WooCommerce Support: 5 Best Places to Find Help

WooCommerce is the leading E-Commerce platform for WordPress websites online, however, it can be a bit difficult to set up, configure, and manage.

Not to worry!  We’ve built a resource guide for you here of the top 5 places to find help with your new or existing WooCommerce website.

Let’s Get You Some Help!

WooCommerce Support – Top 5 Places to Find Help, Today!

  1. WooCommerce Documentation: If you’re not afraid to dig in a bit and do it yourself, then the WooCommerce Official Documentation is a great place to start!  Here you will find information on the WooCommerce Core Plugin as well as Extensions, General Troubleshooting, and much more. There is even a great Get Started section that walks you right through setting things up for the first time.
  2. WooCommerce Official Support Ticket: If you’re already a WooCommerce customer and you have a WordPress.com user ID and Login then you can open an official WooCommerce Support Ticket with the support team at WooCommerce. This is a great option if you’re stuck and need some quick expert help or guidance. The downside? The team receives quite a few tickets so you may be stacked in a queue with other tickets and depending on the complexity it might be a bit before you hear back from one of the team members.
  3. WooCommerce Topic Specific YouTube Videos: YouTube is always a great resource when you are looking to troubleshoot a specific WooCommerce or WordPress related issue. There are many great tutorials and topic-specific videos that focus on everything from general setup, ongoing maintenance, common pitfalls, extensions, and so on. Don’t be afraid to use heavy YouTube Search Modifiers in YouTube to try and pinpoint the issue you are looking for help with.
  4. WordPress Official Forums: The Official WordPress Forums are an amazing resource for everyone from beginner to advanced WordPress and WooCommerce users. There are many topics and issues that have been solved since their inception and all of that amazing information and data is cataloged for our benefit and use! You can search via the WooCommerce Tag to sort out only the threads that would apply. Again, don’t be afraid to use modifiers in your search query or be very specific in your search – right now we’re seeing over 1,000 active pages of WooCommerce related threads.
  5. WooCommerce Experts: The WooCommerce team has assembled a list of the very best WooCommerce support groups across the globe, which can be found in the WooCommerce Experts Directory on the official WooCommerce website. These are individuals and agencies that have “made the cut” with the official WooCommerce team and have been vetted as trusted sources of support, design, and development.

We’re Here to Help As Well!

Above is our recommended go-to list! As we mentioned, we’re excited to be one of the leading WooCommerce Expert Agencies in the US, with all work and support done in-house.

If there is anything WooCommerce related that we can help you with, please reach out! The FreshySites team is here to help!

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