19 Best WordPress Themes (February 2019)

Looking for a new WordPress Theme to spice up your website? Well then, look no further than this list of the 19 best WordPress Themes for February 2019!

All of these themes have been handpicked because they offer unique design, incredible functionality and have received rave reviews from users around the globe.

As you look through this list of best WordPress themes, we hope you find a little inspiration to fill your bucket and the motivation to take your website to the next level. After all, there’s no better time than now to make your website shine.

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19 Best WordPress Themes For February 2019

  1. Rosemary : Rosemary is a beautiful WordPress Theme that looks as though it just jumped off the pages of the latest holistic living magazine. A stark white background contrasted by bold dark text gives it a stunningly modern edge while large images and light text add an air of softness to each page. Equipped with many different layouts, Rosemary can be customized to fit nearly any style or preference. As a bonus, it’s easy to implement for first-time users and also allows easy transfer for those looking to change up their site design.
  2. The Essence : Beautiful, stylish, clean, unique – those are all words that can be used to describe The Essence. Designed as a blog theme, The Essence can be customized to fit many niches. From food, to fitness and even fashion, this theme can do it all. Equipped with 17 different blog layouts, those who download The Essence will never feel like all of their pages look the same. The theme also offers multiple social sharing widgets that make marketing a blog via social media more natural than ever.
  3. CheerUp : The best selling theme for both blogs and shops, CheerUp does not disappoint. Bold sliders and text quickly immerse any site visitor into the online experience of the website, while a functional navigation bar makes it easy to explore every page. Anyone who uses CheerUp for their website theme can easily incorporate a WooCommerce plugin or online shop to their homepage – making it easy to score extra revenue. Simple to use, easy to install and even more comfortable to customize, make no mistake, CheerUp is a WordPress Theme that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  4. Vlog : Videos are HOT right now – everyone knows that. And for websites that want to make video the star of their show, there’s Vlog. Vlog is an entirely responsive WordPress Ttheme that supports content from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and many more video hosting sites. Thanks to the intricate design of the theme, websites who use Vlog appear more sophisticated and elite than their competitors. Vlog comes complete with 8 different layouts for regular posts and 5 different layouts for featured posts – all of which are incredibly appealing and functional.
  5. Crysta : Used primarily by small businesses, agencies and startups, Crysta is most definitely one of the best WordPress Themes for February 2019. Extraordinarily versatile and responsive, Crysta is designed for quick and straightforward implementation and speedy updates. The theme comes with 3 unique homepage designs, multiple web page variations and a wide variety of color schemes to choose from. Packed with animations, it’s also enjoyable to use. For websites that want to get up and running right away, it’s hard to find a better choice than Crysta.
  6. Adios : Focused on style, Adios is a WordPress Theme that is hot this year thanks to its beautiful design. With Adios, business owners can make their website as unique as they are with customizable layouts, bold color choices and seamless functionality. To top it off, Adios is fast, extremely responsive and SEO-friendly. Adios is also equipped with multiple different menu styles and homepage options. These features make it a great theme choice for business owners who are looking to take their website to the top without a lot of work.
  7. The7 : Easily one of the most customizable themes available on the internet, The7 is created for websites of all shapes and sizes. There are over 1,000 different theme options that make it possible for site builders to use The7 and still have a website that’s uniquely their own. Not only that, but The7 is also extremely easy to use. Directly upload text, logos, graphics and choose a layout. The rest is done for you. And, for site designers who aren’t into picking every detail themselves, there are also pre-built designs that can be implemented almost immediately.
  8. Enfold : Enfold is a multi-purpose WordPress Theme that can be used to create a beautiful website with ease. Completely optimized and built for top-notch security, Enfold gives peace of mind to anyone who uses it. Like many other themes, Enfold has multiple page layouts to choose from. However, Enfold offers the ability to customize those layouts down to the last detail, so every portion of the page functions precisely as it’s intended. For those who don’t have a lot of time to build a custom website, Enfold is the perfect theme because it can be up and running (with precision) in no time at all.
  9. Oshine : Created for businesses of all types, Oshine is a stylish, modern WordPress Theme with a lot to offer. Many people who use Oshine are photographers, videographers or other creatives. However, the theme can also be used by lawyers, product companies or hospitality businesses of all kinds. Oshine makes quality photographs and images the star of the show by allowing full page photograph backgrounds and large spaces for photos on landing pages. By doing so, the text stands out to site visitors and information is translated from one party to another loud and clear. Extremely useful and beautiful, Oshine is a WordPress Theme anyone could enjoy.
