17 Best WordPress Websites (March 2019)

Currently, there are over 75 million websites on the internet that use WordPress for their website designSince there are 172 million websites in total on the internet, that means (nearly) ⅔ of website owners trust WordPress to make their sites look great and function properly.

If you had the time to browse through the 75 million active WordPress websites, you would see there’s no limit to what WordPress can do.

If you can dream it up for your site, WordPress can make it possible. However, since you don’t have the time to look at EVERY site, we’ve put together a roundup of the 17 best WordPress websites for March 2019.

We hope you enjoy the creativity and possibilities showcased in each one!

17 Best WordPress Websites For March 2019

  1. Deus PerformanceDeus Performance is an online fitness coaching website built using WordPress design. This website easily makes the list of top 17 best WordPress websites for March 2019 because of it’s attractive design and smooth functionality. One of the best features of this website is the slider section on the home screen. They have taken navigation to a whole other level by using the slider as a simple and clear option for browsing their website. Overall, Deus Performance shows how you can easily take a basic WordPress template and customize it to fit the needs of your business uniquely.
  2. MTV NewsBelieve it or not, MTV is no longer just for watching the latest music videos. The media channel is also responsible for reporting the latest pop culture news and headlines. When you visit the MTV News website, you can see how they have taken a WordPress News Theme and updated it to attract today’s savvy audience and properly showcase music’s most important headlines. What we love most about the MTV News website isn’t the bold color scheme or unique fonts, but the way it takes a wide variety of headlines and makes them less overwhelming. In general, the MTV News website goes to show that there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple.
  3. Marie ForleoMarie Forleo is a queen content writer and the host of Marie TV. She knows a lot about business and getting things done. We’ve ranked her website as one of the 17 best WordPress websites for March 2019 because it successfully showcases her persona. As you scroll down the main page, we think you’ll agree that the best feature of her website is the large photographic calls to action and intuitive animations that react to your movements. Mari Forleo’s website is indeed her own – and that’s just why it’s the best.
  4. Ceremony Coffee RoastersWhen you think of coffee, you likely think of words like dark, bold and rich. When you visit the Ceremony Coffee Roasters website, however, you’ll find the exact opposite. This coffee roasters website uses a beautiful WordPress Theme to create a light, airy and almost feminine feel that’s unique to them. Thanks to the light design of the entire site, you feel the urge to browse through every page and take in every photograph of their beautiful coffee packaging and brilliantly roasted coffee beans. Moreover, because it’s unlike any other, you’ll likely want to shop their website to order a little bit of their product for yourself. From the Ceremony Coffee Roasters website, you can take away that choosing to go your way often leads to website success.
  5. Tucows : Tucows provides simple services for businesses looking to navigate the internet better. Their website is a simple WordPress Theme that displays the different services they offer, as well as ways to purchase their services through a WooCommerce plugin. We love the way Tucows has incorporated videos into the sliders on their main page to give an example of how their services work. Of course, the creative graphics and unique buttons help bring everything on the site together as well. If you’re looking for a top example of a great business website using WordPress, then Tucows is undoubtedly one to see.
  6. Willie NelsonThe man, the myth and the legend, Willie Nelson, is still touring the world and doing his own fantastic thing. And, truth be told, his website is almost as good as his music! Willie’s site makes our list of best WordPress websites for this month thanks to its beautiful design. The singer/songwriter has fans of all ages and a site that makes it easy for each of them to find what they’re looking for. From the simple, large font navigation at the top of the page, to the displayed tour schedule, there’s no mistaking information on this site. What Willie’s web designers have demonstrated here is that you can design a website for anyone or any audience.
  7. LogglyLoggly is a cloud-based resource and data management tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although the concept itself doesn’t sound too exciting, Loggly has successfully created a WordPress website that is! Because of the bright colors and clear graphics, anyone who’s interested in using Loggly as a resource for their business will be excited to hop on the website and learn more. We enjoy how Loggly has taken a common WordPress Theme and developed it to entirely match their brand through the use of graphics, buttons and content. Furthermore, as a business, Loggly has a lot to offer and the layout of the website helps to make all of those offerings less confusing to a first time visitor.
