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17 Best WordPress Websites For January 2019

It’s 2019, and although a lot is going to change over the course of this next year, especially with technology, we can expect one thing to stay the same – the dominance of WordPress websites online.

So often people who want to build a great looking website have the misconception that WordPress is for beginners and beginners only.

Well, they’re wrong!

To kick off the new year we’ve rounded up a list of the 17 best WordPress websites for January 2019.  The websites on this list look professional, attractive and are among some of the best websites on the internet today.

So, who’s ready to jump right into this year and check out the best WordPress websites? Let’s go!

The 17 Best WordPress Websites For January 2019

  1. Waltdisneycompany.com : Everyone knows Walt Disney. And, yes, it’s true. This mega, ultra creative company used WordPress to build its website! From the Walt Disney Company website, you can explore what’s going on in the world of Disney, get the latest announcements regarding what movies are coming out next and even how you can get a job with the company. Just as you would expect, Disney has leveraged the power of WordPress to create a website that’s engaging, fun and informative. Visit the site yourself to see how easy it is to learn more about Disney and the amazing things the company is doing in the world!
  2. Bata.com : Bata is an international shoe company serving Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. From the homepage of their incredibly intriguing WordPress website, you can search any of these markets to find the shoes you’re looking for. Throughout the site, intuitive search engines and engaging video will keep you shopping and wanting to learn more about this interesting shoe brand. Once you have found the market you were looking for, you can locate the Bata store nearest you, browse through the latest collections or even make a purchase online if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home.
  3. Katyperry.com : If you want to see an example of an amazing WordPress website, look no further than pop sensation Katy Perry’s very own site. To keep fans informed about her latest music, tours and merchandise, Katy and her team have chosen a fairly simple WordPress theme. Of course, in typical Katy Perry fashion though, the website is anything but simple. Bright colors float everywhere, videos stream in the background and you can even purchase the latest and greatest Katy Perry fashions directly from the homepage. All of the detailed features incorporated into this website easily make it one of the best WordPress sites for January 2019.
  4. Seaharvest.net : If you visit almost any list of the best WordPress websites, you’ll find Seaharvest.net somewhere on it. It is not coincidence, however, that this incredibly creative website gets so much recognition. As soon as you hit the homepage of the Sea Harvest – Fresh Seafood Market website, you’ll be taken aback by the unique approach to graphics and navigation. The entire website is set up to look like an old-fashioned newspaper ad and the headlines are the navigation. Although it might take a few moments for a less tech-savvy person to figure out, this website definitely gets a top prize in our books for creativity and innovation while utilizing WordPress.
  5. Mercedes-Benz.com : Luxury car companies need luxury websites – and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you visit mercedes-benz.com. The sleek and sophisticated design of the homepage matches the sleek and sophisticated design of the cars this company offers to buyers. On the website, you can read the latest Mercedes news, browse the latest Mercedes models and even take the time to design the car of your dreams. So, whether you’re an auto-enthusiast or not, we can guarantee you are going to love this one-of-a-kind WordPress website.
  6. Newsroom.fb.com : Yes, it is absolutely true. The biggest social media company in the world uses WordPress to host its blog. And, guess what? It’s great! On the Facebook Newsroom site, you can learn more about what the online giant is up to, how you can fix some of your biggest Facebook problems and even get a little bit of insight on what life at Facebook is like! The theme used for Facebook Newsroom is not complex at all. But, that’s what we like about it! No fuss, no muss, just plain old news with great content and great graphics.
  7. Rollingstones.com : Just like the band, The Rolling Stones website is fun, vibrant and engaging. From the homepage, you can explore all of the great albums (35 to be exact) that the band has put out, as well as read the latest news regarding the band and its members. Because the demographic of site visitors varies so greatly, the website has been designed so that anyone who visits can easily find the information they’re looking for. A simple navigation at the top will get you to the page you want to visit and the same navigation is also at the bottom of the pages, in case you happen to get lost along the way. All-in-all, this site has great functionality, which makes it one of the best WordPress websites for January 2019.
  8. Obama.org : The past president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, uses WordPress for his website and looks amazing! On Obama.org you will find a neutral background, bright pictures and big headlines that will help direct you to the latest stories involving Barack Obama, his politics and his family. One of our favorite features of this website is the simple pop-out navigation that can be found on the left side of the page. The navigation is hidden when reading stories on the main page, but if you want to browse for it more quickly, it pops out so you don’t have to search too long. This intuitive design makes Obama.org a great website for every type of visitor, which we guarantee this site gets!
