name for a very dramatic design is what you get when you choose X as your WordPress Theme.  Boasted as one of the most versatile themes available on WordPress, we have to agree that with X, it is possible to give your website almost any look.  Our favorite features of X are the unlimited pages and the way it makes it possible to highlight the best qualities of your website without using too many words.  And, if you aren’t into a multi-page navigation or layered design you can easily create a one-page layout using X that all of your users (and you) will love.
  5. Avada : Avada is another Theme that will really knock your socks off if you’re looking for something that is versatile, easy to use and appealing to everyone.  Designed to make your mobile website attractive and mobile browsing simple for your customers, Avada offers everything you could want in navigation options and more.  The fact that Avada offers multiple demos that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect website is a dream come true because if you don’t like something, you aren’t stuck with it!  I guess what we’re trying to say is, if you can’t choose a theme, just choose Avada.
  6. Shapely : For businesses just looking to get started somewhere, Shapely is the perfect WordPress Theme to use.  A simple one-page design makes it easy to customize and easy to learn on the back-end. But, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s dull.  Shapely’s design offers a myriad of pleasing features and is very easy on the eye. Anyone who visits a Shapely website will find it’s easy to get around and therefore, keep coming back for more.
  7. Ronneby : Even businesses who don’t know how to design a website want to look like they do, and that’s why there’s Ronneby. The sleek, modern look of Ronneby will make your website appear trendy and trustworthy. With over 40 demo options as well as easy to use modules and plugins, Ronneby is a beginner’s dream. And, not to sound lazy, but we think the best feature of Ronneby might be the fact that there is no coding required and the one-click installation truly is that easy.
  8. Felt : To prove those people wrong who said magazines changed when they moved online, WordPress offers Felt.  Designed to create the look and feel of a traditional magazine, any pictures and words put into the Felt WordPress Theme pop off the page.  Create pages for as many stories as your heart desires and choose how you want your readers to find them. What we enjoy most about Felt is the fact that, as a magazine layout, it doesn’t shove the stories in your readers’ faces.  Instead, it creates an enticing trail they want to follow to read all of your juciest content.
  9. Royal : Offering more of a traditional website feel, Royal is a WordPress Theme that any type of business could use to give their website a professional feel.  Royal allows users to choose from a number of different demos that jive with the niche of their business. From corporate variants, to e-commerce variants, and even one-page offerings, Royal seems to have it all.  Also offered with Royal is the ability to have a 5-layer slider. And, if a picture’s worth one thousand words, those sliders are worth a million!
  10. Massive Dynamic : If we can say one thing about this theme, it’s that the name doesn’t lie. Massive Dynamic is a WordPress Theme that brings out the best in your business.  Although it hasn’t gotten as much traction yet as some of the more popular themes like Royal and X, Massive Dynamic is certainly on the way to the top, that’s why it’s on this list! Customize your website using unlimited pages, dynamic layouts and flexible grids. All easy to use, these features will help you create a site that’s truly your own – guaranteed!
  11. Allegiant : Allegiant is a multi-purpose WordPress Theme that nods towards a classic elegance any business can appreciate.  It’s simple, easy-to-manage design helps to bring the best qualities of your business to light and draw your customers towards them.  We love Allegiant because you don’t have to guess if you’re doing it right because anything you do will look good in the end. Oh yeah, and did we mention it’s free? In our books, there’s nothing better than a free WordPress Theme that won’t disappoint.
  12. Mesmerize : A responsive design with buttons and custom widgets is just what your business needs to get its website noticed. Mesmerize is a FREE WordPress Theme that offers unlimited custom colors, advanced typography and an intuitive design so that no matter what the purpose of your website is, people can navigate it without a hitch.  Chances are if you’ve surfed the web a time or two you’ve seen Mesmerize in action (we know we have) and loved it. So, if you’re looking for a theme that will get the job done without a lot of fuss, you’ve got it right here.
  13. Hueman : Rated as one of the best themes for blogs and magazines, hueman is a WordPress Theme we love because of its interactive features.  As you scroll down the homepage of a Hueman themed site, you are immediately addicted to the way feature stories pop up before your eyes without invading your entire line of site.  The grid and sidebar layout that sets Hueman apart makes it easy for you to highlight multiple posts and/or stories without worrying about which one you will have to leave out.
  14. The7 : Dubbed as “the most customizable Theme on the market” The7 is truly something everyone can get on board with in terms of WordPress Themes.  When you purchase The7 you can choose from one of its pre-built themes or take the road less traveled and design your own. But, don’t worry, if you take the road less traveled it’s not a hard road as The7 is user-friendly at its finest.  SEO friendly, mobile friendly, and plugin friendly, there isn’t anything about The7 not to like. And, not only will you love The7, but your customers (readers, followers, etc.) will too because it is so easy to use!
  15. Creativo : If you want your website to look creative without having to put in all of the creativity, Creativo is a WordPress Theme for you. The drag and drop page builder makes it easy to try out designs to find what fits your business best. And, if you can’t seem to conjure up a design that tickles your fancy then you can just use one of the one-click demo pages to get your page up and running right away.  Some of our favorite features include the revolving slider, live chat plugin and over 500 Google fonts that the Theme supports. Truly, however, the features of the Creativo site are endless so it’s hard to narrow favorites to just a few. For that reason, Creativo easily made our Top 17.
  16. Jarvis : Jarvis is a WordPress Theme that is undeniably stylish and sensible.  When you choose to use Jarvis as the Theme for your website you will see that the 12 unique home variations and full page slider are second to none.  One of our favorite features is the MailChimp demo which makes it easy (and enticing) for your followers and page visitors to sign up for your email list before even entering your website.  If that’s not a marketing win, we aren’t sure what is. Although it might not be a one-click install like some of the other themes, Jarvis is certainly worth the effort of installation for the amazing look it gives.
  17. Ultra : For floating features and smart layouts that work on either a desktop or mobile device, you want to go with our last Theme of the list, Ultra.  Ultra is fully customizable, bold, unique and stands out amidst other websites with plain and boring themes. As you scroll through an Ultra themed page, you have to keep going because you have to know what’s coming next in the interactive design.  So, if you are looking for a WordPress Theme you can use to create a memorable website, Ultra is a great place to start.

As 2018 comes to an end, there are sure to be WordPress Themes that bring their A-game in 2019.

Of course, you could scour the endless pages of WordPress Theme options if you don’t think one of these is right for you. However, we are confident that if you choose a WordPress Theme from this list of 17 you will have a website you love that is better than most.

So, what are you waiting for? Go create a great looking website! We’re rooting for you!

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