Gravity Perks Plugin

Gravity Perks is a Plugin to supplement Gravity Forms.

There are a ton of super handy options outlined here: gravitywiz.com/#perks

You’ll need to download Gravity Perks here first to get started: gravitywiz.com/account/#downloads.

Once you install, there will be a new sub-menu item under Forms called Perks. You’ll want to add in the license in the field at the top of the page.

There will also be a tab for installing Perks and each item will have a link to the documentation. Installing a Perk is basically like adding a plugin – you’ll just install and activate it. This will now show up as its own item on the Plugin page.

Note that a few of the links to the documentation within the plugin don’t work. However, we’ve provided a working link below :)

Official documentation, as well as a list to Perk specific info here: gravitywiz.com/documentation.

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