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15 Best WordPress Plugins For January 2019

Everyone who uses WordPress raves about plugins. For WordPress users, simple plugins can take a basic site from drab to fab by improving its functionality or appearance in one simple installation. The only problem with plugins (which really isn’t a problem at all) is that there are just so many to choose from!

The most recent plugins available for WordPress go above and beyond what we’ve seen in the past. Their capabilities, functionality and ease of use are extremely impressive and user-friendly.

So, to help get you acquainted with some of the best WordPress plugins available to you in the new year, we have compiled a list!

Let’s explore the 15 best WordPress plugins for January 2019, shall we?

The 15 Best WordPress Plugins For January 2019

  1. SeedProd : A lot of people choose to update their website or start a new business in the new year. If you are one of those people, you should install SeedProd. Seed Prod is a ‘Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode’ plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can easily create a professional coming soon page, work on your site in private, start ranking in Google and even begin social sharing. Users love SeedProd because, through its capabilities, they are able to attract and maintain site visitors before their page even launches! There are over 500,000 background images, 750 Google Fonts and 50 themes included! It’s so good, it almost seems too good to be true.
  2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization : Resizing images to fit your website while still maintaining the quality of the photo is one of the biggest obstacles for many new website owners. They get lost in a sea of image resizers and get frustrated trying to remember where they stored all of their compressed downloads. Well, with Smush Image Compression and Optimization, a WordPress plugin, they don’t have to be frustrated anymore! This easy to install and use plugin allows users to compress images directly onto their webpage. It also helps site owners to identify which images might be too big and slow down their site. Time and time again, this plugin has won awards for its amazing capabilities – which is why we rank it as one of the best!
  3. Elementor : Everyone has the picture of their perfect website in their head but creating that picture in real life and putting it online isn’t always as easy. So, for those who might be looking for a more simple solution to designing a WordPress website, or aren’t familiar with page editors, Elementor is the perfect plugin. This page builder plugin allows website creators to easily drag and drop the elements on their site to create the look and functionality they have been dreaming of. And, if the user doesn’t have a picture of their perfect website in mind, they can simply use one of the 100+ templates to create a top-of-the-line website for their brand.
  4. Akismet Anti-Spam : Tired of running to your blog, excited to see a comment from a reader only to find that it was another post from an annoying bot? We understand. That’s why we have ranked Akismet Anti-Spam as one of the 15 best WordPress plugins for January 2019. This intuitive plugin will screen every comment on your website to determine whether it’s genuine or fake. Of course, you can easily set rules and monitor the actions of Akismet so all of the comments you want to see get through and those you don’t are deleted forever. Through Akismet, you can clean up your site, make it look more professional and clear the junk out so your site runs faster. Is there really anything better than that?
  5. WP Rocket : We live in an instant gratification society today, which means if you want your website to rank among the best, it better be fast. Fancy new features, like video backgrounds and micro animations, however, make having a speedy website even harder. That’s where WP Rocket comes in. WP Rocket is a plugin designed to help optimize your website and the speed at which it loads. When you install WP Rocket each and every visitor to your site will see your site in the quickest time possible. The best part? There’s no coding required! Simply install and start watching your site perform better. That’s why WP Rocket is one of the best plugins this month!
  6. OptinMonster : There’s no shame in wanting to convert your website visitors to customers. In fact, it’s the goal of most website owners. However, the task can be rather difficult. That’s where OptinMonster comes in. OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that helps you to create one-of-a-kind offers for your website to help keep customers on your website instead of abandoning it instantly. This extremely advanced plugin offers multiple different form styles that are easily customizable as well as page level targeting and instant redirection for site visitors. Through OptinMonster, there have literally been billions of site visitors successfully redirected and converted. If you are ready to have that for your website, you might want to give this plugin a try.
  7. Broken Link Checker : One of the worst feelings in the world is completing a page or post, publishing it and then learning from a site visitor that your most important link isn’t working properly. With Broken Link Checker, that feeling is a thing of the past. By continually monitoring your posts, pages and comments, this plugin will automatically notify you if any of the links on your site do not work. It can even help you perform a successful audit of your page through its advanced filtering abilities and highly configurable settings.
