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Top 30 Sports Medicine Websites for 2020

When someone has suffered a sports injury, they’re looking for the finest care possible. A good sports medicine website reassures them that they’ve come to the right place. The best sports medicine websites also place the contact information front and center so prospective patients know exactly how to get in touch with the providers they need. These top sites are clean, professional and easy for anyone to access even without strong computer skills.

Here are the 30 best sports medicine websites for 2020

  1. Disc Sports and Spine Center

    Disc Sports and Spine Center starts off with video clips of people staying active, showing patients what their lives can be like if they invest in medical care. The site also features a large header and clear text that explains what this business is about.

  2. Recovery Physical Therapy

    Recovery Physical Therapy offers large, attention-grabbing buttons that invite visitors to message the practice on Facebook, schedule an appointment or chat with a representative. The site also has the practice’s phone number listed clearly on the top bar along with another button inviting prospective patients to schedule an appointment.

  3. Spine and Sports Medicine

    Spine and Sports Medicine immediately greets viewers with a form they can fill out to make an appointment for an in-person or telehealth session. The homepage also lists the practice’s phone number in large letters in the top right corner beneath the physical address. A clear navigation bar leads to other informative pages.

  4. Advanced Spine and Sports Medicine

    Advanced Spine and Sports Medicine offers a slideshow that shows people living their lives, having fun and enjoying a chiropractic treatment. It gives potential patients the impression that these providers can help them get back on their feet and resume their daily routines.

  5. Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

    Orthopedic and Sports Medicine starts off with a dramatic photo of a professional soccer player on the field, giving the impression that they treat professional athletes as well as less active patients. They also place the “Request an Appointment” button in the center of the homepage.

  6. Dr. Michael Gerhardt

    Dr. Michael Gerhardt‘s website offers accessibility options in the bottom left corner. When they click the button, viewers can increase or decrease the font size, switch between light and dark modes and view other accessibility options on the website. The doctor also offers virtual appointments. Overall, this is a great site for people who need extra accommodation.

  7. Manhattan Orthopedics

    Manhattan Orthopedics presents a large picture of the Big Apple to show visitors that they serve the Manhattan area. The site also uses a clean blue and white layout with yellow text and buttons to highlight important areas like the “Request an Appointment” button. The phone number is listed in the menu bar at the top.

  8. Sports Ortho

    Sports Ortho uses a bold layout and a dramatic close-up picture of a runner to show that they work with serious, professional athletes. The site also has an attention-grabbing animated logo in the top left corner. Prospective patients can chat live with a representative using the box in the bottom right corner.

  9. City Sports Medicine

    City Sports Medicine offers large text and organized blocks of content to make their website easily readable and accessible. Near the bottom of the page, visitors can read testimonials from former patients. The site also has contact information listed in the footer along with a “Book an Appointment” button.

  10. Manhattan Medicine

    Manhattan Medicine greets viewers with a video of doctors helping patients with various injuries, highlighting the innovative treatments offered. The site also brings its social media icons right up front so visitors can stay in touch with the practice. Potential patients can easily navigate to a more accessible version of the site.

  11. AZ Sports Medicine

    AZ Sports Medicine uses large headers and bold statements to make an immediate impact on the viewer. The site features short blurbs about the practice and the different services that they offer. Scrolling down, potential patients can see some of the major league teams that the provider has worked with, which adds to their credibility.

  12. Ronald E. Glousmand, M.D.

    Ronald E. Glousmand, M.D.‘s website uses a clean blue and white layout and pictures of athletes intensely involved in their sports. The site also features a picture of the surgeon and a short biography, allowing visitors to learn more about him and his expertise. A map of office locations appears at the bottom of each webpage.

  13. Roots

    Roots starts off with an invitation for viewers to sign up for their email newsletter. Upon closing the pop-up window, visitors find a vibrant logo and bold text that gets right to the point, starting with this: “Fix Your Pain, Fast!” The website also makes a personal connection with visitors by asking them what their goals are and offering a button to click for an evaluation.

  14. Hudson Pro Orthopaedics

    Hudson Pro Orthopaedics immediately asks visitors “Are you in pain?” and tells them what to do next if they are. The site also has convenient buttons inviting prospective patients to book their appointments online. Friendly pictures of the surgeons also appear on the homepage.

