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The 7 Best Custom Real Estate Website Designs

While everyone says selling homes all comes down to making great personal connections, it’s impossible to overlook the power of a great custom real estate website design if you’re wanting to make a great impression.

Today, websites do a lot of what people used to do in-person, including conveying personality, explaining services and making it clear how to get in touch.

Of course, the best real estate website designs go even a step further by giving visitors a unique experience – one that includes as much value and information as it does intrigue and engagement.

In order to stay current in today’s competitive online world, realtors and real estate agents need to make sure that their website is up-to-date, offering visitors everything they expect and then, hopefully, exceeding those expectations.

From online chat features, to automated emails triggered by newsletter sign-ups, there are plenty of things a well-designed website can do to save a realtor time, allowing them to focus on other things, like showing houses and preparing listings.

Like any niche, there are several different ways to design a great custom real estate website. But, there are also plenty of design elements in common, giving you a great place to start when considering creating or updating your own website.

Below is a list of 7 of the best custom real estate website designs today and why they work so well – and look so good.

The 7 Best Custom Real Estate Website Designs

  1. sfeizigroup.com – If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this real estate website starts out with several thousand. Above the fold, you’ll find high-resolution images of some of the real estate group’s most stunning properties and locales, immediately drawing in your attention. An easy-to-navigate menu accompanies the images, allowing visitors who know where they want to go instant access. As you scroll, you’ll find a helpful search feature, allowing interested buyers to quickly sort potential properties. And, immediately following, you’ll find the four services the group is eager to offer, including finding your dream home, calculating your home’s current worth and helping you relocate. Further down the home page, you’ll find an image of the group’s founder, which helps to build repertoire and personal connection with online visitors.
  2. www.sallyforsterjones.com – Designed to sell luxury real estate, this custom website feels and looks luxurious from the very moment you arrive. Rotating images (which load incredibly quickly) showcase properties, without detracting from the main call to action. Unique yet readable fonts convey a sense of elevated style – something potential buyers of luxury homes would appreciate. Rather than hiding the realtor’s story on a separate About page, the website features her story and picture on the home page, ensuring that visitors make that all-important connection. Another important feature this custom real estate website has is scrolling testimonials, which are hard to miss because of their bold black and white design. Accompanied again by the realtor’s image, these testimonials ensure that visitors feel comfortable contacting her, whether to inquire about purchasing or selling a home.
  3. www.steinnewyork.com – Because real estate is so visual, it makes sense that well-designed real estate websites find ways to incorporate images on their home page. By choosing to rotate images, rather than keep one static shot, websites like Stein New York can better engage clients. Of course, this type of feature needs to be done the right way in design to make sure the website doesn’t suffer from slow load times. A simple design, this website uses dividers to separate sections, showcasing both significant sales, as well as current properties listed. On the menu, you’ll find a section dedicated entirely to video, demonstrating this real estate group’s knowledge of the power of interactive media, both for SEO and conversion.
  4. ogroup.com – This famous real estate site takes visitors on a journey, offering a variety of options without ever feeling overwhelming or cluttered. This experience is made possible because of smart copy on the website, which clearly states where you’re going and what you can expect. The sleek menu located at the very top of the page immediately allows visitors to categorize themselves as either sellers or buyers, determining which experience they have next. And if instead you decide to scroll, you’ll realize there’s plenty to discover just on the home page, including featured listings, the group’s critically acclaimed Netflix show and bios about the all-star team, complete with professional photos. Another great feature? An interactive by-the-numbers section, which explains with statistics exactly why visitors should trust the group with their luxury real estate. (For example, $643 million in sales since 2017).
  5. www.tracytutor.com – Unlike most real estate websites, Tracy Tutor’s puts herself and her team front and center. Instead of showcasing images of properties, the website design displays an image of Tracy and her team, a potentially bold move that pays off. Knowing how important people are to real estate, this website chooses to use its home page as an opportunity to introduce members of the team, making website visitors feel as if they just walked into an office and were personally greeted by the entire staff. Using a magazine-style design, the website feels inviting and comfortable – the exact opposite of so many real estate websites, which can come off as pushy or overly sales-oriented. Offering opportunities to scroll through testimonials, as well media features, the real estate website gives visitors a real taste of what it would be like to work with the team, putting them at ease so that they’re in a position to reach out.
  6. www.lajollahomes.com – A well-designed website with a catchy headline (“Make Your Dreams a Reality”), Greg Noonan’s website gives visitors everything they need right on the home page. From a listing search bar to a categorized-by-neighborhood filter, this website gets visitors where they want to be as quickly as possible, which is key when working to attract customers online. And, because people love to skim, the featured ‘About’ section on the home page is intelligently formatted into bullets, allowing visitors to find the credentials they’re looking for in a real estate agent. Additional information on the blog, and in report form, offer visitors valuable information, triggering the advantage of reciprocity, which means they’ll be more likely to sign up for newsletters or schedule a call.
  7. www.avidangoor.com – Focusing on the emotion behind real estate decisions, Avi Dan-Goor’s website is designed to make visitors take action. A prominent search feature above the fold compels you to start searching listings, while a personal story about why Avi got into real estate, along with his picture, help you feel like you’re getting to know him, connecting on a personal and emotional level. Understanding the power of content marketing, this real estate website displays an up-to-date blog on the home page, providing visitors (and search engines) with valuable information and insight about real estate and the local area. Additionally, the phone number listed at the top of the website, as well as social media links, provide visitors with a sense of credibility, something that can’t be overlooked in the world of real estate.

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