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Using TinyPNG: Shrink Your PNG Files

We all love transparent PNGs right?

Well, unfortunately Photoshop can only export transparent PNGs at 24-bits. If you want to export an 8-bit PNG, you don’t get full alpha transparency.

Why would you want an 8-bit PNG? Because it saves huge on file size. Normally a 24-bit PNG with transparency often creates a large file – especially on large-scale images.

Now you can continue to export as transparent 24-bit PNG in Photoshop, and then just drag it into the site mentioned above. It’ll basically compress the PNG into 8-bit format, and retain full alpha transparency.

Will you notice a quality difference? Maybe.

But you’ll notice a file size difference (E.g., it took a 50KB file and made it 15KB). Imagine what it’d do with your 300KB file!

Try using tinypng.com instead.

Make sure to note that this is mostly going to be best for graphics, logos, etc. but not for gradients or photos.

Similar to GIF format, it is limited to only 256 colors. So with more complex images you’ll probably notice a degradation in color. At the very least, it’d help save some KB from the company’s logo we use in each site header.

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