  15. Seivert Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

    Seivert Orthopedics & Sports Medicine uses blocks of content with full-color images to lead visitors to different pages about their services. Scrolling down, the viewer finds a picture of the surgeon and a bulleted list of the different services he can provide. The site also displays a live map with directions at the bottom of the screen.

  16. Integrative Spine and Sports

    Integrative Spine and Sports features a pop-up window inviting prospective patients to book an appointment and letting them know what kind of information they should include. The homepage offers clear blocks of content that list the different services the practice provides.

  17. Chertow Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

    Chertow Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine presents a clean layout with a white and neutral background and dark green accents. The site also features a picture of the surgeon to make him more familiar to visitors along with a biography and a list of his accomplishments to make him appear more trustworthy.

  18. Silicon Beach Medical

    Silicon Beach Medical grabs their site visitors’ attention with a dynamic slideshow and animated icons. Colorful photos and text draw attention to a dozen specialties, all with links to click to learn more. Additional webpages are easy to access from the top menu bar, which also contains a phone number to call for an appointment.

  19. Center for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

    Center for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine features a vibrant photo of a golfer paired with neat, orderly rows of content. The site uses full-color photos that slide into view to give visitors more information about the services they can provide. Potential patients can also immediately start a live chat by clicking on one of the topics.

  20. Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic

    Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic offers a dynamic grid where visitors can click on the links to learn more about the services the practice provides. The site also offers a clear list of insurance that they accept and gives prospective patients an opportunity to learn more about the surgeons.

  21. Manhattan Sports Therapy

    Manhattan Sports Therapy allows viewers to toggle between a standard and high-contrast version of the website to improve accessibility. Numerous photos of different shapes, along with links, make the homepage fun to view and interact with. At the bottom of the screen are a live map that offers directions and a block of content with contact information.

  22. Chicago Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

    Chicago Sports Medicine and Orthopedics uses a crisp, professional-looking layout of white and dark blue with gold and orange accents. The easy-to-read menu bar appears at both the top and bottom of the screen. There’s a convenient “Pay Now” button that offers patients five ways to pay their bills.

  23. Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

    Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine makes a bold statement with a vibrant image of a runner on a grassy plain. The site uses large headers and short blocks of text to get its point across. At the bottom of the site are four maps that help patients find the different practice locations.

  24. Primary Care Sports Medicine

    Primary Care Sports Medicine uses a dynamic content grid to give visitors more information about their services. At the left side of the homepage, just below the fold, is a menu with links to click for bios of the surgeons and other providers that treat patients at this practice.

  25. Jamie L. Lynch, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Jamie L. Lynch, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon starts the website off with a friendly picture of the surgeon as well as a link to her profile so prospective patients can learn more about her. The site also uses black, teal and white to create a professional, businesslike layout. Scrolling down, visitors find a list of the services she provides.

  26. Sports Medicine at Chelsea

    Sports Medicine at Chelsea makes the site seem expansive and inviting with screen-spanning, vibrant close-ups of athletes performing various maneuvers, smaller photos with links to services, large blocks of content, and excellent use of white space. At the bottom right of the homepage is a “Book Online” button that allows patients to schedule appointments.

  27. The Center for Health and Sports Medicine

    The Center for Health and Sports Medicine offers a stark contrast above the fold with white text against a dark background. Scrolling down, the contrast reverses, with clean icons and blurbs of black text over a large expanse of white. The homepage also features pictures of the center’s workout facility plus a can’t-miss red button for booking an appointment.

  28. FullRange Spine & Ortho

    FullRange Spine & Ortho makes a memorable first impression using a simple, eye-catching logo against a full-color photo background, accompanied by the inspiring words “Restore. Renew. Regenerate.” The site also features a dynamic diagram that invites viewers to interact and learn more about the practice. Scrolling down, the potential patient finds more information about the surgeon and his expertise.

  29. San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation

    San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation starts off with information about their outreach program, working with local high schools to provide proper medical care for student athletes. A bright orange “Donate” button in the top right corner encourages community involvement. An easy-to-use top menu reveals more about medical care and sports injury clinics.

  30. San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center

    San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center features clear, descriptive icons that offer more information about their services. The site also features patient reviews and invites visitors to learn more about the surgeons working at the facility.

With a crisp, professional layout and a clear list of services, the best sports medicine websites put patients at ease before they even schedule their first appointment. Keep the above features and options in mind when designing your own site.

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