16 Best WordPress Plugins (February 2019)

Building a great website takes a lot of work. Luckily, WordPress has amazing plugins to take care of a lot of that work for you! WordPress plugins can assist with everything from creating forms, to building quizzes and conversations with your customers.

A website created with the perfect WordPress plugins creates a positive experience for website visitors and also makes a site much easier to manage. Check out the 16 best WordPress Plugins for February 2019 for plugins that you can use to make a difference for your website.

Let’s dig in!

16 Best WordPress Plugins For February 2019

  1. Ninja Forms : Every good website needs a way to gather visitor information. After all, conversion is the #1 goal of a website, and without data, conversion is challenging. To help with acquisition of site visitor information, WordPress offers Ninja Forms. Ninja Forms is a plugin that allows website builders to create custom forms for their website. As a bonus, Ninja forms is incredibly easy to use thanks to its ingenious drag and drop design. Coding knowledge is not required and forms can be changed anytime day or night! Ninja forms can be found on the WordPress website to install on any site with a WordPress Theme!
  2. Elementor : For website builders who want to take the design of their website into their own hands, there’s Elementor. Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows builders to create a one-of-a-kind design through visual drag and drop technology. Easy to learn, Elementor easily will enable builders to create their own footers, headers and sliders, as well as have complete control over the visual design. Install images, maps, text blocks and icons with the click of a button. Elementor is available on elementor.com and is offered at a variety of different price points so website builders can choose the plan that’s right for them.  
  3. Simple Share Buttons Adder : Everyone knows how important social sharing is. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter dominate the world of customer engagement! But, sometimes sharing stories, blogs or posts from websites can be difficult. That’s why there’s the Simple Share Buttons Adder WordPress plugin. With the Simple Shares Button Adder, web designers and site builders can easily place social sharing buttons on any page of their website – allowing visitors to share anything and everything they want easily to their social sphere. Simple Share Buttons Adder has a drag and drop design that makes it easy to install any social sharing buttons on a website. It also offers a wide variety of social sharing buttons, not just the top four. Simple Share Buttons Adder can be found on wordpress.org. The best part? It’s free!
  4. Updraft Plus : The worst thing that can happen to a website is a loss of data and information. No one wants to spend the amount of time it takes to build a website only to have it go to waste when a technological failure takes place. For that reason, there’s Updraft Plus. Updraft Plus is a WordPress plugin that makes backup and website restoration easy. When using Updraft Plus, data from websites can be uploaded into the backup location of the site builder’s choice. Current options include DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Updraft Vault, Dream Objects, OpenStack Swift and many more. Updraft Plus can be purchased at wordpress.org and easily downloaded to any website.
  5. Member Press : Member Press is the perfect WordPress plugin for website builders and designers who are working on projects that involve a member-based business. Tracking the data and keeping members organized is a big task. The Member Press plugin includes anything and everything someone with a membership website could ever want. Current features include easy setup, community forums, accessibility rules, member coupons, beautiful layouts and ultra-secure logins. It also offers customized reporting, subscription management and a payment gateway. As a bonus, it can be used with ANY WordPress Theme. Member Press is available on memberpress.com.
  6. LearnDash : Managing online learning courses is a big task for websites. All of the information, visuals and data can easily bog a website down, make it run slower and become confusing for site users. LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that helps with all of that. Once LearnDash is installed on a website it can be used to efficiently update learning courses, sell them online, and offer extra incentives to course attendees. Overall, LearnDash makes it extremely simple to maintain an online learning system. LearnDash can be installed into almost any WordPress Theme and is available on learndash.com. Packages are offered at a Basic, Pro or Plus rate so site builders can easily choose the plan that works best for them.
  7. LiveChat : LiveChat is a WordPress plugin that can easily be installed to any WordPress Theme and offers a simple solution for chatting with website visitors. Chatbots are all the rage, but building a custom chatbot can be expensive and is a big project to take on. For site builders who want the benefits of a Chatbot but none of the hassle, LiveChat is the perfect plugin. LiveChat comes with custom support, so no questions regarding the plugin ever go unanswered. And, as a bonus, LiveChat is extremely user-friendly when it comes to implementation. Available on wordpress.org, LiveChat is ready to be installed on any website today!
