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Top Commercial General Contractor Websites for 2020

In the commercial general contracting business, a great website is a must. With high-quality design and branded graphics, your website can persuade visitors to hire you for their projects. Not all themes and layouts are alike, so it helps to know what to look for in a website. The best ones all have a few things in common. They feature full-screen digital photographs, concise text and stable programming. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the year’s top examples.

The 100 Best Commercial General Contractor Websites of 2020

  1. Mulvey Construction, Inc.

    What makes the website of Mulvey Construction, Inc. so great is that it combines high-quality images with descriptive text to create a powerful first impression. The HTML and JavaScript functions are smooth, and the site loads very quickly. This website features a dynamic scrolling layout, giving it a distinctive look and feel.
  2. Cicero Construction

    When it comes to clean graphic design, the website of Cicero Construction is a perfect example. The typography is tastefully combined with large, striking images and background graphics. Every page of the website is accessible from the main menu, which features a branded theme and seamless integration with the header image.
  3. Patriot Contracting, LLC

    The website of Patriot Contracting, LLC is a top example of responsive web design that works consistently on any device. The graphics blend perfectly together to create a great first impression, and all relevant information is readily available from the homepage. With fast load times and a branded theme, this website has an elegant, professional polish.
  4. Hillhouse Construction

    The Hillhouse Construction website blends minimal design with high-resolution images to produce a wonderful overall effect. The menus and business logos are elegantly overlaid on top of the full-screen images, giving this site a modern look and feel. Every page of the website features high-quality branded graphics and stunning digital photography.
  5. JH Bryant, JR., Inc.

    With captivating images and video, the website of JH Bryant, JR., Inc. communicates all the information necessary for first-time users to find the services they’re looking for. The header images look great while showcasing the company’s work history and services. With powerful UX design and meticulous attention to detail, this website earns its spot on the “best of 2020” list.
  6. B. Leonard Construction

    Another great example of responsive design, the website of B. Leonard Construction impresses users with high-quality photography and smooth graphics. When it comes to UX design and dynamic imagery, this website excels. It looks great on any device, and the graphical theme gives it a polished look and feel.
  7. Rise Construction

    The website of Rise Construction helps you remember the name of the business with a great phoenix logo and vibrant accompanying graphics. As soon as the site loads, all the relevant information about the company is displayed front and center to keep bounce rates to a minimum. Page load times are quick, so users can navigate anywhere on the site with a minimum of fuss.
  8. Northeast Construction, Inc.

    The large, scrolling graphics on the website of Northeast Construction, Inc. are striking, and the HTML animations look smooth and sleek. The layout of the website is perfectly suited for a construction company that’s proud of its services and history. With excellent UX design and a responsive interface, the website is an impressive entry for this list.
  9. Hoffman Commercial Construction, LLC

    With fast page load times and a minimalist design, the website of Hoffman Commercial Construction, LLC strikes a balance between professionalism and friendliness. Employees are prominently displayed in the images, so prospective clients can see the people they’ll be working with. Users’ attention is guided from the homepage to the contact page where they can set up an appointment with the contractor.
  10. Lasko, Inc.

    The website of Lasko, Inc. is smartly designed with an uncluttered layout. With full-screen images and a brochure to download, the website impresses users while minimizing the time required for them to find the information they need. Every page of the site contains links to every other page, so visitors can easily find their way around.
  11. Universal Contractors

    The Universal Contractors website is one of the top examples of great UX design, featuring effective use of digital photography. Scrolling through the homepage is smooth and enjoyable, so users don’t have to deal with choppy animations or disorganized screen space. The high-resolution header images do a great job of showcasing this company’s services without slowing page load times.
  12. Brazos Contractors Development

    Brazos Contractors Development has an outstanding commercial general contractor website because the logo, main menu, graphics and site copy are all clean and expertly laid out for maximum impact. The dynamic scrolling video and photography give this site elegant flair. Its responsive design makes it well-behaved on any device or monitor.
  13. Projex Pacific, Inc.

    Projex Pacific, Inc. has clearly invested resources into creating a great logo and branded graphics for this beautiful website. With high-resolution pictures of the company’s past projects and service area, the homepage presents a lot of useful information and imagery. This website has some of the year’s best UX design.
  14. FGC, Inc.

