17 best municipal and state websites for 2022

There’s a lot of information to organize in a state or city website, but with good design it’s possible to do it in a super attractive way. Visitors to city and state websites, whether they are government sites or visitor sites, want to be able to access the information they need quickly and without confusion. For that reason, we believe the best city and state websites offer simple navigation, attractive color schemes and clear content.

Any website that has the need to communicate a lot of information to visitors can take into consideration the designs of the best city websites.

So, if you’re ready to take a look at what the best designs for city and state websites consist of, we’re ready to show you! Let’s get started.

List of the top 17 municipal & state websites

  1. Utah : Finding the information you need doesn’t get any easier than simply typing it in and having it pop-up for you. And, on Utah’s state website, that’s exactly what you find. In the middle of the home page, there is a large search bar where visitors type in what they are looking for and when they hit enter, the search results are quickly displayed. This coupled with the icon-based navigation at the top of the page makes this site one of the best examples of simple navigation we could find. We also want to note that the professional quality pictures in the background of the site are a nice touch as well!
  2. Chatanooga, TN : It’s not flashy, but in the world of city websites the Chatanooga, TN website takes the cake. Some of the best elements on the site are the ‘Popular Links’ navigation on the left side of the home page, as well as the easy to find main navigation at the top. Unlike many other websites, the Chatanooga, TN city website does not scroll on the home page, which we think helps to prevent site visitors from getting lost in a sea of unnecessary information. Overall, the Chatanooga website is one of the best because it has all the information visitors expect and nothing more – simplicity at its finest.
  3. Manassas, VA : Choosemanassas.org is not an official city website, but a city visitors website. We might be a bit biased here since we designed this website, but the simple design and bright imagery make this a perfect example of what a city website should, and can, look like. In the middle of the home page are four brightly colored icons that serve as navigation to the most popular pages on the site. These make it easy for site visitors to find what they’re looking for without having to look around and waste too much time. However, if visitors are looking for some fun information, the ‘Latest News’ section at the bottom of the page is the perfect place to find it!
  4. Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau : The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau is another visitor website that is a perfect example of thoughtful navigation and design that can make a city or state website one of the best. We know it may be a little one-sided since we crafted this website ourselves, but it’s hard to deny this site is spectacular. The moving images on the front page of the site draw you in and make you want to learn more. But, if you already know what you’re looking for, you don’t have to waste any time because the bold navigations on the side and at the top of the page will easily help you find it! Overall, the Pennsylvania Visitors Bureau website has a plethora of information to communicate to visitors, but the careful design of the website pulls it off flawlessly.
  5. Maryland : Simple and bold, the state of Maryland’s website certainly stands out among the other 50 as one of the best. A search bar next to the navigation at the top of the page makes it easy to find what you are looking for and the scrolling news bar in the middle gives you the information you never knew you needed. And, although there is a lot of text and content displayed on the homepage, this site does a great job at organizing it so that it’s not overwhelming to any site visitor.
  6. Austin, TX : For a city that likes to ‘Stay Weird’, the Austin, Texas city website is not weird at all. In fact, it’s considered one of the best for that fact. The neutral color scheme is easy on the eyes and buttons displayed in that color scheme make it easy to find the information you’re looking for. On the home page, you will see four separate navigation bars. However, because they are strategically layered, the fact that there are multiple navigations isn’t confusing at all. The most pertinent information is displayed from the main navigation, and any additional information can be found using additional navigations.
  7. Visit Saint Paul, MN : Bright and colorful, the visitors’ website for Saint Paul, Minnesota is a page we love and think everyone should see. Pictures on the homepage display everything that’s great about the city without using any words. Slightly different from other pages we’ve seen, the left side navigation on this website is comprised solely of icons. Other navigations on the page, however, utilize both. One of our favorite features of the site is at the bottom of the page and is a categorized menu of information the website has to offer.
  8. Washington, D.C. : As our nation’s capital, one would expect Washington D.C. to have a website that outshines the rest, and it certainly does not disappoint. Everything on the website is displayed in large fonts and large pictures in order to make it easy for any visitors who makes their way to this site to find the information they’re looking for. On this site, we appreciate that all of the information you would ever need about Washington D.C. is organized into 5 simple categories on a drop-down navigation at the top of the page. But, we also have to say that the #mydccool display at the bottom of the home page is pretty cool too.
