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Top 10 Best Church Websites (October 2019)

Keeping your audience engaged and informed online is as important for a church as it is for any business. By delivering a positive website experience, churches are able to cultivate a thriving community while also attracting new members. We recently took a look around online to find the best church websites.

Below is a list of the ten best church websites in October 2019, those that deliver beautiful aesthetics as well as the utilitarian features users want, like organized menus, great action buttons, and easy-to-find information. Take a look at what we’ve found!

Top 10 Best Church Websites in October 2019

  1. Archdiocese of Santa Fe

    One of the best parts about this website is its use of professional and engaging images, highlighting the interior and exterior design of the church, as well as members of the church and surrounding landscape. Well organized, the ability to change the language of the site (selecting from options like Spanish, Italian and Vietnamese) is another engaging feature that helps make the website more inclusive and inviting. The bold and easy-to-find “Giving” button also ensures that the website helps the church raise money.

  2. Temple Emanu-El

    Complete with attractive images that are regularly updated and that scroll automatically on the homepage, the website for Temple Emanu-El in Dallas is instantly engaging, helping visitors to stay on the page while also staying informed. The bold menu features unique titles, including ones that pique interest like “Repair the World”. The menu also features a link for “TE Live”, which offers church members a chance to stay in touch and virtually “attend” Shabbat services. Multi-media videos throughout the site provide visitors with information they need, especially if they are considering membership.

  3. Mountain View Community Church

    Featuring plenty of signals that let visitors know they are deeply connected with the local Fort Collins area, the website for Mountain View Community Church uses things like images of street signs, the CSU college campus, and the city’s photogenic downtown to invite new members into its community. Its condensed homepage ensures no visitor gets lost in the scroll, giving six main areas to explore (Christ, Connect, Service, Events, Vision, Serve), in addition to its humble main menu, which almost dissolves into the background so that the rest of the features really stand out.

  4. San Dieguito United Methodist Church

    Immediately you are greeted with the headline “You Are Welcome Here” on the homepage for Encinitas’s San Dieguito United Methodist Church. Drawing your attention to its Sunday services times, the website also offers a friendly “New Here?” button, putting all of the information new members or visitors might need in one convenient place. Although simple, the website is wonderfully effective, thanks to small details like content boxes filled with Bible verses and candid shots of church members, young and old, enjoying being together.

  5. Glide Memorial United Methodist Church

    Known for being “radically inclusive”, everything about the GLIDE website is a lesson in effective website design for churches. Its comprehensive homepage gives visitors all of the information they need, whether they’re wanting to attend a church service, volunteer, or donate to help those in need. Based in San Francisco, the website for GLIDE is incredibly effective because of its inclusivity. For example, instead of just featuring a “Donate” button like so many churches, it also highlights a “Get Help” button, ensuring that everyone who lands on the page feels like they belong.

  6. St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church

    Demonstrating the possibility of featuring two languages prominently and side by side on the same website, the website for the Raleigh-based catholic church, St. Raphael the Archangel, uses a traditional website layout with all of the modern features today’s online visitors want. From large images to an organized menu, as well as a search tool and social media links, the overall aesthetic on the website is calming and simultaneously engaging. In addition to quick links, like mass times or how to get in touch at the top o f the page, the church also features sections like “I’m New” section and regularly updated “Latest News”.

  7. First Presbyterian Church

    Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the website for the First Presbyterian Church is one of the best we’ve found this month. Not only does it use a beautiful logo and strong headlines to add personality, but the website also features a virtual tour, giving new visitors an opportunity to explore (and get familiar with the church) before ever attending a service. Organized into content boxes, the homepage uses a cheerful color scheme, including a warm yellow to highlight the church’s social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  8. City Church Chicago

    A blue filter allows the video clips on the homepage to serve as an engaging backdrop for the menu and the copy, which powerfully reads, “Welcome Home, We Love You Already”. Developing community online is exactly what the website for City Church Chicago does so well, offering plenty of options for people to come together, whether in-person at local events or online at the church’s virtual campus. With several different calls-to-action featured on the homepage alone, there’s plenty to do and explore online, which is one of the best ways to encourage members, new and old, to keep showing up.

  9. Second Presbyterian Church

    A traditional and somewhat formal website, the online home for the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis manages to be so effective and inviting because of its smart organization and, mainly, its scrolling images at the top of the homepage. Although the entire website is easy to use and informative, the real reason this website works so well is because of the bright, well-designed cover images that are changed regularly and automatically rotate as soon as you land on the page.

  10. The Vine Church

    Rather than trying to put everything on the homepage, the website for The Vine Church in Madison, Wisconsin keeps its first impression as simple and beautiful as possible. A warm filter over a local cityscape allows the church’s main copy to stand out, giving visitors an opportunity to quickly understand what makes The Vine Church different. Quick links to social media and other pertinent pages get visitors to where they want to be without any distractions. And, for those wanting to explore a little more, a condensed menu in the upper left hand corner is ready to use, staying out of the way until its needed.

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