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Top 30 auto repair websites of 2023

If you own an auto repair business, you know that digital marketing and a web presence can be crucial to attracting new customers online. Today’s consumers are accustomed to doing online research before trying a new business, so your auto repair shop could draw potential clients with an attractive, accessible website that offers useful information. A good design can build confidence, creating an attractive, professional appearance for your auto repair company long before someone drives to the shop. Here are top auto repair websites to consider for inspiration when developing your own online presence.

30 leading auto repair websites: driving traffic to great businesses

  1. Yellow Bird Auto Center

    The Yellow Bird Auto Center website opens with an eye-catching photo of a vintage convertible plus an attractive bird logo. It offers readers contact information at the center of the homepage in yellow to match the bird. The shop’s site easily and clearly lays out the services it offers.

  2. Dana Bros.

    The blue and white color scheme of the Dana Bros. website conveys a clear sense of professionalism. The website highlights valuable services for customers front and center, including loaner cars, shuttle service and fleet services. A button to book appointments online and the company’s phone number are immediately accessible at the top of the homepage.

  3. River North Collision Repair

    At River North Collision Repair, the website focuses on driving business to the auto repair shop. A live chat button prompts visitors to interact immediately, and an appointment-booking button and phone number are visible at the top of every page. Photos and text on the homepage focus on this auto shop’s core service, which is collision repair.

  4. Miller Auto Repair Shop

    The black, white and red color scheme at Miller Auto Repair Shop presents a professional appearance for the auto shop. Contact information and a button for online service requests feature prominently in the site’s navigation bar, highlighting this important information along with social media links for the business. The site features helpful offerings like their Spanish-speaking services.

  5. Sunnyside Auto Repair

    The modern, bright design of the Sunnyside Auto Repair website draws the eyes. The auto shop advertises its 24-hour service right at the top of the homepage. The site also highlights yellow cabs in professional photos as it aims to attract all customers while placing a special focus on fleet clients.

  6. Marino’s Auto Repair

    The eye-catching primary-colored design at Marino’s Auto Repair pairs well with the confidence-inspiring list of services plus client testimonials. The page is heavily localized, highlighting the shop’s location in Philadelphia and offering Pennsylvania state inspections and emission testing.

  7. Delgado’s Auto Service

    At Delgado’s Auto Service, the homepage opens with a bright, graphic, blue and red navigation bar. Browsers are instantly offered useful information, including the auto shop’s phone number, hours of operation and social media accounts. Scrolling down, visitors see an impressive list of services along with automotive news and testimonials.

  8. Cathedral Automotive

    The vintage automobile image and sharp red and black design at Cathedral Automotive convey a clear sense that this auto shop is operated by car enthusiasts. Contact information is front and center, making it easy to request an appointment. The site also focuses on unique features of this business, including their classic car restoration, performance upgrade and fabrication services.

  9. Community Tire Pros

    This full-service auto repair shop does a lot of business in tire sales and replacement, and the website for Community Tire Pros emphasizes the tire business. The site also draws attention to the auto repair shop’s credentials, emphasizing that it is a family-owned business with strong community roots.

  10. WNY AutoCare

    This chain of auto repair shops in Western New York focuses on connecting prospective customers with the closest location to them. At the WNY AutoCare site, there’s a button for finding the best location along with information on services and why it’s wise to choose this company. Client testimonials help boost the credibility of the site’s claims.

  11. Cowboys Garage

    The eye-catching video background at Cowboys Garage draws attention to this site that presents an image of a modern, youthful auto repair shop. Deals and discounts are advertised on the front page, and a click-through button allows visitors to schedule an appointment immediately.

  12. Rich Auto Services

    At Rich Auto Services, the black and gray color scheme is offset by a professional photo of a car being repaired. Bold type tells the story of the company and its commitment to quality. The phone number is front and center, making it easy to connect. The site also focuses on key customer value points, such as warranties and discounts.

  13. Curt’s Auto Repair

    The clever domain name for Curt’s Auto Repair draws attention to the business’s slogan, “If your car hurts, bring it to Curt’s!” A background video shows capable mechanics at work. Visitors are invited to schedule an appointment online or over the phone with easily accessible contact points.

  14. Total Car Care of San Antonio

    When potential customers visit the Total Car Care of San Antonio website, they are greeted with an immediate invitation to call. If they would rather make contact online, a simple form offers a free quote for various common auto services, which are detailed below along with scrolling testimonials.

