Convert from Drupal to WordPress

Are you thinking about the best CMS for your business? Think WordPress. Do you wish to move from Drupal to WordPress? There are some great reasons why WordPress is a top choice for a CMS. If you’re looking to migrate away from Drupal and into WordPress, let’s take a look and see how they compare, and why WordPress is the best alternative to Drupal.

Why WordPress is the ideal Drupal alternative

WordPress and Drupal are leaders in the website building industry. Both platforms have famous clients and serve thousands of customers around the world. However, Drupal is also one of the most difficult platforms to learn. Their platform is mostly code-based, meaning that you’ll need a background in code before you even start. Even experienced coders often have to hire a developer to build their website.

Drupal does offer pre-made themes, but the selection is much lower than WordPress’ market of themes and plug-ins. If you need to make adjustments, you might have to hire a developer, anyway. Plus, most of their themes and plug-ins are compatible with Drupal 8.x—if you go with this version, you’ll have access to only a fraction of their modules.

On the other hand, WordPress is one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market. You don’t need extensive coding knowledge to build your website, just the ability to learn the basic functions. You can choose from thousands of free themes and plug-ins that make your website even more accessible. When you know what you’re doing, your visitors will have a much better browsing experience. For these reasons, WordPress is the ideal Drupal alternative.

WordPress vs. Drupal comparison

  • Design:

    Both WordPress and Drupal are extremely customizable, WordPress however is an easier platform to use compared to Drupal.
  • SEO:

    Drupal has SEO built into its platform. With WordPress you can choose from some really great plugins to add to your website and optimize them to your preferences.
  • UX:

    WordPress UX is top of the line and many people prefer using WordPress because of how easy it is to navigate – especially for non-developers. With Drupal users may be quickly frustrated and confused by the more complex platform.
  • Capability:

    Both Drupal and WordPress are open source platforms meaning they have full customization and thousands of options for plugins, 3rd party extensions and more.

How do you convert your website from Drupal to WordPress?

Unfortunately, switching from Drupal to WordPress isn’t easy. You’ll have to figure out how to transfer lines of code to a visual-based platform. This could require much more downtime than you anticipated, which might result in a significant drop in visitors. If you’re just getting started, you might lose your momentum.

Drupal to WordPress migration process

If you are looking to migrate from Drupal to WordPress we would recommend using an import and export tool to move your content from Drupal to WordPress. There are many how to guides available to help users walk through this process

You’ve completed your migration, what’s next?

Once your Drupal to WordPress migration is completed you’ll be able to make edits, changes, and updates to your new easy to use WordPress website. From editing blogs, to pages, and more WordPress is more of an intuitive experience to make changes to your website. Although changes are relatively easy to make, migrating your site and making sure it is working properly will be the hardest part. 

Hire FreshySites to manage your WordPress migration

Our team of professional WordPress experts will work with you to migrate your Drupal site over to WordPress. Once your site is migrated we’ll be able to work together on a new design, and functionality to make sure that your WordPress website is optimized and performing well. 

What other services does FreshySites offer, beyond converting to WordPress?

When you work with FreshySites, you’ll get access to our full suite of services for WordPress builders. Here’s what we offer for websites and business owners:

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