  8. Envira Gallery : Professional quality photos and videos take a website to a whole new level.  However, it can be challenging to create galleries for photo and video visuals that don’t slow down a site. Enter, Envira Gallery. Envira Gallery is available to website builders and owners everywhere as a simple solution for creating custom galleries and visual website displays. A variety of different layouts are available through the plugin and are easily installed to a website with a drag and drop procedure. Literally, anyone can use Envira Gallery – that’s part of what makes it so great! Download Envira Gallery on enviragallery.com today and learn more about what it can do for your website.
  9. Sucuri Firewall : In a world filled with data and security breaches, there’s nothing more important than keeping a website safe and secure. Sucuri Firewall is one security solution available to websites through a WordPress plugin. With Sucuri, website owners can protect their own information, as well as the information of site visitors, through a series of firewalls and other protective elements designed to keep out even the most aggressive hackers. Sucuri comes with professional support and is offered at a variety of flexible and affordable price points. Sucuri is available for download immediately on sucuri.net.
  10. Imagify : A great website is a speedy website, and a fast site isn’t possible without optimized images! That’s why there’s Imagify! Imagify is a WordPress plugin available to websites of all kinds that work to get images where they need to be for a website to function correctly. Web designers and site builders who install Imagify to their website find that their site loads much faster, but the quality of their images isn’t compromised. Imagify works for any WordPress Theme and is extremely easy to learn and use. Download Imagify to any site at wordpress.com.
  11. Google Authenticator : A website with a safe and secure login system is a must these days. And, thanks to one of the most trusted names on the web, there is now a way to provide double authentication to any website login system. Google Authenticator is a GDPR compliant WordPress plugin that only takes minutes to install, but it protects any website for a lifetime. To make it easier for site visitors, Authenticator provides multiple login options. Thanks to Google Authenticator, site owners will have the luxury of worrying less about their site security and more about the functionality of their website design. Google Authenticator is available for download from Google, WordPress and many other app stores.  
  12. WP Triggers : There’s nothing better than an interactive website. However, building an interactive website is easier said than done. Typically it takes hours of planning and months of implementation to create an interactive experience. With WP Triggers, however, it can happen almost instantaneously! WP Triggers allows site builders to set up automatic ‘triggers’ to create an interactive experience. Think “if this, then this” type actions. Triggers only have to be programmed once to work for all site visitors and are incredibly low-maintenance. Install WP Triggers or WP Triggers Lite at wordpress.org to begin creating an interactive experience today.
  13. Quiz Cat : Sometimes plugins need to be more fun than functional, and luckily, Quiz Cat is both! Quiz Cat is a WordPress plugin available to site builders everywhere that allows site builders to create unique quizzes for their visitors to enjoy. Quizzes built on Quiz Cat can serve a purpose, or they can be purely for fun. In the past, Quiz Cat has been used to help websites go viral by building quizzes that no one can turn down. After all, quizzes can be built on ANY topic! The sky is the limit! To download Quiz Cat today, visit wordpress.org.
  14. Beaver Builder : A WordPress page builder plugin, Beaver Builder, is amazingly intuitive and easy to use. Site builders and web designers of all skill levels use Beaver Builder to take their websites to the next level. Loaded with functionality and features, Beaver Builder is rivaled by few in the page-building market. Smooth drag and drop design functionality is one of the most significant benefits of this plugin. Beaver Builder allows complete creativity and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the website building game. Beaver Builder is available for download at wpbeaverbuilder.com.
  15. BuddyPress Identicons : Everyone loves a great avatar, especially if they’re active on a website where there’s a lot of engagement. Creating great avatars, however, isn’t always so easy. That’s why there’s BuddyPress Identicons. BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin designed to help websites give visitors and users a more personal identity through custom-built avatars. Although website visitors are unable to build their own avatars, every time an email address is registered on a website that uses BuddyPress, a new avatar is generated. This feature helps to eliminate confusion between different users and make the website experience more enjoyable. BuddyPress Identicons can be installed on almost any WordPress Theme and is available at wordpress.org.
  16. Are You a Human? : Spammers are all over the internet, and they are the #1 enemy to a great website. To keep out spammers, WordPress has a unique plugin called “Are You a Human.” Are You a Human is designed to authenticate website visitors and ensure any comments they leave are the real deal. That’s right! No more spammy comments, pictures or links! Any website that uses Are You a Human will be clean. Download this fantastic WordPress plugin immediately at wordpress.org.

There you have it – the 16 best WordPress plugins for February 2019. These plugins are hot and available to you right now, as long as you have a functional website.  

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