Getting To Know WordPress Plugins

You know the popular saying, “There’s an app for that!” Well, when it comes to WordPress websites, there’s a similar saying, “There’s a plugin for that!”

Plugins, like apps for your smartphone, allow endless amounts of customization to your WordPress websites. Depending on what you want or need your website to do — or look like — there’s a way to make it happen. All you need is the right WordPress plugin.

Part of the unparalleled WordPress ecosystem, plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress websites work in every single industry, from behemoth news sites to one-trick-pony eShops. By leveraging the power of these plugins, you unlock an entire new world for your website.

With nearly 50,000 free plugins available and thousands more to choose from when you start looking on third-party websites, plugins really are the bread and butter of website performance and customization.

Why So Many?

Remember, WordPress takes advantage of an open source code, which means that anyone can create a plugin to help solve website problems — or simply make websites that much better. What started as a simple blogging platform has transformed into the foundational piece of digital technology, and it is mainly because of these diverse (and awesome) plugins.

What Exactly Is A WordPress Plugin?

Good question! To keep it as basic as possible, a plugin really is just a small piece of software that you add to the software already provided by WordPress. Because of how they integrate, they create a seamless experience for your users, one that is as unique and custom as you want it to be. Just like your smartphone, WordPress sites come with default settings, ones that can get you up and running instantly. But, when you find a need or want for something different with your smartphone, you head to the App Store, downloading what you want and then changing the way your phone works and even looks.

Imagine what you’d be missing out on if you had ZERO apps on your phone?

That’s how we feel about plugins! Plugins are no different than phone apps, as they provide you with the features you want and need to create the ideal online experience.

And, if and when you don’t want to use a plugin on your website, all you have to do is deactivate it — no harm done.


So, which WordPress plugins do you actually need for your website?

Of course, it depends on what your website does — and doesn’t — do.

If you’re curious about where to start and what the best of the best WordPress plugins are, check out our blog post for our list of The Best WordPress Plugins.

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