WooCommerce Docebo Integration Plugin Changelog

This plugin is no longer actively supported


  • Fix: Increased timeouts for token retrieval
  • WP 5.8 Compatibility tests
  • WC 5.6.0 Compatibility tests

  • New: Added Docebo course codes to the product inventory course selector
  • Fix: Beta program fix
  • WC 5.0.0 Compatibility tests

  • WP 5.6 Compatibility updates and tests

  • New: Added ability to filter Docebo new user notification by branches


  • New: Added option to trigger Docebo new user created by admin notification
  • Fix: Eliminated subscription expiration windows caused by server time zone differences
  • Fix: Eliminated bug that was interfering with adding items to cart in single page checkout


  • New: Added ability to assign users to Docebo branches

  • Fix: Resolved missing WC function error in products admin

  • Fix: Resolved Docebo API connection issues
  • Fix: Resolved missing WC class error in products admin
  • Fix: Resolved missing products index notice

  • Fix: Improved error handling
  • Fix: Set a timeout for getting Docebo API OAuth2 access token
  • Fix: Added WC not active admin notification
  • Fix: Eliminated plugin activation errors


  • New: Dynamic mapping of primary user fields (First Name, Last Name, Email)


  • New: Variable product course enrollment start and end dates
  • New: Variable subscription course enrollment start and end dates
  • New: Variable subscription future payment start dates
  • New: Customizable subscription + variants price descriptions
  • Fix: Explicitly set user type to ‘Learner’ for course enrollments


  • New: Syncs Docebo course end dates when subscription is changed in WP admin


  • New: WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration
  • New: WooCommerce All Products For Subscriptions Integration
  • New: WooCommerce Product Bundles Integration
  • New: Variable expiration dates for user accounts and course enrollments
  • New: Variable expiration dates for courses bundled in learning plans
  • New: Automatic updates triggered by subscription renewals


  • New: Fully dynamic and flexible Docebo additional user fields mapping
  • New: Save up to 50 Docebo additional user fields
  • New: Map billing and shipping fields as well as custom checkout metadata
  • New: Map user metadata, order metadata, and product metadata
  • New: Advanced Custom Fields Integration
  • New: Flexible Checkout Fields Integration
  • Special thanks: This release was partially sponsored by Sam Bazzi.

1.0.1 (Beta)

This is the beta release and includes the following features:

  • Seamlessly integrates WooCommerce with Docebo LMS
  • Securely connects to Docebo API using OAuth2 protocol
  • Secures API credentials using 256 bit symmetric key encryption
  • Creates Docebo LMS users from WooCommerce customers
  • Updates Docebo user fields using WooCommerce billing fields
  • Monetizes Docebo assets using WooCommerce products
  • Enrolls WooCommerce customers at checkout into:
    • Docebo courses
    • Docebo learning plans
    • Docebo user groups
  • Automatically maintains a current product inventory list
  • Provides the following technical support features:
    • Built in debug logging system
    • Helpful admin notifications
    • Detailed user documentation
    • Security tips with salts and keys generators
    • Support and Contact forms
  • Works with the Docebo WordPress plugin to provide additional
    features such as SSO (Single sign-on) between WordPress and Docebo LMS

1.0.0 (Alpha)

First instance of the WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin in use.

  • Allows for a single WooCommerce product to be associated with a Docebo course
  • Customers can purchase this Docebo course product in WC store
  • Automatically adds the customer to the Docebo users database
  • Automatically enrolls customer in Docebo course
  • Special thanks: The alpha release was partially sponsored by Decker Communications.