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The 19 Best Dental Websites Online Today

With more than 200,000 dentists practicing in the United States right now, it’s more important than ever to find a way to differentiate yourself and your practice.

While, thankfully, almost everyone today recognizes the importance of dental health, almost everyone thinks that all dentists and dental practices are the same, which is why so many people choose their dentist based on location and convenience.

The other factor people consider when looking for a new dentist? The website.

Not only do websites convey professionalism, but they also showcase people, which in the case of dentistry is a big deal.

From dentists and dental hygienists, to happy clients and testimonials, a website’s ability to put people and their stories in the spotlight can determine whether or not a visitor decides to schedule an appointment.

Of course, a great dental website also needs to function properly, organizing all of the necessary information, like phone numbers, services and addresses so it’s easy for customers to find.

And, in the fast-paced world we live in, a website’s ability to load instantly is more critical than ever.

Below we’ve listed the 19 best dental websites we’ve found online, explaining why we love them and what makes them effective and appealing.

The 19 Best Dental Websites Online Today

  1. www.dukecitypediatricdentistry.com :
    A simple homepage design does the trick on this pediatric dentist website. Greeted by a quick-to-load gallery of smiling kids to engage visitors, all of the most critical information you need is located above the fold, including a clickable phone number and contact link. Rather than making visitors click to an ‘About Us’ page to learn more about the practice and the dentist behind it, this intelligent design puts a friendly welcome, as well as a picture and bio, in the spotlight.

  2. www.pearldentistrydenver.com :
    Using a long-form homepage, the design of this website is geared toward engagement. Rather than using photos, Pearl Dentistry uses scrolling videos, giving you an immersive experience in the practice. Not only does the website help you get to know the dentists, but it provides social proof too. Rather than focusing the copy on why they’re better, the website focuses on why they’re different – making a clear distinction between their practice and others in the area.

  3. michaelweissdds.com :
    So many dental websites make the mistake of using stock images, thinking that no one can tell the difference. The designers behind Michael Weiss’s website, however, knew better. Not only does this Philadelphia-based dental website look great, but it gains the trust of visitors instantly because it uses real photos of patients. And, as an added convenience, the website provides two easy to find phone numbers – one for new patients and one for existing patients.

  4. www.growingsmiles.com :
    This well-designed website for the Baltimore pediatric dental practice, Growing Smiles, might look like a lot of attractive sites, but it has a few features that make it different – and that you should take note of. First, it has a search bar at the top of the homepage, allowing visitors to quickly find what they need. The search bar also plays another role for websites in that it helps them rank better with search engines. The homepage also integrates a live feed of reviews on Facebook, which provides social proof without distracting from the main message. The menu, which contains a lot of content, is neatly organized so that users can navigate it without wasting time.

  5. www.milldistrictdental.com :
    Local service websites should look different from other types of websites. Because they have a physical location and because visitors are more likely to want to take action quickly, putting contact information in a bold, easy-to-find place might just be the most important design element. Mill District Dental’s website is a great example of what this type of design should look like. A larger than normal header contains everything a visitor needs: Phone number, address, appointment link and social media platforms.

  6. www.forestfamily.com :
    The way a dental office looks makes a big difference for a lot of people, especially when they’re not looking forward to the trip. If an office looks attractive, it helps to put people at ease, making them feel less anxious about their appointment. Knowing this, the design for Forest Family Dentistry’s website showcases the aesthetics of the office, letting new customers know what to expect and helping them feel, as they put it, like part of the “family.”

  7. www.harrisdental.com :
    An incredibly responsive website, Phoenix’s Harris Dental uses multimedia and an attractive layout to instantly engage you from the moment you click. One of the coolest features on the website is the “Click To Text Our Front Desk Team” button, which is prominently positioned between the logo and the contact phone number. Another cool innovation to standard dental websites? The customer journey begins with a “smile selfie,” which you upload in order to receive a free personalized consultation video from a dentist.

