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The 6 Best Fitness Websites Online (September 2019)

In just twelve months, the fitness industry has grown by almost $10 billion, making it close to a $100 billion a year industry. So, to say there’s money to be made in the world of fitness is, obviously, an understatement. Of course, for small businesses and professionals in the wellness and fitness space, so much revenue also means so much competition, which is why having an awesome website matters. When searching online, whether for their next fitness class or monthly subscription, people want to feel like they can trust a business to deliver the results they’re looking for.

Just how do you develop that trust online? It all starts with the way you present your business through your website.

If your website conveys professionalism and personality, is easy to navigate, and thoughtfully designed, then there’s a good chance that your visitors will become customers, which means part of that $100 billion pie is now yours.

Want to see what great design looks like for fitness websites? Here are our current favorites for our lineup of the best fitness websites online…

The 6 Best Fitness Websites Online in September 2019

  1. taryntoomey.com

    Minimal to the point of being refreshing, Taryn Toomey’s website for her beloved The Class starts with a strategic homepage composed of three stunningly simple elements: her logo, a professional full-page photo, and two calls to action. Forcing a visitor to click, rather than scroll, means that they instantly engage with the content, saying “yes” before getting to see anything else. Known for its celebrity clientele and mystique, the website delivers an experience, without divulging too much. When you click on “Learn More”, you’re taken to the main hub of The Class’s online presence, which gives you an opportunity to “Join the Movement” via email newsletter, get a sneak peek at what the method looks like, and see the full menu. Throughout the website, the design stays true to brand, offering a subdued color palette and concise, clear verbiage.

  2. blogilates.com

    The perennially popular Blogilates website is a great example of smart, revenue-generating design. Neatly organized into content sections, the website gives visitors plenty to explore, encouraged by the bright colors and attention-grabbing blog post titles. By mixing products with the content, as well as the fitness videos visitors want, the Blogilates website feels like a personal experience, like a conversation you would have with a friend about what you made for dinner last night, where you got those leggings, and how to perfect a ten-minute workout. The addition of the number of followers under each of the social media icons makes sure that, if you don’t know what Blogilates is yet, there are millions of reasons to learn right now. (Remember, never underestimate the power of social proof and numbers.)

  3. glo.com

    Glo recently underwent a huge branding shift and, with those changes, came a whole new website experience. One of the largest and most popular websites for online yoga and fitness content, the Glo website is a fantastic example of thoughtful, effective design. Using captivating and compelling storytelling on its homepage, new visitors to the site quickly learn what makes Glo different — and exactly why they should subscribe. Beautiful images, professionally written content, and unique clickable buttons make the entire landing page experience feel relaxing and fun. Once inside the site, all of the video content is organized by a variety of categories so that you can quickly sort through the thousands of classes to find just what you are looking for.

  4. kaylaitsines.com

    The moment you land on Kayla Itsines’ website, you know what you’re getting into. Characterized with bright pink punches and the bold copy “Sweat Nation”, there’s a definite vibe happening on the homepage, which is exactly what sets Kayla apart from other trainers. Knowing her audience, the website corners a particular segment of the niche, gearing everything – from the images to the copy — to women wanting to get in the best shape of their lives. A robust website with plenty of content, the entire experience feels organized and cohesive thanks to the consistent color scheme and intuitive menus.

  5. rivernorthcrossfit.com

    This Chicago-based CrossFit gym has done a great job with its website design. Immediately, visitors see the gym’s large logo design, which uses the Chicago skyline to help create local appeal. By putting a filter over the photograph used above the fold, the rest of the content stands out, including the “Get Started” buttons for new members. Focusing on taking action now, the main menu actually shows up beneath the large photograph, which works for this industry. A smart move for a fitness website, River North CrossFit puts its clients’ success stories right in the menu so that they don’t get overlooked. Another feature on the website we like is the rotating testimonial section, which adds movement to the website since there aren’t any videos used on the main homepage.

  6. traininglofts.com

    The Los Angeles Training Lofts are known for their ability to deliver great results, and their professional website conveys that. Using a black background, rather than white, instantly changes the mood of the website, matching their intense training vibe. Divided into three easy-to-follow sections, the method behind the fitness programs offered feels simple, which helps people feel confident that they will be able to get results. Small details, like icons and animated content reveals, make a visitor’s journey feel like it’s personal, unfolding just for them. Professional images of their trainers and the training space give visitors the information they want, helping to build trust, while features like integrated maps and contact forms make the website functional, too.

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