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Healthy Mission, Healthy Design: The 6 Best Medical Websites Online Right Now

Being healthy can mean a lot of different things to different people. In our website world, for example, being “healthy” means having a website that is doing its job. While aesthetics play a big role in how a website performs (just like you can tell quite a lot about how a person is feeling based on how they look), there’s so much more to it (just like the human body). The inner workings of a website (just like your body) need to be taken care of too, especially if you’re hoping that your online presence will help your business get the traction it needs to succeed.

In the medical world, the “health” of your website really couldn’t be more important.

Because you’re selling health, everything about your website — from its design to its SEO — needs to convey peak performance. And it needs to do so in a way that doesn’t feel cold or isolated in order to build trust and community. The best medical websites take their health seriously by staying up-to-date, integrating customer-centric features, and implementing smart design strategies that help visitors feel welcomed. And, even more important, they’re easily found in relevant searches.

Curious to see what that looks like? Here are the six best medical websites we’ve found so far in 2019…

The 6 Best Medical Websites

  1. React Physical Therapy

    A Chicago-based physical therapy practice, React has created a website that not only looks great, but that works great, too. Using a consistent color scheme helps to keep the entire website feeling cohesive and definitely helps with their branding as well. By avoiding stock images, React’s website feels personal and custom, helping new visitors feel like they can really get to know the team they will be working with (which is super important in the medical world). Convenient features, like an intuitive menu and a clickable phone number, help to make the website easy to use, while the user choices just below the main image give the visitor quick access to information they want, including location details and about the team. Integrating client testimonials in a slider in the middle of the page and providing detailed information about treatment options, both in the form of blog articles and landing pages, are just two more reasons why React’s website is one of the best we’ve found.

  2. Manhattan Orthopedic Care

    The website for Manhattan Orthopedic Care has a lot going on, which means it has the potential to be really overwhelming. One look at it, however, and you’ll quickly realize that it’s not. Because of its smart design and soothing color scheme (blue, white, gray), the website is able to present all of its content in a way that feels personal, organized, and easy to browse. Some of its best features include its social proof as an above-the-menu banner with logos of prominent brands and publications they’ve been recognized by (ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc.) at the very top of the homepage. Personal pictures, videos, and great calls to action ensure that visitors feel enticed to click, rather than land and leave. An easy book online feature gives potential clients the ability to take action, even if they’re up in the middle of the night.

  3. The Heart & Vascular Institute of Detroit

    Using an unorthodox approach to design, the website for Detroit’s Heart & Vascular Institute features a compressed, almost hidden, menu and a bold black banner beneath the logo, which contains only three center-aligned phone numbers, a patient login button, and social media links. While not obviously great design from first glance, there are a few things that make this website work. First, its complex and hefty logo conveys a lot, including professionalism and who they are (“Cardiovascular Excellence” and “Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care”). Because of this, the website rightfully lets the logo do the talking, rather than overwhelming a visitor with too much all at once. Second, taking context into account, the website remains stoic and understated, understanding that visitors are going to be visiting during difficult times. As you scroll down the homepage, the website really comes to life, offering visitors a one-minute promotional video, as well as friendly photos of the institute’s doctors.

  4. Holistic Orthopedics

    As a holistic medical website, Holistic Orthopedics in Seattle understands its niche, which is why the design is both different and effective. Although the website appears to use stock images, which is typically not recommended, the photographs meld seamlessly with the overall design, rather than feeling cold or out of place. The best part of the website, however, is the wonderful video that can be found on the homepage, which offers visitors a personal introduction to the owner of the practice. This professional video alone makes the website really stand out from other medical websites in the industry.

  5. Boston Children’s Hospital

    Like so many large medical websites, Boston Children’s Hospital has a lot to organize and present online. Its website design accomplishes all of it, however, thanks to its outstanding organization, professional and personal photographs, and prominent calls to action. Features like bright and bold clickable icons help guide visitors to where they need to go quickly, while alternating content blocks of white and color help to keep the site from feeling overwhelming. For visitors needing more guidance, an easy-to-locate “How can we help?” button at the bottom of the page feels like a friendly front desk greeter taking you directly where you need to go.

  6. Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville

    This Nashville medical website does just about everything right. From its bold black and white color scheme to its attractive font, the moment you land on its homepage you understand that these doctors are really good at what they do. Because the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville focuses on appearance, its website needs to show that it understands the nuances of aesthetics, which it does. Personal and fun photos of the doctors and local photos of the surrounding area make you feel welcomed as you scroll through the site. Compelling copy and easy-to-find information about services give visitors what they need without having to dig. And, as an added bonus, the website offers an attractive form for scheduling a consultation (and getting you add to their email newsletter list).

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