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The 6 Best IT/Tech Websites (September 2019)

When you’re in the tech and IT world, it’s not just important that you have a good website — it’s essential. Your website is most people’s first impression of your business and, if you want them to know that you’re tech savvy, it had better be apparent from that very first online experience. Of course, IT expertise doesn’t necessarily rely on design knowledge or even website knowledge. But, in the eyes of your customer, everything “online” and “tech-related” all meld together under one giant umbrella.

So, if you want to gain their trust and their business, your IT/Tech website needs to put your best foot forward.

From great navigational layout to clean, crisp design, the best IT/Tech websites do a great job of streamlining your experience, making it easy to find what you’re looking for while simultaneously getting to know who you’re going to be working with. In order to stand out from the competition, the best IT/Tech website needs to showcase personality and industry knowledge while focusing on what makes your services different — rather than simply which superlative you’re hitching your business to (better, faster, cheaper, etc.)

Interested in seeing what that looks like?

Here are the 6 best IT/Tech websites we’ve found in September of 2019

(And, yes, of course we’re on this list!)

  1. northernstar.nyc

    An IT company based in New York City, one of the reasons NorthernStar’s website is great is that it understands the power of branding and creating a consistent theme across their site. Using the “Northern Star” as a design guide, you’ll find the imagery popping up in their logo and in many of the main images on their site. Neatly organized with bold contact information, visitors know exactly what to do when they land on the homepage. Because their menu uses phrases like “Your Role” and “Your Company” to categorize their content, visitors immediately feel welcomed and that they’ve definitely come to the right place.

  2. nvidia.com

    Known for its innovation within the gaming world, NVIDIA, which is based out of San Francisco, has a website that manages to offer loads of content and a variety of user experiences without ever feeling overwhelming or cluttered. Condensing its menu by using drop down navigation for some of its larger services (Platforms, Developers, Industries) allows everything to fit neatly across the top of their website pages, never seeming too small or too compact. Another thing that makes the website stand out is its images, which, for some tech websites, can be difficult to know exactly what should be featured. By focusing on products and the experience users have with their products, the NVIDIA website demonstrates that they care about people as much as they do the tech they create.

  3. detroitlabs.com

    One of the things we love about the Detroit Labs website is that it’s proof that great website design doesn’t have to be complicated. Bold and exclusively black and white, everything above the fold on the homepage of the Detroit Labs website is clear and fundamental. By choosing not to use any images in this section of their website (which is unusual!), the company sets themselves apart, forcing visitors to engage with their copy, including their straightforward headline: “We offer a people-first approach to building products, services, and software teams.” Communicating what’s essential without feeling like they need to simply fill space, the website gives off a confidence that makes you want to work with the team.

  4. leadpages.net

    Beautifully designed from top to bottom, the Leadpages website is a stellar example of how tech websites can be incredibly user friendly. Understanding the importance of crafting a clear customer journey, the Leadpages website begins with two main options for visitors: 1. Start a Free Trial. 2. Watch it Work. Highly actionable and with compelling copy (“Turn Clicks into Customers”), everything about the Leadpages site makes you want to learn more because it feels like you are discovering the information, rather than simply being sold. Other features to note on the Leadpages site includes the spaciousness created by the empty white space and the non-annoying animation on the images — they simply slide in as you scroll down the page. Knowing there is a lot to share about their product, Leadpages chooses to use a long-form, scrolling-friendly homepage, which puts all of the essential content about what Leadpages are, how they work, and why you need them at your fingertips. And, when you’re ready to get started, it’s never difficult to find a “Start Free Trial” button, regardless of where you are on the website.

  5. gospotcheck.com

    The GoSpotCheck website understands that online visitors are guaranteed to do one thing: Scroll. As such, their website design highlights all of the most important content, using large bold font for its tagline (“We’re reimagining how the mobile workforce works”), bright blue call-to-action buttons (“Choose Your Industry”), and highlighted words in blocks of text (“dynamic surveys”, “advanced analytics”, “automated issue resolution”). GoSpotCheck’s website also understands that online visitors are in a hurry to get what they need, which is why they’ve added a live chat plugin with the friendly conversation starter of “Good to see you! What brings you here today?” One of the most compelling parts of their website, however, is their “Let’s Win” section, which features bright and bold icons and percentages that explain exactly why working with them is such a good business decision.

  6. freshysites.com

    When it came time to design the FreshySites websites, there were a few things we knew we needed to have. First of all, having a consistent brand experience across the site was super important. Not only does this help make going from one page to the next a better experience, but it also builds trust with clients. Across all of our online platforms (website, social media, etc.), we use the same brand colors, logos, and language so that people know exactly who they are working with — no surprises. We also integrated our menu into the very top of our website, which allows it to stand out without taking up space and detracting from the rest of the homepage content. Clean and crisp, our site performs well with visitors because of a few extra features too: An easy-to-find “Get A Quote” tab, a Google Rating box that showcases our 5-star rating (and floats in the lower left corner as you scroll), and a complete library of videos that give visitors an opportunity to interact with our team while learning about what makes working with FreshySites different than other website design companies.

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