Consider This Before Starting A WooCommerce Website

A super common request we get from our clients is that they’d like to set up an online store for their business.

When it comes to E-Commerce there are a ton of great platforms available to use. Here at FreshySites we specialize in WooCommerce, which is the official E-Commerce platform of WordPress. We use WooCommerce not only because it integrates seamlessly with any WordPress website, but also due to its flexibility.

With WooCommerce, there are tons of plugins that can help you achieve additional functionality outside of your base online store.

As with any E-Commerce project there are a lot of factors and things to consider before diving in. Generally speaking, the E-Commerce process is a lot more hands-on than your standard marketing site!

Here’s what you should consider before starting your WooCommerce project:

  1. Product Information

    The most important information on any E-Commerce site are the products and product details! There’s a lot of info we’ll need for every single product on your site. If your shop has many products, this can be pretty time consuming so it’s definitely something to consider prior to starting the project. See the list of details typically needed below:

    Product Name
    Product Description
    Variations (ex: color, size, etc)
    Product Image
    Product Category

  2. Payment Processor

    All WooCommerce shops require a payment processor so they can accept credit cards. Many of the popular providers such as Stripe and Paypal are totally free to set up accounts. They do however, take a percentage of each sale. The exact rates are dependent on the platform.

    If you’re already using a payment processor for a brick and mortar store or a current E-Commerce platform, we may be able to simply carry it over.

    Check out all of the WooCommerce compatible payment gateways

  3. Shipping

    Another major factor you’ll need to think about is shipping. If there’s a carrier you’d like to use, such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx, we can use a plugin to tie right into their rates. Depending on the platform, you may need to set up an account with the carrier OR we can pull in the default rates.

    If you don’t want to use rates calculated through a carrier you can set up flat-rate shipping, tiered shipping (ex: purchases over $50 are charged $5; purchases under $50 are charged $10), free shipping, or a combination of the above.

    • Product Weight & Dimensions: If you choose to use a shipping carrier to calculate the rates, you’ll also need to provide weights and dimensions of all products. This is what the various shipping methods use to calculate an accurate rate. Read More about shipping weights and dimensions.
  4. Taxes

    Depending on your industry, product, location, etc., you may or may not have to charge sales tax on your products. Our platform allows for taxes to be automatically calculated using a system called TaxJar. Depending on your company and needs, you may have to purchase a subscription to the WooCommerce TaxJar Plugin. As the shop owner, we’ll ask you for the specifics of how you would like your taxes set up!

  5. Policies

    Again, depending on your industry and product, you may be required to have policies on your shop website. Some common examples are return policies, shipping policies, terms & conditions, and privacy policies. While we can’t provide the exact policies for you, we can provide some things to think about!

    Check out the legal section of this blog post!

  6. Functionality

    One of the best features of WooCommerce is its flexibility. There are a ton of great add-ons we can utilize to enhance your shop. As a general rule, we prefer to use premium official WooCommerce plugins to achieve the desired functionality. One thing to keep in mind is that most of the WooCommerce plugins have an additional cost. Below are some examples of popular additional functionality:

    Subscription Products
    Custom Pricing
    Product Add-Ons

These are just some of the most important factors to consider, however there may be other items that pop up since every shop and company has different needs.

Interested in learning more about WooCommerce? Reach out to see how we can help!

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