Weebly vs. WordPress comparison

Let’s compare WordPress with Weebly. When it comes to building a website with a CMS, many often compare these two options. When comparing Weebly vs WordPress, we’ll take a look at their features and help clear up any questions you may have, to see how they’re similar or different. Is Squarespace better than WordPress? When compared, which of these different platforms is superior? We’ll take a look.

Weebly vs WordPress comparison: Who are they for?

Weebly is more of a beginner friendly platform to build a basic website without any coding knowledge needed. This platform is good for a beginner to get started, but may be a problem later when you are looking to grow and expand.

WordPress was built initially to be a blogging platform but has developed on a much larger scale. Nearly 40% of all websites on the internet today are using WordPress for their website design and development. With endless customization, and support from a large community more and more companies are turning to WordPress each day. 

Weebly vs WordPress comparison: Ease of use

Weebly is marketed as being extremely easy to use for beginners. Since Weebly is an “all-in-one” platform you do not need to use external sources to set up your server, or install themes etc. This creates a centralized website building experience and ease of use for new users.

WordPress is a bit more technical but if you are able to manage day-to-day programs you will pick up WordPress quickly. Since WordPress is an open source content management system you’ll have full control over choosing your server, accessing plugins, themes and more.

Weebly vs WordPress comparison: Design options

Weebly has limited design options in that they have preset templates that you can choose from. These templates are a great start but are not fully customizable.

In comparing Weebly and WordPress, WordPress has unlimited design options and thousands of templates to create the design that you need for your business.

Weebly and WordPress comparison: Customization

Weebly offers pre-made themes for your website build. You can customize some aspects of your design, but that is heavily based on the specific theme that you choose. The themes provide your website with a set base to build on. There is also a base theme that is more of a bare-bones start to your website that you can then build from. Although Weebly provides these basics, you are extremely limited in the customization options.

WordPress has thousands of themes available that have been developed over the years. There are also many “drag and drop” theme builder options that are available as well. WordPress provides unlimited customization options with the themes and plugins that are available you can create any type of site or layout that you dream up. 

Weebly and WordPress comparison: Ecommerce

Weebly does have ecommerce options available but you will need to purchase specific premium packages to be able to utilize the ecommerce functionality. With Weebly ecommerce users can set up online stores, set shipping options, and more however with limited customization and control.

WordPress has many ecommerce plugin options available, however WooCommerce is the most powerful and flexible option for your online store. With both basic store options and more advanced features you’ll have everything that you need to build out a fully customized ecommerce shop with WordPress. 

Comparing Weebly and WordPress: Overview

Weebly can be a great platform for a beginner, but won’t give you very many options down the road to grow and expand your website.

WordPress is a great CMS for both beginners and more advanced designers. You can start out more basic and build upon that as your business grows.

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