    FGC, Inc. has an impressive website that offers a rewarding user experience. Its elegant design and large high-resolution images look polished and professional while still conveying folksy charm. It features a dynamic, fluid graphical layout with extra-smooth JavaScript functionality.
  15. Ted Imsen Construction

    If 2020 has been the year of full-screen pictures and animations, the website of Ted Imsen Construction has done a brilliant job of capturing the moment. The smooth, dynamic images that scroll in the background of the homepage give this website a distinctive look and feel. With its minimalist graphic design and uncluttered layout, this website is easily one of the year’s best.
  16. AVID Construction

    The AVID Construction website offers a master class in elegant simplicity and attention to detail. The branded graphics are subtle and attractive, and the large images perfectly showcase the company’s past projects and local service area. This website features highly responsive design that looks great at any scale.
  17. KCS Construction Services

    The first thing that stands out on the KCS Construction Services website is the excellent graphic design. The high-resolution images are stunning, and the text perfectly complements the elegant branded graphics to create a memorable user experience. With its quality programming and responsive design, the homepage scrolls smoothly on any device.
  18. Gardner/Fox Associates

    The website of Gardner/Fox Associates is another great example of effective UX design and rock-solid JavaScript programming. The dynamic motions of the homepage are smooth, giving this website a refined look and feel. All the relevant information about the company is available from the main menu of the homepage.
  19. ShayCore

    The ShayCore website does a fantastic job of conveying important information while pleasing users with responsive design and appealing graphics. The site has a nice logo and wonderful photography, and the text perfectly communicates all the relevant information about the business in just a few sentences. The large header images convey the professionalism and dedication of this company’s employees.
  20. Onorati Construction

    Onorati Construction has one of the most effective commercial general contractor websites of the year. The homepage features compelling images and text in a smoothly scrolling layout that’s decorated with branded colors and graphics. Page load times are very quick, so bounce rates shouldn’t be a problem on this well-designed website.
  21. Structural Technologies

    The Structural Technologies website impresses users with its striking minimalist graphics and high-resolution photography. Within a few moments of landing on the homepage, users will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for without much effort. With its focused message and attention to detail, this website helps convert site visitors into paying clients.
  22. Texana Builders

    The website of Texana Builders keeps things simple with branded graphics and bold, alternating full-screen images in motion. The homepage scrolls smoothly, with nice JavaScript functionality that grabs users’ attention. The main menu contains links to every page on the website, so users don’t have to hunt for information.
  23. HPM Leadership

    The high-resolution images and branded graphic design on the HPM Leadership homepage set this website apart from the rest. It’s one of the best general contractor websites of the year because it holds the viewer’s attention and communicates all the necessary details in an elegant, concise manner.
  24. Cobe Construction

    Cobe Construction has a wonderful website with bold graphics and concise text that showcase the company’s many accomplishments and describe its process in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The smooth JavaScript functions and HTML animations make this site a must-see for 2020.
  25. Brady Commercial Construction Services

    When it comes to staying on-brand, the website of Brady Commercial Construction Services does an excellent job. The website’s message is highly focused, and the main menu offers users all the information they might be looking for. An impressive tally of awards and completed projects inspires confidence.
  26. O’Malley Construction

    With lightning-fast load times and striking photography, the website of O’Malley Construction impresses users without going overboard. The UX design is excellent, and the layout is responsive to the movements of tablets, phones and other devices.
  27. Harris Construction

    Harris Construction offers another example of great UX design and effective photographic imagery. The scrolling background image stays with the viewer from the top of the homepage to the bottom, and the graphic design is clean, minimalist and bold.
  28. RBC General Contracting

    The website of RBC General Contracting offers visitors a wealth of information in an elegant, dynamic layout that loads quickly. The lead image on the homepage depicts a team engaged in planning. Easy-to-read type overlays it to give an overview of the company’s services. Just below is a prominent button to click for examples of recent projects, which are neatly organized.
  29. Skyline Construction

    It’s easy to see why Skyline Construction made this list. The design is simple and effective, with branded colors and graphics that blend seamlessly with the typography and background photography. Along with listing the types of work this 100% employee-owned company does, the homepage devotes lots of space to introducing its team.
  30. AnCor

    AnCor presents a stunning example of great UX design in a minimalist package. The website looks beautiful on any device in any orientation, and the photographic imagery is highly effective in communicating the company’s message. This website does a great job of keeping the user’s attention focused on the contractor’s services and past accomplishments.
  31. Rodgers Construction Corp.

    When it comes to elegant layout and effective design, the website of Rodgers Construction Corp. is a top contender. The homepage is a pleasure to view. It blends professional photography with expert graphic design to bring users’ attention to the services offered by the contractor. The full-screen images are striking, and the dynamic layout runs smoothly on any device.
  32. Tindall Corp.

