The 20 Best WooCommerce Websites For December 2018

For businesses who are looking to make their websites lucrative by selling products, the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress themes is a dream come true.  

WooCommerce makes possible for businesses to seamlessly sell products from their websites without having to go to the extra trouble to create one-of-a-kind templates.

But, that’s not all WooCommerce does, it also gives website owners complete control over how they sell their products on their page.  

Here you will find a list of 20 websites that (we think) really got the whole WooCommerce things right.  Each of these pages is attractive, easy to use and take online shopping to a whole other level.

Want to take a peek? Let’s get started!

The 20 Best WooCommerce Websites For December 2018

  1. Joco Cups : For a business that sells small glass coffee tumblers, they certainly have a website worth bragging about. The moment you land on the Joco Cups homepage you are greeted with pictures of their sustainable and beautiful product.  And, if the pictures on the first page don’t sell you, the easy to navigate shop page will! You don’t have to click a million buttons to see the color of cup you want, you simply have to scroll down the screen to see them all in plain view. Then, choose the one you want and check out. Simplicity at its finest.
  2. Bog Berry Dryer Balls : We love the Bog Berry Dryer Balls website because they are serious about selling their product.  You land on their page and immediately you have the option to place their most popular items in your cart.  In fact, anywhere you go on their website you can put something in your cart and the WooCommerce plug-in makes that possible.  In our opinion, what they’ve done with their website is genius.
  3. Sarah’s Snacks : Bright and Cheerful, Sarah’s Snacks is a WooCommerce website that knows how to make a sale.  From the home page, you can shop any of their popular lines and even add top items from each of their popular lines to your cart.  The layout makes it so few words are necessary because the products (or pictures of the products) do all of the talking. Simple and easy to use, Sarah’s Snacks certainly got their online store right.
  4. Wakami : When a Wakami bracelet is sold it, the proceeds of the sale benefit the maker of the bracelet – a female artisan.  What we really enjoy about the Wakami WooCommerce website is the fact that it does a great job of showcasing both the artisan and the product together on the landing page. When shopping their page you don’t have to question what the company is about, and that makes you want to buy a product even more.
  5. EcoKitty : The WooCommerce website used by EcoKitty really gets down to business.  The entire landing page of the website is dedicated to selling the brand’s most popular products and showcasing what they do best – cat gifts.  Products the company wants to sell most are featured largely at the top of the page and, as you scroll down, you will see other products you can choose if you didn’t already decide to go with one of the others.
  6. Mini Learners : Not only is the Mini Learners website sleek (and absolutely adorable) it is also highly effective at selling product.  The homepage features top sellers and new products, but as you scroll across the navigation bar at the top of the page you have the opportunity to see everything else the company has to offer.  As you wade through the different collections of prints the layout makes it easy to see the details of each product so there are no questions before you buy.
  7. Bluestar Coffee Roasters : Slightly different from some of the other pages we have looked at on this top 20 list, Bluestar Coffee Roasters is a WooCommerce WordPress website that values simplicity and ease of navigation.  Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse their shop and wholesale coffee options, or get there from the slider as you scroll down the homepage. Although there are no products to place in your cart on the front page, this simple design ensures you will get where they want you to go.
  8. Porter and York : Everyone who has ever rated WooCommerce websites has rated Porter and York as one of the best – and for a good reason! Not only does the homepage allow you to shop for their high-quality meats, but before you get to those options you have the opportunity to learn why, in fact, their selection of meats is the best.  Therefore, once you get to the option to put something in your cart, you are already sold!
  9. Hemline : As a clothing boutique that thrives from online sales, Hemline’s website needs to be top-of-the-line.  And, we are happy to report that it is! The simple, bright WordPress Theme used to host the WooCommerce plugin does a wonderful job of making the stylish clothing options offered by Hemline stand out.
  10. Henry J Socks : Henry J Socks is a company that offers a subscription service that keeps your feet looking great through their stylish socks.  On this list, Henry J is the first company we have highlighted that offers subscription services, and we think they do it right.  Options for the subscription packages offered are bold, clear and easy to use. In fact, they are so easy to use you don’t even have time to think twice before you check out.  Now, that’s good design!
