Top WooCommerce Marketing Methods to Increase Sales

Launching your online store is an extremely exciting thing. It takes a lot of dedication and patience to get your WooCommerce platform looking just how you want while making sure its technical aspects are stable and ready for opening to the public. But the ongoing challenge, more so than even keeping your store’s technical features up to date, is converting your leads into sales. In other words, new and returning customers committed to your business.

Transforming leads into sales is the bread and butter of any good business.

A lot of that comes down to specialized marketing techniques designed to keep customers engaged and remembering what your business, in particular, has to offer.

We’ve created a list of the most conversation-tested strategies so you can…

Start your WooCommerce store off on the right foot

  1. Create Effective Lead Capture Pages

    A lead capture page asks visitors for information, usually simple contact details, with the promise of a reward, like being included or even prioritized as recipients of service-or-product bundles. Especially for newly interested customers, make sure to keep what you ask for simple and direct, like a name and email address, so they aren’t overwhelmed by giving too much information upfront. You probably don’t want to go over three input fields at the beginning of a lead and capture process. If you want more than the above contact info and can offer a product demo or a free trial, place those asks and offers on a separate page after the initial sign-up process to keep selectivity power in the customer’s hands.

  2. Use Visitor Cookies

    While it’s true that website visitors will sometimes block their browser’s cookies, many won’t, and that lets you retarget them through Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media sources. This is a common and advantageous strategy, so don’t discount it!

  3. Include Urgency Triggers

    While not a new concept, the effectiveness of time-based store offers shouldn’t be understated. Having a literal count-down timer, or a “flash sale” period, for products and services creates a dependable sense of urgency that customers often commit to and associate with your business. WISDM Scheduler is a good WooCommerce plugin for setting up these sorts of deals!

  4. Have Other Sources Refer You

    A word-of-mouth sensibility can go a long way in promoting your site. While a well-known strategy in viral marketing, associating your store with sites and businesses in similar industries creates a sense of community and bespoken trustworthiness about your business’s brand. ReferralCandy has a great track record connecting WooCommerce businesses with like-minded associates.

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