  8. sacramentodentistry.com :
    Putting a photo of the dentists who work at the Sacramento Dentistry Group as the main image on the homepage, rather than a generic photo of a man or woman smiling (like so many dental websites do), helps to create a more intimate connection, which is important when choosing a new dentist. Neatly organized so that it’s easy to navigate, this dental website also features a virtual tour (a helpful strategy for improving rankings with local searches) and a regularly updated blog that provides information helpful to potential clients, like understanding what an overbite is or how to deal with Sjogren’s Syndrome.

  9. www.manhattandentalstudio.com :
    Loaded with information, the Manhattan Dental Studio’s website prevents overwhelming its visitors by keeping the homepage as simple (and monotone) as possible. The comprehensive menu puts everything a visitor might want to find within easy reach. And, most importantly, they provide a critical piece of information upfront: “We are accepting new patients!”

  10. www.dentalcareseattle.com :
    Not only does this Seattle dental practice have a well-designed website, but they have exceptional copy to match it. Bold and evocative, each section of the site is created with words and phrases that either capture your attention or tell you what to do. The images, which serve as the background for the text, add personality and showcase the office and portraits of the dentists. Enjoyable to browse from top to bottom, this website is definitely one to keep in mind when designing your own website.

  11. villadentaltexas.com :
    The best part about this dental website is that it makes getting to the appointment form fast and easy. After scrolling through a brief display of the office’s appearance and the different services offered, Villa Dental provides an appointment form, letting visitors know exactly what they should do next. Another great feature? Villa Dental chooses to showcase all of the insurance providers they work with in a scrolling bar on the homepage, helping visitors avoid having to make an unnecessary phone call – or waste their time making an appointment they’ll never actually use.

  12. portlandcitydental.net :
    A great natural color scheme, Portland City Dental’s website does just about everything right when it comes to design. Not only is it incredibly enjoyable to navigate, but it sneaks in differentiating features, like adding an “Accessibility” tab on the right side of the homepage, letting visitors know that the dental office is accessible for everyone. Glowing reviews and a unique “What Can We Help You With Today?” section allow this website to convert visitors to customers regularly.

  13. www.encinitassmilesdentistry.com :
    Well-designed with several smart social cues (like including the logos of Crest and Oral-B), one of the best things this California dental office does on its website is include a price, something that very few dental websites list upfront. Letting customers know exactly what they’ll pay for a specific service helps gain trust – and convert leads into customers.

  14. bostondental.com : Knowing that so many people dread going to the dentist, Boston Dental did something smart with their website design: They focused on putting people at ease. Clean and simple, Boston Dental’s website takes advantage of the calming effect of white space, leaving plenty of room on both sides of the content. Calming colors only add to the overall effect of ease.

  15. www.sacoriverdentistry.com :
    Wonderfully unique, this dental website takes visitors off guard in the best of ways by providing them with an experience that is unexpected in the dentistry world. Using dark, yet natural colors (including a wood background), Saco River Dentistry literally goes against the grain, proving that an effective website design doesn’t have to be boring.

  16. www.downtown-dental.com :
    Bucking the trend of highlighting smiles on the homepage, Downtown Dental’s website focuses, instead, on location, knowing how important convenience is for its clients. Professional photographs of both of the office locations let locals who are familiar with the area know exactly where the local business is located, creating a personal connection that garners trust.

  17. annarborsmiles.com :
    The layout of the website for Ann Arbor Smiles is one of the main reasons we like it so much. Intelligent and intuitive, the web design demonstrates a knowledge of the customer journey by recognizing that the majority of people who land on the site are going to be first time visitors. Knowing this, the clean and relatively standard menu adds a larger, bolder element – a special button designed just for new patients wanting to get started.

  18. bendfamilydentistry.com :
    Bend Family Dentistry’s website wants you to know one thing when you land on their homepage – their customers love them. That’s why visitors will find a bold claim as soon as the homepage loads – “#1 Rated Dentists on Google.” While it might seem strange, this tactic works, especially since the rest of the dental website is laid out so well.

  19. collegeavemoderndental.com :
    This website for College Avenue Modern Dental in Fort Collins, Colorado does a lot of things right, including integrating an easy-to-use live chat feature. Additionally, the extra bold appointment button also includes the cost, helping to put visitors at ease when they land on the homepage. The blue and white color scheme, although classic for dentists, shows that sometimes tried-and-true winners are the best options.

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