  10. Highend : Equipped with a drag and drop visual composer, it’s hard to say no to an all-purpose WordPress Theme like Highend. Boasted as one of the most versatile themes on the market, Highend makes it easy to create a page that audiences and site owners alike will love. Perhaps one of the most coveted features of Highend is the availability of premium plugins. They make building a site and keeping it running smoother than ever. Furthermore, Highend is also equipped with functional demo templates that can be used to create a website in an instant.
  11. Hestia : Hestia is a one-page WordPress Theme built for almost any type of website. Some of the most popular users of Hestia include small businesses, photographers, creative agencies, restaurants and startups. It’s also Retina and SEO ready. Although Hestia does not boast as many features as other WordPress themes, it’s excellent for first-time site builders or others looking for a simple solution to their online presence. Hestia can be easily customized headers, footers and color themes as well.
  12. Sydney : Packed with options , such as Google Fonts, full-color control, layout control, logo uploads, full-screen sliders, header images and sticky navigation, Sydney is a WordPress Theme that seems to have it all. Fully customizable, Sydney can be used by any kind of business looking to create an impactful online presence. It offers a sleek, modern design that allows for the use of many graphics and photographs. The navigation bar blends into the background making the site feel clean and user-friendly. Syndey is over a year old and boasts thousands of downloads every day – extremely popular indeed!
  13. Houzez : As noted by its name, Houzez is a WordPress Theme designed specifically for the housing market and real estate agents. Extremely customizable, Houzez makes it possible to integrate maps and picture galleries into every page to give visitors the best experience possible. Of course, it comes with many different layout designs that are customizable so every user can create a site they love. Houzez is also fully compatible with MailChimp, PayPal, Yoast and other plugins that make creating a great website possible.
  14. Shoppe : Build a professional WooCommerce website within just a few minutes using the Shoppe WordPress theme. This extremely customizable design allows site builders to bring their online businesses to life with little to no work at all. The drag and drop builder requires no HTML experience or knowledge, and the layout options are in ample supply. A shopping cart and checkout system can be easily tailored to meet any business needs and be more appealing to customers. As a bonus, the Mega Menu option makes it easy to browse pages full of inventory.
  15. Storefront : Another example of a great WooCommerce Theme, Storefront is stunningly simple and easy to manage. With Storefront, there are multiple layout and color options to choose from, as well as fonts and page designs. Any online shop can use Storefront to sell their products online. Because it was designed and developed by WooCommerce developers, this theme option doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to functionality. Anyone who chooses to download it will undoubtedly be pleased.
  16. Conica : Built with business in mind, Conica is a WordPress Theme that quickly gets the job done for any website that uses it. Supplied with 5 different blog layouts, 4 header layouts, 3 footer layouts and responsive design, Conica is one of the most customizable themes available. Many users prefer Conica over other, more unique themes because of its simplicity. Websites that use this theme are easy to navigate and eliminate confusion for site visitors. Furthermore, site owners love the theme because it’s easy to build and manage.
  17. Foodica : Specially designed for food bloggers, restaurants and foodies, Foodica is a WordPress Theme that easily makes the top 19 list this month. Fully responsive and designed to handle beautiful images, Foodica makes it easy to browse recipes and visualize lovely meals. The theme itself is straightforward, but that’s why many people love it. There are no extra frills to offset the purpose of the websites that use it – sharing food and the love of food. Some themes are great because they are built for everyone. This theme is great because it was made with an ideal client in mind.
  18. Agama : Another multi-purpose WordPress Theme, Agama is built for those who want to edit and develop their site and make it their own. Easily compatible with plugins, such as Beaver Builder, Elementor, Thrive Architect, King Composer and many more, it can be customized with ease and simplicity. Agama is also compatible with WooCommerce plugins. Therefore, it can easily be used to create an online shop, or offer online shopping experiences on personal websites. The best thing about Agama? It’s free – so it’s perfect for business owners just starting out!
  19. Lawyer Zone : Created with the law in mind, Lawyer Zone is a WordPress Theme used by many lawyers and law firms across the globe. Lawyer Zone is easy to navigate, simple to use and also includes multiple options for customization. Lawyers are busy. Therefore, they need a website theme that won’t monopolize their time – and this one is it! And, although it was built for lawyers specifically, other businesses who love Lawyer Zone are welcome to use it as their own!

Now you’ve had the chance to browse the 19 best WordPress Themes for February 2019, it’s time to get to work on your own website!

Which themes inspired you? Could you see your own business in one of the designs? Or, would you like to use a theme that allows you to let your imagination run wild and create something completely unique?

No matter the look you’re going for, FreshySites can help you build a website that looks great and functions perfectly!

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