Convert from Joomla! to WordPress

Are you thinking about the best CMS for your business? Think WordPress. Do you wish to move from Joomla to WordPress? There are some great reasons why WordPress is a top choice for a CMS.

Why WordPress is the ideal Joomla  alternative

Both WordPress and Joomla are open source content management systems. While WordPress powers around 40% of the websites on the Internet, Joomla only powers about 5%, making WordPress the world’s leading CMS platform.

WordPress is known for being extremely easy to use for novice designers but also has advanced features for advanced developers as well. Joomla offers a more advanced system from the start which is not as easy for all users to navigate. Additionally, WordPress is better suited for creating blog posts compared to Joomla. WordPress offers a huge community of support and developers who can help answer questions and solve any problems that you may have with your website. 

WordPress vs. Joomla comparison

  • Design:

    Joomla has a lot of customization options like WordPress does, but it is more technical and not as user friendly. WordPress provides thousands of design and template options for your website so you do not necessarily need to worry about coding.
  • SEO:

     WordPress has a wide range of high quality plugins for SEO such as All-In-One SEO, and Yoast among others. Joomla SEO extensions are known for not quite matching those that are made for WordPress.
  • UX:

    WordPress is known for being user friendly, and has a great User Experience for both beginners and advanced developers. Joomla is a bit more advanced and is suggested for more experienced users.
  • Capability:

    WordPress has a large community of support and is easy to use. WordPress has over 50,000 plugins available, and thousands of themes to create the exact look and feel you’d like with ease. Joomla is a bit more advanced with not as many options as WordPress for example, compared to WordPress’ 50,000+ plugins, Joomla has around 8,000 extensions.

How do you convert your website from Joomla  to WordPress?

To convert your website from Joomla to WordPress, you’ll need to plan on completing a migration to transfer your content from one platform to another. 

Once your site is migrated over to WordPress you’ll be able to work on a new design, incorporating new plugins, and working with the new functionality available to create an appealing and effective new website. 

Joomla to WordPress migration process

If you are looking to migrate from Joomla to WordPress we would recommend using an import and export tool to move your content from Joomla to WordPress. There are many how to guides available to help users walk through this process

You’ve completed your migration, what’s next?

Once your Joomla to WordPress migration is completed you can begin to learn more about WordPress, and utilizing plugins and other features that WordPress offers. You’ll need to work to get your new WordPress website optimized and working well for your clients. Instead of attempting to complete the migration yourself our team of experts at FreshySites can help you through the entire process. 

Hire FreshySites to manage your WordPress migration

We bring to the table services such as:

  1. Website design

    FreshySites is the pathway to the website of your dreams. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled professional web designers will work on building a unique website on WordPress for you, based on your previous Joomla site. You will be part of the process as your input is highly valued.

    We’ll make your website dream a reality. A sneak peek into our web design process involves:

    • Creative brief: For us to make a good website for you, we need to learn more about your brand, your objectives, your mission, and more. During the brief, we’ll create a framework for the project that guides us in the web development process.

    • Website mock-ups: Here is where all your website ideas and concepts are brought to life, whether you want the new WordPress website to look like your previous Joomla website or not.

    • Website development: At this point, all your approved designs are then handed over to the WordPress development team to build on them, and migrate your Joomla website content over to WordPress.

    • Revisions: If you would like to change any aspect of your website, you can request them during the revision process. This happens before launching. Don’t worry; we will make as many changes as you would like until you get a perfect website.

    • Hosting and support: FreshySites provides hosting services for your website(s) on WordPress. Furthermore, your site will always be up to date and easily accessible to your visitors.

  2. Website support

    Website management can be a headache. You are in luck because at FreshySites, we provide reliable and professional website support. Our response time is outstanding. We have expert web designers who are at your beck and call to handle any issue you may have with your website.

What other services does FreshySites offer besides switching our website to WordPress from Joomla?

FreshySites offers top of the line website design services, migrations, support, search engine optimization and digital marketing. We will work with you to develop the best plan moving forward to help your business grow and thrive. Moving your site from Joomla to WordPress can be the first step in creating a growing web presence. 

Consider a WordPress agency like FreshySites to give you a hassle-free transition from Joomla to WordPress. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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