Is WooCommerce the Best Option for Online Stores?

Getting your business online is more than just a good idea – it’s a necessary step in today’s commerce world.

E-Commerce is growing rapidly, and not just for the big players. More and more people are finding it possible to make money online with an E-Commerce store than ever. In fact, what started as a #sidehustle for so many actually turned into a lucrative, full-fledged, quit-your-day-job type of operation.


We don’t blame you – and we want to help you!

When you’re ready to set up your online store and start selling products, there’s a lot to consider about the platform you’re going to build your site on. Unlike an average website, which needs very little in terms of innovation to function properly, an E-Commerce website has a lot of moving parts.

And, in order to make sales, all of these moving parts need to be firing at the same time. Miss one piece and that sale you just had could quickly disappear.

If you’ve started looking at different E-Commerce website platforms available, chances are you’ve come across two very big names: Shopify and WooCommerce.

And, while we’ve got no beef with Shopify, we believe that WooCommerce has a few key advantages that make it a better choice for most online entrepreneurs. We’re not alone, either. According to a recent report, more than 30% of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce, which is more than any other retail platform, including Shopify.

Here’s why it’s so popular:

1. Seamless Integration with WordPress.

Because WooCommerce is built by WordPress, there is no better platform that works as well with WordPress sites. If you have a WordPress site already and are wanting to add an online store to it, using WooCommerce is a no brainer because the process really is that streamlined.

2. Incredible Flexibility and Customization.

If you’re interested in making your E-Commerce store look unique, if you have ideas about how to innovate your online shopping experience, then WooCommerce is a great choice. The platform gives you access to hundreds of extensions that are powered by WordPress (some free and some premium), which allow you to easily customize your shop. WooCommerce also allows you to completely tailor your store’s user interface with easy-to-navigate and easy-to-install options.

3. Great Responsiveness and Customer Interaction.

WooCommerce stores convert well because they are designed for functionality. The user experience on a WooCommerce E-Store versus that on a shop built on a different platform are almost instantly noticeable. Not only will your customers be able to navigate your shop better, but they’ll be able to access all of your store’s website’s functions on any device.

4. Practical E-Commerce Knowledge.

WooCommerce understands what you need to succeed as an online retailer. While some retail platforms are built only for looks, WooCommerce actually offers features and functionalities that you actually need. Case in point: WooCommerce offers pre-installed payment gateways that make it easy and pain-free for your customers to shop with you.

5. Marketing + SEO Features.

If you’re wanting to drive real traffic to your online shop, WooCommerce has the capabilities and know-how you’re looking for. Its long list of features includes access to savvy tactics, like allowing you to make your own coupons, whether for entire carts or particular products, for customers to use in your store. Additionally, experts agree that WooCommerce is superior when it comes to SEO, often ranked above other platforms on popular search engines, including Google. (WordPress sites do the same so this comes as no big surprise.)

6. Easy to Manage via WordPress Dashboards.

Again, if you already have a WordPress site or are looking to create a WordPress website for your business, choosing WooCommerce is, in our opinion, the best decision you can make. The fact that you can control your shop from your WordPress Dashboard is incredibly functional, making it easy for you to maintain your website, check analytics, publish content, post new products, etc. all from one convenient place.

If you’re intimidated by the inner workings of E-Commerce websites, then diving deeper into the world of WooCommerce really is to your benefit.

With a little bit of exploration and some help from our team here at FreshySites, we can create a stunning online shop that integrates seamlessly into your current website – or a completely new E-Commerce site for you!

Want to build a huge audience, bring people to your store and make money while you sleep? There’s nothing better than E-Commerce.

And, when it comes to E-Commerce, there’s nothing better than WooCommerce.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you create the online store your business needs!

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