Why Your Podcast Needs a WordPress Website

Whether your business plan is a podcast, or you’re wanting to add a podcast to your already successful business, there’s no mistake that podcasting has become increasingly popular over the last several years.

Not only is it a great avenue for staying connected to your audience, but it’s an incredible opportunity to meet and get to know influencers in your niche – inviting someone to come be a guest on your podcast is almost always an instant in!

And, of course, podcasting is a great money-maker in and of itself thanks to paid advertisement spots and smart affiliate marketing. With popular podcasts in almost every genre, the doors are open wide for new businesses to take advantage of this growing medium.

And, if you’re ready, a WordPress website is the perfect companion to propel you along your journey.

In fact, there’s a good chance that some of your favorite podcasts are actually hosted by WordPress websites already! (Bundyville, You Are Not So Smart and You’re Wrong About… are all popular WordPress podcasts! Other famous WordPress podcasters include the likes of Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes and Michael Hyatt – so you know you’ll be in good company when you get started).

Here are 7 reasons why WordPress sites are a great choice for podcasts:

1. Podcast Hosting Made Simple

Because WordPress is constantly being updated by its loyal community of developers and innovators, it stays up to date with the demands of businesses and their diverse website needs. As such, WordPress has made it possible to actually host podcasts right from your website. Once you have your WordPress website in place, you can record, manage and publish directly from your website’s dashboard. This convenience not only makes it easy for you to get a podcast started, but if you’ve already been podcasting for awhile, the SEO benefits of integrating your podcast with WordPress are attractive enough to consider making the switch.

2. Easy Configuration Settings

When you integrate your podcast with a WordPress website, you get instant access to a page completely designed for Podcasting Settings. Here you can set everything up for your podcast, managing details like categories, episode titles, images, etc. This streamlined configuration saves time while also making it accessible for beginners.

3. One Button Publishing

In the past, publishing podcasts has taken up as much time as recording the podcast itself. Thankfully, WordPress has found a way around this time drain. Inside the podcast post editor on your WordPress website, you can edit and publish with easy one-click access. So, not only can you create posts, but you can also edit and publish all from one intuitive dashboard.

4. Streamlined Podcast Listings

Want to publish your podcast in more than one place? Working with WordPress, you can do that without spending any extra time. WordPress websites can work directly with Google Play, Spotify, Alexa, Apple and others to make sure your podcast shows up in all of the directories. To get the benefits of this service, all you have to do is submit your podcast feed to the appropriate channels. From there, WordPress will take care of the rest! After you make the initial submission, any time you add a subsequent podcast episode it will automatically get picked up by the channels you selected.

5. Open Source Flexibility

One of the reasons WordPress has become so popular in general is because of its open source platform. Podcasting with WordPress offers the same benefits, giving you the flexibility to work with designers and developers to tailor your website specifically for your podcast genre, style, etc.

6. Plugins Galore

WordPress is known for its plethora of plugins, which is a huge advantage if you’re looking to integrate your podcast with your website. From having episodes published and embedded right on your pages to offering one-click downloads and automated summaries, chances are there’s already a WordPress plugin ready to do exactly what you need to make your podcasting dreams come true.

Here are some of our favorite plugins for podcasters:

  1. PowerPress – One of the best plugins for managing all of your individual files, PowerPress is easy to use and especially friendly for iTunes and Google Play platforms. Using a HTML5 player, PowerPress allows you to easily add podcast episodes straight to your WordPress pages (and it looks really nice too). This plugin is also a winner because it features attractive buttons that encourage visitors to subscribe to your podcast with just one click.
  2. Seriously Simple Podcasting – This handy plugin is a great place for beginner podcasters to start because it really is simple to use. Adding this plugin to your WordPress website gives you the ability to easily manage and upload all your podcast episodes without any superfluous features. If your goal is to get your podcast out to your audience and into the world as quickly as possible, you can’t go wrong with this plugin.
  3. Smart Podcast Player – If you like making the features on your WordPress site look nice, this plugin is a great solution. Its beautiful design upgrades your audience’s listening experience, giving you control of how podcast episodes are listened to (either looping through all your episodes or highlighting just one at a time). The fact that this plugin is mobile friendly is just another bonus.

7. Work with WordPress Specialists

When you find a community as big as the one dedicated to WordPress, you know you’ve found something great. By choosing to use WordPress for your podcast, you tap into this loyal community filled with super savvy developers and designers. Want to make sure you get everything set up for your podcast just right? Making the decision to use WordPress as your launching pad is a surefire way to start off on the right foot – and give yourself the head start necessary for finding long-term success.

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