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Remove “Related Videos” From YouTube Videos Without Having To Embed Instead

You can remove those pesky automatic related videos from all YouTube videos by using the code here and entering it into:

Options > Integration > Head Code

<script type="text/javascript">
(function($) {
  $(window).load(function() {
    $('.fluid-width-video-wrapper').each(function() {
    var src = $(this).find('iframe').attr('src');
    $(this).find('iframe').attr('src', src + '&rel=0&modestbranding=1&autoplay=0&showinfo=0&controls=2&iv_load_policy=3');

// Remove the // comment tags preceeding <script> and </script> after pasting code in the proper Divi settings area.

// YouTube Parameters
// "rel=0" Removes related videos at end
// "modestbranding=1" Remove YT logo from control bar
// "autoplay=0" Disable autoplay, =1 to Enable
// "showinfo=0" Strips video title
// "controls=2" Show player controls
// "iv_load_policy=3" Removes video annotations
// "color=red" Not listed in above code. Changes the progress bar color. ONLY 'red' or 'white' values are currently available.

// Personalized watermark will only show when 'modestbranding' is not enabled and 'iv_load_policy' values is removed.

Find the full code link: codepen.io/vextris/pen/remxyQ
Look through more information about this code: divi.tutsdirectory.com/listing/how-to-remove-youtube-related-videos-in-divi

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