    The excellent website of Tindall Corp. makes the list because it presents important information about the company without wasting online real estate. The full-screen photographs blend seamlessly into the responsive design to create a great impression. Every page loads quickly so that visitors are never tempted to leave the site.
  33. Capital R Construction

    Capital R Construction has one of the most effective general contractor websites of the year. The photography is instantly captivating, drawing users’ attention to the company’s services and past projects. With responsive design and engaging graphics, this website is accessible and friendly and projects trustworthiness.
  34. Iron Construction

    The website of Iron Construction features beautiful graphic design and simple text, creating a powerful combination that immediately grabs users’ attention. The layout is dynamic and responsive to any device, so anyone can quickly find the information they’re looking for. The branded graphics and color scheme make a fine impression on the target audience.
  35. MATT Construction

    The website of MATT Construction gives users a guided tour of past projects and available services. Featuring a slideshow of large photographic images and embedded video, this site provides an exceptional user experience. It’s easy to find information about the company on any page. The graphic design looks good on any device or screen orientation.
  36. Integrus Construction

    With a minimalist interface and striking full-screen photography, the website of Integrus Construction immediately captures the viewer’s attention. The branded graphic design is consistent on every page, creating a great first impression. On the homepage, large embedded photographs tell the story of the contractor’s dedication and services.
  37. Fuller Contractors

    The website of Fuller Contractors is a perfect example of responsive design combined with informative content. As soon as users land on the homepage, they have access to all the relevant information needed to book an appointment with the contractor. The website is decorated with branded graphics, including a company logo that conveys a sense of professionalism.
  38. Marksmen General Contractors

    The high-resolution images on the website of Marksmen General Contractors communicate a lot about the company’s services and completed work. Alternating project photos fill most of the screen, with a helpful navigation bar above. Browsing the website activates JavaScript functions that create a layered scrolling effect.
  39. TEAMWRKX Construction

    The elegant simplicity of the TEAMWRKX Construction website makes it one of the top general contracting web designs of 2020. The subtle graphic design and high-resolution photography make this site a pleasure to view. It’s well-crafted, attractive and responsive to screen changes on any device.
  40. King Rose Construction

    King Rose Construction has a wonderful website with excellent graphic design and smartly written text. The typography blends perfectly with the photographic slideshow on the homepage to convey competence and professionalism. The graphics on this website automatically respond to changes in the size and orientation of the screen. It’s an example of high-quality design and excellent attention to detail.
  41. Maxx Builders

    Maxx Builders showcases the company’s past projects with beautiful full-screen photography while drawing attention to the services available for new clients. A phone number, chat bot and button to click for a quote are easy to find above the fold. The graphical theme automatically adjusts to changes in the screen size, so it’s responsive to user input.
  42. NC Sturgeon

    On the NC Sturgeon website, visitors are greeted by a slideshow of high-resolution project photos that immediately capture their attention. The layout has been carefully designed to communicate the most important information about the company and its services. A clear header menu provides links to the rest of the site, including several detailed videos.
  43. Superstition Contracting, Inc.

    The website of Superstition Contracting, Inc. is a worthy example of responsive design that doesn’t waste an inch of screen real estate. The graphics are bold and elegant while the site copy is concise and informative. The large digital images span the width of the browser window, automatically scaling to fit the screen.
  44. MAI Construction

    The best part of the MAI Construction website is its subtle attention to detail. As soon as the homepage loads, the dynamic page layout presents viewers with stunning digital photography and elegant typography. The graphical elements adhere to a branded scheme, including a striking color palette.
  45. Shangri-La Construction

    The UX design on the Shangri-La Construction website is excellent, making this general contractor stand out from the competition. As the user scrolls down the homepage, branded graphics remain visible on the screen. Visitors are always just one click away from any page on the website.
  46. G. Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc.

    G. Fisher Commercial Construction, Inc. has an effective website with captivating full-screen graphics. The UX design is perfectly executed to make this general contractor website attract potential clients. With its minimalist design and responsive programming, the homepage has no problem keeping viewers engaged. Every detail of this website works hard to tell the company’s story.
  47. Cactus Commercial General Contractors

    The website of Cactus Commercial General Contractors presents users with professional graphics and a smooth, dynamic layout. The JavaScript includes a scrolling function that keeps relevant information in view at all times. It’s a dynamic website with great UX design on every page.
  48. R&R Construction Company, Inc.

