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15 Best Restaurant Websites For December 2018

In the current technological landscape of the world, one of the most important assets a restaurant can invest in is its website. When looking for a place to dine, consumers scour the web in hopes of inspiration for their night out and maybe even some drool-worthy material that will entice them to make a choice.

Therefore, if a restaurant wants to win a customer over, they need to convey their quality and individuality through the imagery and content of their website.

When searching the web for the best restaurant websites, we discovered that each of our favorites had exciting imagery, clear navigation, an easy to access menu and a simple way to make a reservation.

Are you ready to check out the best restaurant websites of December 2018? Let’s go!

The 15 Best Restaurant Websites For December 2018

  1. Little Goat Diner – Chicago, IL : Creative and kitschy, the Little Goat Diner has a website that could convince even the most skeptical eaters to make a reservation. As soon as you hit the homepage you are greeted with vibrant cartoon imagery of the restaurant and clever icons to help you navigate you way to the menu and reservation page. There’s even a graphic of a dog pulling a wagon outside of the restaurant that will lead you directly to the catering page if you click on it. If you aren’t into deciphering graphics, however, the site also offers simple navigation at the top of the page that will lead you to the information you are looking for. Little Goat has truly thought of everything!
  2. Vibrant – Houston, TX : When you see the name of this restaurant, you have big expectations for the website. And, we are happy to say that the website for Vibrant Restaurant in Houston, Texas does not disappoint. Bright, colorful backgrounds coupled with artistic photographs welcome you to the page and immediately entice you to want to learn more. The homepage of the site is very simple, minimizing the chance for visitor confusion. Navigations are strategically placed at both the bottom of the page and in a pop-out on the side. There’s even a page specifically labeled ‘ASTROLOGY’ on the site that paints a picture of the whimsy the restaurant is trying to create. Overall, the Vibrant website is fun and functional – a win-win in our book!
  3. Pastaria – Clayton, MO : Yum! That’s all you want to say when you visit the Pastaria website. Funky colors, pictures of delicious food and photos of the restaurant kitchen beg you to give the restaurant a try as soon as you land on the homepage. As you scroll down the page you can easily view the entire restaurant menu, which makes your mouth water, enticing you to visit the restaurant even more. The navigation menu is displayed in a circle that follows you as you scroll throughout the website, and one of our favorite features of the page.  Simple, fun, and easy for any site visitor to understand, Pastaria’s website checks all of the boxes for the best restaurant website, which is why it makes our list of the top 15 for December 2018.
  4. Caravan Exmouth Market – London, UK : Black and white imagery that flashes to color as you scroll across it gives off a hip, welcoming vibe when you visit the Caravan website. For a restaurant that’s just as much about its atmosphere as it is its food, the website design does a great job of showing off both. To explore the menus, hours and reservation options for the website you must first choose a location when you land on the homepage.  Once you’ve picked your location, you’re then directed to an entirely different site unique to that Caravan restaurant. We love this feature because it helps to eliminate any confusion a site visitor may have regarding the multiple locations this restaurant offers.
  5. Yeah!Burger – Atlanta, GA : Food, food, food! When you’re looking for a burger joint to grab a bite, food is the first thing on your mind and we think that Yeah!Burger’s website draws you in with the perfect combination of food photos and fun graphics. As you scroll down the homepage, you see pictures of delicious food, fun-loving customers and the rustic atmosphere the restaurant offers. From the left side of the page, you can easily navigate your way to the menus’ page. One of our favorite features of the site, the Menu page for Yeah!Burger clearly displays menu options for those visitors who have special dietary restrictions. This shows the restaurant is welcoming to EVERYONE and a great choice no matter who you happen to be dining with.
  6. Remlik’s Grille & Oyster Bar – Binghamton, NY : An exquisite place to dine with an exquisite website, Remlik’s Grille & Oyster Bar in Binghamton, NY has truly figured out how to bring the atmosphere of their restaurant online. We might be a bit biased here since we designed this website, but we couldn’t overlook it on this kind of list. From the dark, sultry color scheme of the site to the beautiful script, everyone who visits the website before visiting the restaurant will easily see they are in for a treat. From the left side navigation, visitors can easily make their way to the lunch, dinner and private dining menus for their browsing pleasure. If they are more of a visual person, however, the site also offers a gallery of beautiful photos displaying their most beloved menu items.
  7. TOCA – Toronto, ON : If there’s one thing the TOCA website says, it’s “Come visit us.” On this site, we love how the reservation button is front and center of the display. This communicates to visitors that the restaurant is in high demand and that they should make the decision to come in and dine right away. If you need a little more convincing before making a reservation, however, you can scroll down the page to see menu options and different experiences the restaurant has to offer. TOCA’s website is classy, edgy and inviting all at once. And, for that reason, it easily made our list of the 15 best restaurant websites for December 2018.