  8. Soliloquy : The look and feel of a website are key in attracting, keeping and converting visitors. Currently, one of the biggest trends in website design is rotating sliders that display engaging photographs and act as links on the homepage. For many website owners, however, creating rotating sliders is a task that can be frustrating and time-consuming. For that reason, many website owners and designers use Soliloquy.  A responsive WordPress slider plugin, Soliloquy is a powerful tool that can build a beautiful, responsive WordPress slider within minutes. Thanks to the drag and drop editor, you do not have to be technologically savvy or know anything about coding to use this plugin. Depending on what you are looking for, you might want to build a custom slider or use one of the hundreds of templates offered by the plugin. Either way, when you use this plugin, your slider will come out looking great!
  9. Social Snap : Managing a website and managing social media for that website can be exhausting. There are so many things to remember in a day, such as remembering to make a post, boosting a post, or going back to analyze a post. However, if you have a one-stop-shop like Social Snap that allows you to manage your social sharing through your WordPress site, the job becomes much easier. Social Snap is one of the 15 best WordPress plugins for January 2019 because of its relevance and functionality. To put it simply, if you have social media and you want to do a better job managing it, you need this plugin.
  10. Contact Form 7 : If one of the main goals of your website is connecting with your visitors through a contact form or any other type of form, you need Contact Form 7. Because it can be difficult to manage multiple forms, Contact Form 7 was designed to make that job easier. It not only helps you to design your website forms through easy to use templates, but will also assist you in managing form responses and maintenance. Furthermore, Contact Form 7 carefully abides by all user data laws and promises that it does not illegally capture and store any user data, which is important for the integrity of your business. So, whether you are a first-time site builder or you’ve had your site for a while, Contact Form 7 is likely a plugin you want to use.
  11. Imagify Image Optimizer : Because you can never have too many options for a good image optimizer, we are including the Imagify Image Optimizer on our list of 15 best WordPress plugins for January 2019.  Imagify is a simple plugin that quickly goes through your website and works to optimize all of your photos. With Imagify you can optimize all your existing images in one simple click. Yes, it really is that easy! One feature we truly admire about this plugin is its backup option. Thanks to the backup option, if you optimize something and hate it, you can easily restore it to its original version with a simple click! No hassle guaranteed.
  12. Regenerate Thumbnails : Although it’s not super glamorous, Regenerate Thumbnails is a WordPress plugin every website owner and builder should have in their back pocket. Over time, it’s likely you will change your WordPress theme once or twice. When you do that, it’s also likely that the size requirement of your media thumbnails and featured images will change. However, if you have Regenerate Thumbnails installed, you won’t have to worry about a thing! The plugin will simply make note of the new requirements, convert your old thumbnails and your website will be up and running perfectly in no time! It really is as simple as sitting down to install it and watching it do its magic.
  13. Google Analytics by Yoast : Everyone knows Yoast is one of the all-time bes t WordPress plugins available online. Yoast helps you to recognize your SEO and improve it. But, did you know that Yoast has a partner that will also assist you in reviewing and optimizing your Google Analytics? That’s right! Yoast Google Analytics will help you gain insight on who visits your website, why they visit your website and what they do once they are there. From this set of analytics, you can then begin to make changes to your website that will improve the functionality and even increase the traffic you’re receiving. Wit Yoast SEO and Google Analytics by Yoast, your website will be unstoppable, and that’s why this plugin made the ‘best of’ list.
  14. Themify Announcement Bar : Extra, extra, read all about it! Websites have a lot to say and sometimes it’s just necessary to make an announcement in order to draw your visitors’ attention. For those such times, you need the Themify Announcement Bar WordPress plugin. With the Announcement Bar plugin, you can easily create a stylish, professional looking announcement bar that will draw in visitors with just one click. Easy to use templates and editing tools in Themify’s plugin make it easier than ever to dress up your site with an announcement bar.  When you use Themify, you also can feel confident that your announcement bar will be seen by everyone who visits your site – whether they’re visiting from their desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  15. Updraft Plus : It’s so important to have a backup of your entire website in case of an emergency. After all, you never know when a server will crash, or any other website tragedy will occur. You do know, however, that if something were to happen to your website, you wouldn’t want all of your hard work to go to waste. That’s why we rank Updraft Plus as one of the best WordPress plugins this month. Updraft Plus strategically backs up all of your website information so you don’t have to worry about losing a thing. As the most highly rated and popular backup plugin on the market, it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with Updraft Plus.

As the new year progresses, there are sure to be new and improved WordPress plugins that beat the best of the best. 

And, although we are excited about new and improved technology, we’re certain that these plugins will stand the test of time.

So, what are you waiting for? Go install these plugins today and start building the website of your dreams – or call FreshySites to do it for you!

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