    The captivating images and branded graphic design on the R&R Construction Company, Inc. homepage make a great impression with alternating screen-filling blue and white sketches that morph into full-color photos. This site has excellent UX design and responds to many different screen sizes. It succeeds by focusing attention on the company’s strengths and services.
  49. The Crowther Group

    The Crowther Group‘s website is bold and memorable, with smooth-scrolling graphics and high-resolution background images. The dynamic layout gives this website a responsive design. Potential clients get a positive first impression when they land on the homepage. Every page loads quickly, and the dynamic functions run smoothly.
  50. Henegan Construction

    The website of Henegan Construction presents users with beautiful images and simple text to create a nice overall effect. The graphic design has a branded look and feel, with every piece of information on the homepage neatly tucked away where it belongs.
  51. DSI

    On the DSI website, users are greeted by impressive full-screen graphics showcasing the services offered by the contractors. The homepage packs a lot of information in a small space without looking cluttered. The dynamic layout has a responsive design that behaves well on any device. Users can easily find the information they’re looking for on any page of the website.
  52. Wespac Construction, Inc.

    When it comes to UX design, the website of Wespac Construction, Inc. is a great example of how to impress viewers without going overboard. The site is clean and minimalist with beautiful photography and smooth JavaScript programming.
  53. Olicon

    For a fine example of blending eye-catching photography with understated graphics, look no further than the Olicon website. It strikes the perfect balance between minimalism and functionality, giving users a memorable experience without any fuss.
  54. Texas Built Construction

    Factors that make the Texas Built Construction website so great are its stark simplicity and smooth functionality. The graphic design is minimal without coming off as boring. Full-screen images showcase the company’s services and past projects while a “No Shade Shield Guarantee” builds trust.
  55. DMS Contractors

    By combining top-notch photography with exceptional UX design, DMS Contractors has created one of the top general contractor websites of the year. The homepage scrolls smoothly from top to bottom, and every page of the website loads very quickly. A special portal gives clients easy access.
  56. Burger Construction

    From the homepage to the About Us page, the Burger Construction website features excellent photography and subtle attention to detail. The dynamic layout provides smooth graphics and JavaScript functions. This responsive site stresses building strong connections and holds users’ attention from start to finish.
  57. CBI Commercial Builders, Inc.

    The graphic design on the website of CBI Commercial Builders, Inc. is tasteful and minimalist. With JavaScript functions that create a smooth scrolling effect on the homepage, it builds an impressive online presence. All the relevant details about the company are available just below the fold of the homepage.
  58. Universal Construction

    The Universal Construction website benefits from excellent graphic design and a focused message. With fast page load times and a dynamic layout, this site impresses users with eye-catching graphics and photography. Prominent client reviews inspire newcomers’ confidence.
  59. Phillips/May Corporation

    The Phillips/May Corporation website features elegant graphics and effective JavaScript programming. The homepage is decorated with high-resolution photographs and the company logo. On every page, the main menu links to relevant information about this rapidly growing, minority-owned business.
  60. DC Building Group

    The DC Building Group website is one of the best examples of seamless UX design for 2020. Users can access all the company’s details from the top of the homepage without scrolling. The screen space is perfectly organized to eliminate clutter and present information as efficiently as possible.
  61. Stratum Builders

    The website for Stratum Builders also excels in UX design, so visitors can find anything they’re looking for without hunting. A slideshow of stunning full-screen photos of the company’s commercial and residential work makes more information and photos available for any project by clicking on its picture.
  62. Pegasus Construction

    The homepage for Pegasus Construction offers a top example of compelling design and effective use of photography. It showcases the company’s services and history using bold type and eye-catching graphics. Useful information about the contractor is conveyed with a simple design that is pleasing to the eye.
  63. KLJ Consulting

    KLJ Consulting combines effective UX design with top-notch branded graphics on a homepage that creates a great overall first impression. It’s one of the best commercial general contractor websites because it uses images to great effect. The site has a minimalist theme with simple text on every page.
  64. Stovall Construction, Inc.