  11. Asheville Bee Charmer : On the Asheville Bee Charmer website, you can shop by the type of honey you love or the type of gift you want to give. Because they give you so many options of ways to shop, there’s no way you can’t!  As you go through the website you can easily add products to your cart after you choose the size you want.
  12. Direct Alert : For a product that isn’t necessarily on the top of everyone’s “must have list” Direct Alert does a great job of leveraging the WooCommerce technology to make it seem desirable and easily accessible.  Once you’ve tried to give the product a try, you’re directed to three simple options you can choose from before completing your online purchase. Thanks to WooCommerce, a decision that could be confusing, is simple and quick.  Just what everyone today needs.
  13. Mike’s Organic Delivery : Focused on getting fresh foods to you fast, Mike’s Organic Delivery website beautifully displays all the options for eating healthy in a simple, attractive manner. Each offering has a clear, detailed picture of the item available for you to purchase, which creates a confidence that you know what you are getting.  So, as you take a trip through the pages to see what seasonal items, CSAs, and meat is available, you want to put it all into your basket and check out.
  14. Only Mine : Somehow the bright, colorful, modern, Only Mine website manages to make chocolate even more enticing than it already is.  They use the Woo Commerce plugin to create a featured shop on their homepage and individualized shops on subsequent pages where you can peruse their delicious items by category or preference.  By making all of their pages simple and attractive, Only Mine basically guarantees that if you visit their website you’re going to leave with a purchase. Cha-ching!
  15. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. : A company that offers quality bar goods to cocktail connoisseurs, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. has done a great job designing their website to give a clean and simple vibe that highlights their product.  Each item on their homepage is strategically placed and sized so it stands out as you scroll through the most popular and available goods. Prices are clearly marked, which leaves no questions to be asked or second-guessing to be done.  All-in-all, Jack Rudy is a WooCommerce website job well done.
  16. Mom & Popcorn : Not only does Mom and Popcorn have a catchy name, but they also have a catchy website to match! From the drool-worthy picture of popcorn on the front slider to the beautifully featured gift boxes underneath, Mom and Popcorn has you ready to buy popcorn as soon as you hit up their link.  From the checkout, you can easily customize a box to be a gift and easily add a message to your friends!
  17. Magna Tiles : A popular children’s toy, Magna Tiles have been used by kids all over the country (and world) for years.  The Magna Tile website makes it easy to understand why Magna Tiles are so great and buy them all in one fell swoop.  Although there are no products directly on the homepage, there is a products button, which is just as easy. From there you can browse the different styles of Magna Tiles and decide which one is best for you and the kids in your life. You can even add them to your cart in one easy click without disrupting your shopping!
  18. Barefoot Buttons : The Barefoot Buttons website showcases a WordPress theme with WooCommerce plugin that works really well for their brand.  As you shop through their page you are confronted by multiple different options for foot pedals but not overwhelmed by any of them because they are so simple.  Our favorite feature of this website is after you choose to place an item in your cart, the add cart button is replaced with a button that reads “view cart.” Therefore, you don’t have to interrupt your shopping if you don’t want, but if you are ready to move on, you can!
  19. Root Science : Just as beautiful as the products themselves, the Root Science website is a perfect example of a modern minimalist page with maximum functionality.  The shop on the website is categorized by item type which makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly, or browse through all of the options without getting confused about what you are looking at.  And, if you aren’t into skincare, you can hover over each product for a description of what it does and what skin type it suits best. A truly brilliant design.
  20. Chuckling Goat : Chuckling Goat has a beautiful one-page design with sidebar navigation that helps you to find what you are looking for quickly.  While the front page answers all of your questions, the navigation will allow you to shop your heart out and purchase quality goat’s milk products.  One of the best features of Chuckling Goat, in our opinion, is the reviews available to read at the bottom of each page. Because, if you weren’t already sold on the product, after reading them you will be.

What we took away (and you can too) from each of these WooCommerce websites is that anything is possible. 

And, with WooCommerce you can easily design a site that fits your business and your products perfectly.

So, if you’re ready to start making some sales, look for the WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress theme.  We think it’s the perfect place to start!

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