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How Do I Integrate Social Media With My Website?

Social media has become an absolutely integral part of any business and marketing effort these days. While the two may be separate platforms, you have to strive to ensure that your social media is easily integrated into your website. If you fail to do so, you could end up with two separate marketing platforms that don’t have the same purpose.

Easy Ways to Integrate Your Social Media Into Your Website

Fortunately, in most cases, social media companies make it easy to integrate their various platforms into your website. Here are three simple ways to do this.

Check Out Available Widgets

In most cases, putting something like Facebook or Twitter onto your website is simply a matter of copying and pasting the right widget. All you have to do is identify what you are looking to put on your website and copy the HTML code accordingly. This enables your website to actively display your latest Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter content.

Keep in mind that the reverse should be true as well. Make sure that all your social media has an easily discoverable link to direct visitors back to your website. This way, potential clients can find additional information about you and your business. This approach also lets you integrate your social media with your e-commerce options.

Create a Matching Content Strategy

Social media and website content work best if they are saying the same thing. In other words, you should ensure that you are writing about the same type of content on each of these communication platforms. Doing so accomplishes multiple goals. First, it saves you a ton of time. You can just create content and then slightly tweak the message when sending out a Tweet or Facebook share. Second, it enables your message to have more power, since you are saying the same thing over multiple platforms. Third, it allows you to hit multiple audiences with a reinforcing message over multiple media.

The important thing to remember is that you may have to change what you say and how you say it. How you communicate on your website isn’t the same as how you would convey your message on Twitter, so you may need to adjust your content accordingly.

Use and Repurpose Existing Content

One of the beautiful things about a content strategy that integrates your website content and social media is that you don’t have to change much. All you have to do is take existing content, such as information on your website, and change the formatting. From there, you can use it on your social media. This creates an easy integration with relatively little effort.

Thanks to technological advances, integrating social media into your website is easy. Current content can be repurposed and HTML can be copied, making this a breeze.

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