    The website of Stovall Construction, Inc. is simple and straightforward. On the homepage, several large photographs show off the company’s professionalism and dedication. One slide in the show that leads the page highlights the company’s 50 years in business. All the pages load quickly, and the JavaScript functions run smoothly.
  65. DLD Consulting & Construction

    On the DLD Consulting & Construction website, full-screen graphics tell the story of a company with a history of finishing big projects. The homepage contains a beautiful gallery of projects plus nice, smooth JavaScript functions and HTML animations that contribute to the look and feel of the website.
  66. IIC Commercial Concrete Services

    The IIC Commercial Concrete Services website is notable for its simplicity and attention to detail. Every page of the website is perfectly designed with branded graphics and high-resolution digital photography. Separate galleries showcase concrete projects and metal buildings.
  67. Axis Builders, LLC

    On the website of Axis Builders, LLC, the homepage features striking photography along with compelling text about relationship-driven construction. Scrolling through each of the site’s pages is a pleasurable experience. The website features smooth, seamless JavaScript and HTML programming.
  68. Kenwood Construction, LLC

    The website of Kenwood Construction, LLC captivates viewers with large images and eye-catching design. When users land on the homepage, they immediately see relevant details about the company’s history, services and service area. The website uses responsive design to ensure a consistent experience across devices.
  69. Southlake General Contractors

    The Southlake General Contractors website provides a great user experience from start to finish. With excellent UX and graphic design, this website loads quickly and keeps visitors interested in the company. It has a nice layout with perfectly organized screen real estate.
  70. RJN Construction

    The UX design of the RJN Construction homepage makes this general contractor website stand out. With smooth-scrolling JavaScript functions and minimalist graphic design, this website conveys professionalism on every page as it presents itself as a full-service, start-to-finish construction company.
  71. TW Chicago

    The TW Chicago homepage greets visitors with beautiful graphics and intelligent UX design. Large, high-resolution images and an embedded video create a lasting impression. This site succeeds by captivating viewers with smart JavaScript functions, compelling copy and a theme of simplifying construction.
  72. Bespoke Builders

    With stark photography and elegant design, the Bespoke Builders website makes a bold first impression with a blue and orange color scheme that flows from its logo. Every inch of screen space communicates competence and professionalism. As the user scrolls down the homepage, the dominant image fills the background regardless of the screen size.
  73. Bittenbender Construction

    The Bittenbender Construction website uses compelling photography and text to communicate information about the company’s services and work history. It’s one of the best general contractor sites because it combines great UX design with a nice graphical theme to hold users’ attention.
  74. Princeton Construction

    The Princeton Construction website showcases the expertise of a seasoned commercial general contractor. It’s a well-crafted website with outstanding digital photography. The dynamic layout of the homepage follows the movements of the user from top to bottom.
  75. Urbane Builders

    With high-quality graphic design and professional full-screen images, the Urbane Builders website does a great job of converting visitors into paying customers. The site’s branded graphics create a distinctive overall look and feel. A speeded-up construction video provides a nice surprise below the fold.
  76. Construction Concepts

    The Construction Concepts website is carefully crafted to tell a compelling story about the company when the homepage loads for the first time. Prominent buttons link to project videos and a digital brochure. With beautiful graphics and attention to detail, this website provides an excellent user experience.
  77. American Commercial Contractors

    American Commercial Contractors has a splendid website with wonderful graphic design and great digital photography that tells their story as land developers, designers and builders. The full-screen images and video are impressive, and the UX design of this website is superb.
  78. Turnkey Construction

    The website of Turnkey Construction features high-end graphic design and a branded theme. The scrolling JavaScript functions make this website look and feel very professional and polished. An impressive portfolio is one click away from the homepage.
  79. Austin Industries

    With full-screen photography and a background video, the website of Austin Industries makes a fine first impression. The homepage loads quickly and presents users with relevant information about the company’s service area, work history and available services. It’s a versatile website that works well on any device or screen size.
  80. Mass Contracting

    The website of Mass Contracting features stunning architectural photography and excellent graphic design. Every page of the website loads quickly, and users can easily access any page from the main menu. A colorful slideshow tells which sectors they serve.
  81. Summit Design + Build

    One of this year’s best examples of effective web design for commercial general contracting is the site for Summit Design + Build. With its high-resolution images and dynamic graphical layout, this website perfectly uses every square inch of screen space without becoming cluttered.
  82. Holdsworth Klimowski Construction

    On the website of Holdsworth Klimowski Construction, the UX design keeps visitors engaged while they scroll through tons of useful information. The large background images fill the entire screen while remaining responsive to all screen sizes and devices.
  83. Andrew’s Construction

    The website of Andrew’s Construction is well-crafted and focused on a message of professionalism, defined as availability, credibility, loyalty and experience. It features branded graphic design, high-resolution photography and compelling copy about the company’s history and accomplishments.
  84. Marathon Commercial Construction, LLC

    With intelligent UX design and big architectural images, the website of Marathon Commercial Construction, LLC qualifies as one of the year’s best for this field. The smooth-scrolling homepage features a branded color scheme that gives the whole website a uniform look and feel.
  85. CCC Holdings, Inc.