  8. Wolverine Worldwide : Wolverine Worldwide is a global marketer of branded footwear that serves over a dozen different brands with its quality products. The website Wolverine Worldwide has designed is creative and custom, yet extremely simple. On their website, you can view examples of the work they have done for different brands, as well as find information regarding how you might work with them. The best feature of their website, in our opinion, is the cute navigation at the top of the page that resembles quote bubbles – it just makes you want to click!
  9. Canada.comCanada.com is a website that uses a news-based WordPress Theme to communicate the most breaking news for the week online. We love this website because of its ability to display many news articles in a small amount of space with a simple website design. Canada.com easily shows that anyone who wants to make a news website a reality can through a little bit of work and some serious organization. The side navigation on this site gives it a real ‘newspaper’ feel, that’s sure to leave you wanting to read more before you move on. A definite winner for this month’s best WordPress websites.
  10. Cooper HewittIf there’s one website we love this month, it’s Cooper Hewitt. Cooper Hewitt is the design brand of the Smithsonian Museum. Every day at the museum, you can see interesting objects, amazing arts and displays of unique design. That being said, it only makes sense that the Cooper Hewitt website effectively reflect that. We genuinely appreciate the bold design choices for the Cooper Hewitt website, as well as the creativity behind the navigation and different sections of the site. After all, this is one website that would not make sense with a simplistic design and basic navigation.
  11. Awesome Motive : Awesome Motive is the business and brains behind many WordPress innovations such as WordPress Forms and OptIn Monster. Therefore, it’s only natural to rank Awesome Motive as one of the 17 best WordPress websites for March 2019. Everything about this website is unique from the animations on the homepage to the way they display individual portraits of their team. In our minds, awesomemotive.com is precisely what a business website should look like – but better! So, if you need to take a few notes before you decide on a design, we recommend you check it out!
  12. SkillcrushA website that helps people learn new skills to advance their careers, Skillcrush.com is indeed one-of-a-kind. This website displays the benefits of signing up for Skillcrush services, as well as testimonials from people who have done so in the past. We thoroughly enjoy the animations on every page and the videos that dominate the homepage to advertise the benefits of working with the business. If you want a website like Skillcrush.com, the good news is you can easily make one by using WordPress, or partnering with a WordPress designer.
  13. Airstream Although it’s been around for a few decades now, Airstream is still one of the best-known travel trailer brands on the market today. The brand offers a variety of classically design trailers equipped with modern features that will easily satisfy any family. Airstream.com (the brand’s website) showcases the versatility of the travel trailers and the diversity of people who enjoy them. We love that the site showcases the trailers in real scenarios by using a very photograph-heavy WordPress design.
  14. FitBarkHumans have fitness trackers, so why shouldn’t dogs? At least that’s what the people at FitBark think! Fitbark is a fitness tracker that easily clips onto any dog’s collar to monitor the level of activity and quality of sleep the animal gets throughout the day. The website used to market Fitbark is fun, interactive and incredibly advanced in terms of design. Throughout the website, videos automatically play and animations change to market the product to every site visitor. We love that this website has a trendy and exciting design that matches its product.
  15. Travel PortlandEven if you’re not looking to visit Portland, Oregon anytime soon, you’ll want to take a look at the fantastic WordPress design behind travelportland.com. A website offering tips for making your way around one of the most famous cities in the Pacific Northwest, Travel Portland makes the prospect of getting away even more exciting. We fully appreciate the adventurous design of the website and out of the ordinary layout that makes this site unique. Moreover, if you’re looking for a little website inspiration, we think you’ll appreciate it too!
  16. The Cool Club : Animations and colorful graphics – need we say more? The Cool Club website brilliantly showcases fun card games and art for the trendy and hip at heart. Although the site doesn’t have any features that are completely over-the-top, as its name suggests, it does feel extremely ‘cool.’ So even if you weren’t looking for a new card game, you’re likely to buy one just because you want to support such an off-beat brand. From this website, you learn that you can successfully express individuality through your site without much extra work!
  17. Amazonia Font : Amazoniafont.com is a website dedicated entirely to showcasing the Amazonia font. Although you might think that would be rather boring, it’s one of the most fun and interactive sites we have ever seen – which is why it’s on this month’s list of top WordPress websites. As you browse through the website, you can see different samples of the font and even test the font out for yourself! We think everyone who wants to add an interactive element to their website should take notes from this one!

All of the above websites go to show that no two WordPress websites have to look the same – or do look the same! No matter what look and feel you envision for your site, WordPress can make it possible.  

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