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Function Option To Hide Gravity Form Field Labels

When it comes to options to hide Gravity Form field labels, it can be frustrating using display:none; and manipulating the padding for the field labels (the mock-up only uses placeholder text).

So after researching a better way to tackle this, we found the following solution:

  • DownloadCode SnippetsPlugin.
  • Click Appearance > Custom Function and Paste this into the field. Hit Save.
  • Embed add_filter (‘gform_enable_field_label_visibility_settings’, ‘__return_true’ ); there
  • In Form Editor when you click ‘Appearance’ on the Field tabs there should now be an option to hide the field labels!

As a note: This does get rid of the field, but it leaves the spacing/padding so you might need to edit the CSS a little.

It’s not 100% perfect, but it definitely gets the job done :)

Explore this article for more help and/or information: chriseggleston.com/use-gravity-forms-placeholders.

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