    On the website of CCC Holdings, Inc., visitors are greeted by a huge backdrop of high-resolution architectural photographs. The background images showcase the company’s many completed projects. On the homepage, photographs and text tell exciting stories about the company’s history and services.
  86. Harvey-Cleary

    The Harvey-Cleary website is an interesting example of how to hold users’ attention without cluttering the homepage. The UX design does a great job of guiding users to the contact page so they can set up an appointment with the contractor. It’s an understated design with responsive graphical elements on every page.
  87. Tellepsen

    With bold graphic design and digital photography, the Tellepsen homepage draws visitors into one of the leading commercial general contractor sites of the year. It’s a fast-loading website with perfectly organized screen space. The pages look good no matter what type of device you view them on.
  88. Burns & McDonnell

    Burns & McDonnell presents an eye-catching but unusual homepage with more text than graphics above the fold. Buttons encourage you to move on to a blog and articles. The site uses its branded color scheme and graphics skillfully, with a scrolling slideshow that gives viewers a tour of past projects and available services.
  89. Arch-Con Corporation

    On the homepage for Arch-Con Corporation, an engaging video above the fold depicts buildings in various stages of construction while text that overlays it invites the viewer to learn how these contractors make construction easy. The main menu appears above, giving this site a professional look and feel.
  90. Willmeng

    The Willmeng website draws the eyes of readers with its attractive blue and white color scheme. A “Learn More” button is prominently featured on the main page, and scrolling down this page makes it clear the types of projects the company is involved in.
  91. White Construction

    The White Construction website also displays a “Learn More” button on the homepage, and the menu bar at the top is easy to read. A slideshow clearly showcases the quality of the company’s work, enabling trust in the visitor.
  92. Linn-Mathes Inc.

    The green and white homepage for Linn-Mathes Inc. features a client portal on the top right, a convenient project locator feature and a map of the Chicago area that gives you an idea of the wide area the company services. The slideshow at the top of the main page allows you to click and find out what the business does and where to find them.
  93. Burton Construction

    Burton Construction created one of this year’s best general contractor websites with elegant photography and a responsive user interface. It’s a well-crafted website that works beautifully on any device. The company’s story is clearly conveyed in every image and block of text on the site.
  94. Hoar Construction

    The Hoar Construction website combines minimalist graphic design with appealing HTML and JavaScript programming. It features a dynamic layout that loads quickly on every page. The embedded slideshows and video present users with enough information to help them make a decision about hiring these builders for a project.
  95. E.E. Reed Construction, L.P.

    The homepage of E.E. Reed Construction, L.P. offers excellent UX design that engages the viewer from start to finish. The main menu contains links to every page, so users never lose sight of relevant information. The site does a great job of drawing and holding visitors’ attention with high-resolution photos and elegant graphics depicting two specialties: construction and interiors.
  96. SpawGlass

    The homepage of the SpawGlass website greets visitors with impressive full-screen graphics and branding. The company’s logo is overlaid above the page’s dominant image and to the left of the main menu, which contains links to every part of the site. Page load times are fast, and each page features responsive graphic design.
  97. Level Construction

    With its pleasing layout and minimalist graphic design, the website of Level Construction shines as one of the best sites of 2020. The full-screen images that lead the homepage automatically scale with changes to the screen size, so this fully responsive website looks great on any device.
  98. O’Donnell Snider Construction

    The website of O’Donnell Snider Construction has a polished look and feel that conveys professionalism. It’s a well-designed presentation with a uniform, branded theme and color scheme. The simple, elegant homepage features smart text and graphics that make the company’s mission and services clear.
  99. JE Dunn Construction

    With fast page-loading times and dynamic JavaScript functionality, the website of JE Dunn Construction is outstanding. It combines beautiful images with excellent graphic design to create an effect that is appealing and impressive. The homepage gives visitors lots of information without requiring much scrolling.
  100. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

    The website of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. employs state-of-the-art UX design and top-notch digital photography. High-resolution images and professional graphics on every page give this website a distinctive look and feel. They harmonize with text that inspires confidence.

With beautiful graphics and a winning message, your website can accurately reflect the professionalism of your general contracting business.

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