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Top 25 Fencing Company Websites for 2020

You might think that fencing company websites are all dull and drab with nothing to offer. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as long as the website is done right. Fencing can be an interesting topic, and good website designers have to treat these websites seriously if they want to give a company a competitive advantage.

Best Fencing Websites

  1. Ozark Fence

    Ozark Fence uses some fantastic pictures of a gorgeous, well-lit home surrounded by beautiful wooden fencing. The pictures it highlights also make it clear that fencing can do so much more than protect.

  2. Top Line Fence

    Top Line Fence uses slowly moving pictures to show off their very attractive fences. The website also has a nice arrow that reads, “Get started” and points down, encouraging visitors to scroll on for more information.

  3. Denver Fence Guys

    The Denver Fence Guys website is notable for its sharp graphics. Mousing over certain items will “flip” the box, revealing more information and encouraging you to continue clicking to find out more. Furthermore, their pictures are sharp, and the website has a great color scheme of red, white, and black.

  4. Denver Fence Specialists

    Denver Fence Specialists has an extensive list of awards prominently featured at the front of their page. They also have two big buttons that you can click on: “Request a Quote” and “Photo Gallery.” This is a great way for the company to highlight its high-quality work and make it easy for visitors to get more information.

  5. Reliable Fence

    Reliable Fence has a huge “CONTACT US” button once you visit their webpage. Scrolling down reveals more information, including real customer reviews. This helps to create the impression of a fantastic, down-to-earth company that leaves its customers satisfied.

  6. Orange Fence & Supply

    Orange Fence & Supply uses big, bold text across its orange-themed webpage. It also has some great features that make it easy to select this company, including a photo gallery, a comprehensive list of the services they offer, and a way to get a free estimate.

  7. Affordable Fencing Solutions

    The Affordable Fencing Solutions website has a great picture of a classic wrought-iron fence in the background. You scroll down to reveal more information, but the picture remains locked. This is a nice, modern technique. There is a variety of good information on this website, and it is easy to click on the big pictures to navigate.

  8. Middlebury Fence

    Middlebury Fence does something very different: They list their prices directly on the pictures of their various fencing products. This not only shows that they are confident in their competitive advantage, but it also makes it as easy as possible for people to comparison shop.

  9. Kirkland Fence and Garden

    Kirkland Fence and Garden uses multiple pictures in their background. This takes a celebrated website principle and adds to it, helping to show the variety of choices that the company can offer. They also have a great “Schedule Now” widget that allows you to make immediate appointments.

  10. The Fence Specialist

    The Fence Specialist uses its front page to discuss the different types of fences it offers. Clicking on a picture will give you more information about the product, including info about the cost.

  11. Western Fence Company

    Western Fence Company uses an exceptionally slick video that shows off gorgeous housing and fencing. This is one of the only companies on this list to do that, and it’s a great way of drawing attention to their impressive work.

  12. Fence Company Phoenix Arizona

    Fence Company Phoenix Arizona uses graphics that smoothly transition into the website when you access it. It also has a nice section that goes well beyond the type of fences it offers, choosing instead to sort its fencing by its proposed use.

  13. Arizona Pool Fence

    Arizona Pool Fence deals specifically with pool mesh fencing. As such, it goes out of its way to advertise its product as being extremely family-friendly. It also offers a variety of related products, and the nicely formatted website makes it easy for you to find whatever you are looking for.

  14. TexasFence

    TexasFence has a huge pop-up when you visit: “0% 18 months financing!” This is a smart way of advertising their financial competitive advantage. Also notable is their extensive “Services” page, which really shows the range of services that the company offers. This is all easily visible in a nicely formatted drop-down menu.

  15. Houston Fence Company

    Houston Fence Company goes with a slim, center-aligned website that does a good job of showing off all of the services they provide. They also have a nice “Get a Quote Tool” that allows you to easily put in some information and get a rough quote on your project.

  16. Griffin Fence

    Griffin Fence also has a very sleek website. You scroll and graphics load, offering a variety of information on who they are and what types of fencing they sell.

  17. Right Fence Co

    Right Fence Co makes it very apparent: They want to offer you a free estimate. They have a big button that is clearly placed next to the menu, and a pop-up also allows you to easily get an estimate. This is consistent and smart – particularly since they are advertising the word “free” so heavily!

  18. Applefence

    Applefence has many of the standard features that fence websites are known for, including a good breakdown of the work they do and the types of fencing they offer. What makes their website more interesting is a blog, which is populated with more content than you may expect from a fencing company.

  19. New Jersey Best Fence

    New Jersey Best Fence has two big buttons that let you get a free estimate or view their gallery of pictures. The gallery is very interesting as it shows a great variety of fences, including residential and commercial offerings.

  20. ModernFence

    ModernFence makes excellent use of white space and a green accent color. It also has some great numbers that speak well of the company, including the number of fence designs it offers and how many years they have been in business.

  21. Virtue Fence

    Virtue Fence has a free consultation form as soon as you visit the website. It also goes out of its way to discuss the various advantages of this company, including what it can do better than anyone else in the area. This is a smart way of displaying their competitive advantage.

  22. Statewide Fence Contractors

    Statewide Fence Contractors advertises the usual services but with one notable exception: It offers high-security fencing. Clicking on that page brings you to a subpage that offers an array of possible fences that you can use.

  23. Prime Fence

    Prime Fence offers a variety of fencing services. It also offers staining, which allows the company to improve on the aesthetics of the fences that they install. This gives them an advantage over other companies.

  24. Guier Fence

    Guier Fence also loads nicely, making it easy for you to scroll and view the information on the site. Interestingly enough, it also has a “do it yourself” section. This allows people to get the supplies they need to install the fencing themselves.

  25. Perfect Fence

    Perfect Fence has an interesting FAQ section on their website. This offers very useful information, including a blog and testimonials about how good of a job they can do.

These fencing companies do a great job with their websites. They are well-formatted, filled with useful information, easy to navigate, and absolutely worth replicating.

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