How To Successfully Launch Your New WordPress Site

Want to get a jumpstart on launching your new WordPress site designed by FreshySites? We’re here to help! Below are some of the top industry secrets to help guide you through a successful launch for your new website.

(Hint: No matter where you are in website development, you should start preparing for your launch right now.)

For your convenience, we’ve separated these tips into two sections – the things you need to do on your website and the tasks you need to complete in real life. And, remember, if you’ve chosen to work with FreshySites for your WordPress website design, everything that’s on your “On My Website” checklist has already been taken care of by our team of super awesome professionals. (You’re welcome.)

The “On My Website” Launch Checklist

Review Content and Features.

One of the worst things you can do when launching your website is launch it with mistakes or errors. Even just one mistake is enough to give your audience a bad first impression. Before you officially launch, you need to go through your website with a fine-tooth comb, reading every single sentence, clicking on every single page, testing every single link. In addition to basic editing and proofreading, this review should also make sure that your website is cohesive from one section to the next. At no point during their experience should your audience feel like they’ve departed from their original destination.

Get Responsive.

In order to engage your audience, your website needs to be responsive. And not just in one section or on one page. For a truly successful launch, your website should look great on every single device and on every possible browser. The best way to know for sure? Test it on everything.

Triple Check Forms.

For most website launches, the main goal is to generate a lot of information from potential clients. Of course, then, nothing could be worse than launching your website with broken or nonfunctioning forms. Go through your customer experience and test the functionality of every opt-in, sign-up and form. Make sure you are really capturing their information and that the sequence you designed is working correctly.

Test Loading Speed.

A launch will not be successful if your website never lifts off. In order to get your website off the ground, it needs to keep up speed wise. If you’re website doesn’t load fast enough, your potential customers and leads won’t stick around long enough to see what you’ve designed. Once you’ve finished creating your website experience, be sure you test the final product to ensure that you’re not forcing visitors to wait in a virtual (and unnecessary) long line.

Get Analytics Ready.

One of the most rewarding parts of a successful launch is seeing the data from the launch: How many people actually visited the site? Which pages did they go to? How long did they stay? Where did they click? In order to learn all of this information, you need to have your analytics ready before the launch. This type of data is priceless for revising your strategy and understanding what works for your specific niche.

Implement Smart SEO.

Your website needs to be SEO savvy to maximize the effectiveness of its launch. If you’re using a WordPress website, you’re already one step ahead of the competition. Smart SEO strategies include completing all of your meta descriptions and unique page titles, as well as implementing an effective link outreach plan.

Save Your Site.

Seems obvious, right? You’d actually be surprised at how many website launches fall flat because the website wasn’t backed up. Once you start driving traffic to your site, there’s the potential of attacks, errors, hacks and more. Saving your site regularly ensures that, if and when something does happen, you don’t ever have to start completely from scratch.

The “In Real Life” Launch Checklist

Get Leads.

You know that standard “Coming Soon” page on websites getting ready to launch? You can actually make those pages work for you by creating a place for people to sign up. Offering updates, discounts and other VIP type of experiences can entice potential customers and make them want to give you their email. There are, of course, other ways to generate leads for your launch, social media channels being one of the most effective. These leads are priceless because it means you have a captive, excited audience just waiting for you to open the doors to your site.

Write Emails.

No matter the size of your audience, keeping them in the loop about your launch is critical. Make them feel special by offering insider deals and giving them information that you might not announce to the general public (like coupon codes). These emails are one of the best ways for you as a business to start making a real connection with your soon-to-be customers, so don’t overlook how important they are. Like you would create a countdown for a big event, use your emails to generate buzz about your website launching. Tell the story, share your ideas, and most importantly, tell them why they can’t miss it!

Love Social Media.

When your website is busy getting ready for its big debut, your social media channels become more important than ever. Lots of big websites actually launch completely through their social media channels. Be active with your followers and do what you can to get new followers in the months and weeks leading up to your website launch.

Get Connected.

Some of the most successful website launches happen when business owners find influencers to help them get the word out. Whether you write a guest article, take part in an Instagram giveaway, make a public appearance or are featured on a podcast, every time you connect with an industry influencer is an opportunity for your website to launch to a bigger, more responsive audience. This type of work, while tiring, is incredibly powerful.

Follow these steps and get ready for a successful launch!

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