Joomla! vs. WordPress comparison

We’ll compare Joomla to WordPress. Below, we’ll cover some of the main differences between Joomla and WordPress, to see what sets them apart and which is a better fit for you. Since both Joomla and WordPress are open source platforms, they both offer a good amount of flexibility. But which CMS is ideal?

Comparing Joomla! with WordPress: Who are they for?

Joomla is an open source CMS that allows you to customize and create a powerful website. Although Joomla and WordPress are both CMS they are also quite different from one another. Joomla allows for several database options and more complex PHO-based applications as well.

WordPress is one of the most used CMS around. With nearly 140 million downloads and 40% of the internet using it, it’s safe to say that this is a huge platform. WordPress will help keep things simple for more basic users, but can also be great for advanced designers as well. 

Joomla! vs WordPress comparison: Ease of use

Joomla is simple to get started with, however becomes more complicated to handle after the initial set up. Their control panel isn’t set up well for beginners to grasp and you’ll probably need a bit of tech experience to get started with Joomla.

WordPress on the other hand is also a straightforward and easy installation process. Generally the WordPress interface is user-friendly and doesn’t take too long to get used to. 

Joomla! vs WordPress comparison: Design options

Joomla offers templates and extensions that users can build their site with. Due to Joomla being less popular than WordPress there are not as many options that are available.

WordPress equips users with thousands of themes and over 40,000 plugins in order to create a website design that is fit for their business. WordPress allows users to create a design that they love and include additional features like galleries, online shops, and event calendars. 

Joomla! and WordPress comparison: Customization

With Joomla it is not as easy to find high quality plugins, or templates to customize your site with. Joomla does allow for coding customization but you must be a seasoned designer to be able to make coding changes.

In comparing Joomla with WordPress offers endless customization options with their thousands of plugins and themes. Users can utilize the endless amount of themes and plugins to create any kind of site or design that they can think of.

Joomla! and WordPress comparison: Ecommerce

Joomla allows users to build an ecommerce platform but working with this platform requires a lot of knowledge, skills and more technical website development. This is a good solution for someone with programming skills and a company looking to create a large portal or online store.

WordPress can use WooCommerce plugin for ecommerce integration. WooCommerce was built specifically for WordPress online store integration so they will work seamlessly together. WooCommerce will provide customization options, and a great interface for your online shop.

Joomla! vs WordPress comparison: Overview

In comparing Joomla and WordPress, they are both great platforms to use but are very different from one another. Joomla is more geared towards individuals who have programming experience and advanced coding skills.

WordPress is a great all around solution for someone looking to create a website. WordPress will be able to grow and change with your company as well. As one of the most popular CMS out there WordPress also has a large support community that is always willing to help when you need it.

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