  9. Denver, CO : The “Mile High City” has a website that is brag-worthy thanks its carefully concocted color-scheme and easy-to-understand layout of the page. From the front page, you are invited to learn more about Denver and also to search the site to find what you’re looking for using the strategically placed search bar. Underneath the search bar, visitors will find one of the best features of the website – a 12 icon navigation that offers easy access to important information. Denver’s page makes our list of the 17 best municipal and state websites because it communicates a lot of important information perfectly. A feat that isn’t easy to accomplish.
  10. Los Angeles, CA : For a city that has a lot going on all of the time, the Los Angeles, California city website is by far one of the most minimalist city websites we’ve ever seen. A short homepage, 5-category navigation and 8 icon information gateway creates access to every page on the website. There are no long lists or jumbled information sections. And, if for some reason you can’t find the information you are looking for from one of the navigation options, there is a search bar to help you out. From this website, it seems as though the City of Los Angeles has thought of everything without overthinking it.
  11. New York, NY : Undoubtedly one of the busiest cities in the world, New York, NY has a lot going on all of the time. It isn’t called “The City That Never Sleeps” for no reason. Therefore, many people would assume that creating a website to communicate all of that information would be difficult. However, from the carefully planned layout and easy-to-use website the city currently has, one doesn’t get that impression at all. From the simplistic navigation and bold fonts, visitors to the city website can easily see that NYC went with the motto ‘Less is more’ and it certainly is working for them!
  12. Georgia : Georgia.gov makes the list of 17 best municipal and state websites because of its ability to clearly communicate important information with ease. Although not terribly innovative, the basic blue background of the website eliminates distractions and draws focus to the important features of the website such as the navigation and search bar at the top of the page.
  13. Brevard, NC : Beautiful Brevard! From the picture of foggy morning mountains displayed in the background of Brevard, North Carolina’s website if you don’t already live there, you’re going to be enticed to visit. But, beautiful pictures aren’t the only thing this one-of-a-kind website offers. For a city website, we think it does a great job of being of service to both residents and visitors to the city alike. As you visit the site and scroll down the page, you can quickly browse all of the options the site has to offer through the multiple strategically placed navigations. Truly an amazing website!
  14. Texas : Everything’s bigger in Texas! That’s certainly the phrase that comes to mind when visiting this great state website. As you land on the home page, it’s hard not to realize that all of the fonts are bigger than normal. However, we don’t feel that’s a bad thing! Bigger fonts and navigation makes it easier for page visitors of all ages and abilities to find the information they are looking for. And, if from the big icons and bold fonts visitors are still lost, they can always use the search bar!
  15. Chicago, IL : One of the most well-known cities in the United States, the City of Chicago has a website that certainly competes with the best of the best. This website has a governmental feel but offers inviting pictures of the city for visitors who might not be familiar with the iconic skyline. Large pop-outs offer access to the latest city news and a simple, four-category navigation at the top of the page makes it easy to find any other pages you might be looking for. Overall, the city of Chicago has a rather basic website, but it’s basic at its best.
  16. Mississippi : The state website for Mississippi is a stand-out winner among the other fifty states. It’s modern, interactive design makes it fun to visit and look around. Likewise, the bright colors for the page and carefully chosen fonts also add a touch of personality that’s not often seen on government websites. One of the best features of the site is the ‘Quick Links’ section at the bottom of the page that makes it fun and possible to find the most important information on the site. We chose Mississippi as one of the best municipal and state websites because, well, it’s just the best.
  17. Mesa, AZ : Last but certainly not least, Mesa, Arizona is a city website that easily makes our list of best municipal and state websites. Colorful, fun and easy to use, this city website offers everything a city website needs and more. Big, bold icons help visitors easily access the most important news, and simple navigation at the top of the page makes it easy for frequenters of the site to get their business accomplished without too much of a fuss.

These 17 best municipal and state websites from 2022 have been carefully chosen just for your inspiration. And, as you reviewed each of the sites, we hope you were able to find a little bit of insight for your own pages.

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