  15. Hector’s Auto Repair

    The bright white and red color scheme at Hector’s Auto Repair draws attention to contact information and key services. This site also offers a widget with an array of accessibility features, which is attractive to differently abled clients.

  16. Bays Complete Auto Repair

    At Bays Complete Auto Repair, visitors are immediately greeted with discounts and deals through a pop-up window. The highly visible business hours, phone number and online appointment option encourage business. They bill themselves as a shop you can count on and back up this claim with testimonials.

  17. Scott’s Auto Repair

    The Scott’s Auto Repair website focuses on building the contact list, offering a $5 discount for opting in to text message alerts. The shop’s national warranty, free shuttle service and loaner cars are highlighted above the fold. A number of discounts and deals also appear on the homepage, which highlights contact information at the top to draw clicks and calls.

  18. AutoWorks

    An oil change special is featured right away when you visit the AutoWorks website, drawing the attention of visitors who are looking to save. A scrolling list of services is prominently displayed and highlighted by graphics. The phone number and an online booking option are visible at the top of every page.

  19. Galson Auto Body

    Bright red accents on scrolling pictures invite readers to make an appointment or contact the business at Galson Auto Body. The site design draws attention to key features, including the business’s certifications and years in service as well as an easily visible phone number and an online appointment option.

  20. Barkley Tire & Service

    The bright Barkley Tire & Service website draws visitors’ eyes with its orange and white accents. A live chat feature prompts immediate visitor interaction, and the shop’s phone number is visible on every page along with a coupon block for popular services, which are briefly described in text blocks with images.

  21. Pioneer Auto Body & Repair

    The website for Pioneer Auto Body & Repair is easy to navigate and focuses on customer concerns. Locations and a phone number appear in the top-right corner of every page. Towing services, warranties and free estimates are advertised above the fold. An eye-catching block of photos and text plus a video offer more details about the company’s services.

  22. Collins Auto Care

    If prospective customers are concerned about whether an auto body shop knows their vehicle, this website answers their question. At Collins Auto Care, the site immediately announces that the shop works on all Asian and American cars. A scrolling list of services lets you know what they do, and a button in the top right of the screen lets you make an appointment.

  23. Tony’s Auto Service Center

    At Tony’s Auto Service Center, the website is all about inspiring customer interaction. Key information, like the business phone number, hours of operation and an online scheduling option, is highly visible. Available services are easy to find. The site links to external consumer reviews, boosting confidence.

  24. Verns Auto Repair

    The white, black and navy-blue color scheme at the Verns Auto Repair website conveys professionalism and knowledge. The site offers easy-to-use contact information at the top of every page and emphasizes the business’s longevity and local reputation. A whole webpage is devoted to why choosing this shop is a good idea.

  25. Bumper Buddies

    This mobile auto repair business has a specialty, and the website makes that clear. The Bumper Buddies site uses eye-catching features like a video and an offer of quotes via text, but it also succeeds because it draws attention to the auto shop’s key services and customer value points.

  26. Savage Hybrid Shop

    Many hybrid vehicle owners are unsure if auto shops know how to work on their cars. At the Savage Hybrid Shop website, the company makes their experience clear while using a green color scheme to further drive the message home. All of this is combined with prominent, easily accessible contact information.

  27. Christian Brothers Automotive

    This chain of auto repair shops advertises its customer satisfaction record and warranty at the center of the front page. Clients at Christian Brothers Automotive are offered several easy links to find and contact their nearest shop. The lead photo on the homepage markets this business as a family-friendly option.

  28. Eliot’s Complete Auto Repair

    When potential customers visit the website of Eliot’s Complete Auto Repair, they’ll discover that it’s easy to find prominent contact details at the top of every page. Integrating Google reviews boosts confidence, and a blog offers a reason for people to keep coming back.

  29. Pete Kelley’s Automotive

    Many vehicle owners are concerned about reputation when choosing an auto repair shop. The Pete Kelley’s Automotive website highlights the company’s positive ranking on external review sites while offering easy-to-use contact information and online booking options. A “Why Choose Us?” text block emphasizes their 40 years in business.

  30. West Coast Tire Pros

    The black, white and red color scheme at West Coast Tire Pros makes it easy to sort through the information available at the site, including a scrolling array of services that links to a comprehensive list of their offerings. Live chat functions prompt reader interaction, and easy-to-use buttons guide visitors to contact the site or make an appointment.

Explore these great examples of excellent web design for auto repair businesses as you build an attractive, compelling site for your own shop.

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