  9. Wevirtuallyare.com : We Virtually Are is a company that focuses on creating videos and virtual experiences for companies to help promote their products or cause. The individuals who run this company are technologically savvy and embrace unique design, which is easy to see from their completely unique and bold website. All over the site you’ll find examples of their work through videos that automatically play in the background. We do have to admit, the navigation on this page is a little bit difficult to find if you aren’t completely intuitive to website design. However, for the demographic this website attracts, it’s perfect – which is, in our opinion, what makes a great website!
  10. Angrybirds.com : In case you were wondering, yes, Angry Birds is still around. And, yes, they have an amazing WordPress website. The Angry Birds website perfectly reflects the kitschy animation found in the popular app game and will get any visitor excited to download the app and play for themselves. On the website, you can browse the most recent Angry Birds animations, learn more about the Angry Birds characters and even read the Angry Birds blog! The best feature of the website is the amazing animations of the characters that weave in and out of the pages, adding a sense of fun to the entire site.
  11. Bloomberg.com : Bloomberg.com is a website that offers insight into what’s going on at Bloomberg Professional Services. The company, as you might know, specializes in markets, portfolio management and all things investments. And although the financial industry is an industry that has the tendency to come across as dry or boring, this website isn’t dry or boring at all. A sleek black background and professional quality photos and videos give an air of prestige to every page. One of the best features on this site is the fact that all of the text is large and easy to understand, which is also helpful to those who might be intimidated by the nature of the site.
  12. Femmeandfierce.nl : From the zooming lips that greet you on the homepage, to the funky, fresh pale pink design, Femme and Fierce is a website that will not disappoint. If you are looking for an example of a top-of-the-line website that has used WordPress to its utmost potential, Femmeandfierce.nl is just what you need to see. This website has a great online shop and makes an everyday activity (online shopping) into a one-of-a-kind experience.
  13. Houstonzoo.org : If you’ve never been to Houston Zoo, but wondering what it’s like, visit houstonzoo.org. Or, if you want to see an example of a WordPress website that gives insight to an experience, visit houstonzoo.org as well! The video on the homepage of this website is extremely engaging and makes you want to buy a ticket to the zoo before you even know how much it costs. Likewise, the opportunity to explore the zoo online instead of waiting until you arrive is unique and fun for all site visitors.
  14. Whitehouse.gov : Our nation’s capital and presidential party chose to use WordPress to build their website, and we love the the final product. A simple and classy site, whitehouse.gov does not go above and beyond in graphics, color schemes or features to tell its story to site visitors. Despite the lack of features, however, the appeal of the site is not lost at all. As you scroll through the website, you can easily read all of the headline stories and quickly navigate to other sections of the site if you’re looking for something different. There is both a side and top navigation that are easily found to help get you where you need to go.
  15. Tribunemedia.com : Tribute Media is a company that holds the rights to multiple television stations and digital properties. We think this website is one of the best WordPress websites for January 2019 because of its extremely simple navigation, great content layout and attractive design. Although the website does not have any fancy features, the professionalism of the website and company is not lost. Everything on the website is thoughtfully distributed so visitors can easily find the information they’re looking for, and perhaps even information they aren’t. 
  16. Variety.com : Another website in the entertainment industry, Variety is one of the top companies in entertainment news. Variety.com boasts a bright, brilliant black and yellow theme with bold fonts and exciting backgrounds. As you venture through the website there is no question what the company does as there are pictures of the latest movies, best television shows and hottest celebrities scattered throughout the content. We like this website because it is easy to use, yet doesn’t sacrifice design. A win-win for variety!
  17. Ripleys.com : Believe it or not, Ripleys.com made our list of 17 best WordPress websites for January 2019! This weird news website does a great job at utilizing a news-type WordPress theme to tell the world all of the strange and funny things that have and are happening across the globe. On the homepage you can read the top weird news stories and even explore some interesting information! Of course, the site also encourages visitors to take a look at the latest books and movies they have for sale as well.
There you have it! The top WordPress websites for January 2019!

We guarantee these websites are among the best, but we also know that as this year goes on, more great websites will be developed using WordPress.

So, keep your eye on FreshySites for our next list! And, if you need help with making your website one of the best, our team can certainly help.

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