  8. Baltazar – Istanbul, Turkey : ‘Meats and Drinks’ is the theme of Baltazar in Istanbul, Turkey and when you visit the restaurant’s website you can easily figure that out from the bright photographic imagery displayed in the background. As you scroll down the page you can easily find your way to different pages with the menus, hours and reservation options for the restaurant. Or, if you don’t want to scroll, you can just choose the option you need from the top of the page. As you visit each page of the site you will see one of our favorite features, the bright and colorful graphics that compliment the fun and fresh style of the page. In our book, Baltazar is a winning website!
  9. Hive & Honey – Irvine, CA : A classy outdoor dining experience in Irvine, California, Hive & Honey has a website that stands out among the best. Because the experience is one of the best things about Hive & Honey, we love the fact that the main imagery on the homepage is of the beautiful nighttime skyline. We also love, however, that the purpose of the skyline imagery is not to distract you from the food, because pictures of the food are displayed right alongside it.  Basically, if you stumble across the Hive & Honey website when looking for a great option for a night out, you know exactly what you are going to get – good food and a good time!
  10. CRUDO- Nijmegen, Netherlands : CRUDO is a raw, vegan cafe in Nijmegen with a great website! Bright colors and big pictures invite you in as you scroll and give you an idea of what the restaurant is all about. Because the pictures display bright fruits and vegetables you won’t ever go into CRUDO looking for a deli sandwich – which is good, because you won’t find it! The best feature on this website, in our opinion, is the video at the top of the homepage. This video quickly displays everything you need to know about the restaurant and more!
  11. Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge – Binghamton, NY : Colorful, exciting, attractive – and close to our hearts at FreshySites since we brought this site to life ourselves – the website for the Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge in Binghamton, NY is a work of art. Pictures zoom in and out on the homepage and there’s no way to miss the bright, unique navigation on the left-hand side of the page. Big fonts make it easy for any site visitor to understand the thoughtful content written on each page and also help to make sure everyone gets the information they’re looking for.  All in all, the Lost Dog Cafe is one of the websites on our “best of” list this month because when you visit the website, you feel like you’re visiting the restaurant!
  12. Ellington’s – Nashville, TN : Fashionable and fresh, Ellington’s Mid Way Bar & Grill in Nashville, TN is a classy haunt that anyone looking for a good time and great atmosphere would enjoy – and visitors to the website can easily see that. The thoughtful imagery with graphic layovers and unique fonts all create a one-of-a-kind feeling for the site. Paired with a thoughtful layout that is easy to navigate, Ellington’s website is easily one of the best. And, it’s even super easy to make a reservation! All you do is click the icon at the top right of the page, enter the number of guests and date you prefer and voila! You have a reservation!
  13. Fox in the Snow Cafe – Columbus, OH : Imagery is the star of the show on the Fox in the Snow Cafe’s website. Pictures of the location, the food, the people and the atmosphere all beg site visitors to come to the shop and give the freshly baked sweets and goods a try. But, if the pictures aren’t enough to convince you to stop in, you can easily view the menu and prices for Fox in the Snow’s treats via the navigation bar. Likewise, you can also easily view different site locations, hours of operation and even opportunities for employment from the same navigation. Fox in the Snow’s website is simple, but it’s a simplicity that’s inviting and warm.
  14. Gramercy Tavern – New York, NY : A well-known restaurant in New York City, Gramercy Tavern has a website that’s easily one of the best. The unique graphic design of the site along with the dark color scheme and opposingly bright photos of food perfectly communicates what an amazing and individualized experience dining at Gramercy Tavern is. If there’s one goal this website has, it’s for you to see the menu. And, the multiple options for navigating to the menu page make attaining that goal possible.
  15. Flying Pig- Vancouver, BC : The Flying Pig in Vancouver, British Columbia is a restaurant that offers a fun, delicious dining experience to all who visit. And, the website designed for the restaurant compliments that perfectly. Not overly fussy, the simple navigation and design of the site are extremely welcoming to all who visit. From the homepage, you can easily view Flying Pig locations, the dining menu and learn more about the history of the restaurant. We chose Flying Pig as one of the best restaurant websites because at the restaurant, and on the website, what you see is what you get – and both are very, very good!

Now that you’ve had a chance to view the list of the 15 best restaurant website from December 2018, what changes do you want to make to your website?

Whether you’re looking to spice things up with a unique homepage design or simplify things by reducing the number of clicks it takes to get to your menu, the team at FreshySites can help!

Experts in design, helping create a website everyone will love is our specialty.

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