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FreshySites Plugin: Custom Post Type – Listing

A WordPress Plugin has been created by FreshySites to quickly create a “Listing” custom post type.

It’s pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.


This was deemed necessary because our current go-to map/listing Plugin (Progress Map) doesn’t create a new post type for you. Instead of us trying to utilize “Posts” or “Projects” for the map listings, it was ideal to have a dedicated “Listings” post type.

However, current Plugin offerings that accomplished this were too complex — or others were too limiting (requiring you to manually create a new PHP post template).


This Plugin was coded to be simple.

  • All you have to do is upload the Plugin’s zipped folder via Plugins > Add New
    • It automatically creates the “Listing” post type, along with “Categories” and “Tags” (which are specifically associated to the new Listings).
    • It automatically utilizes the single-listing.php post template that is included with the Plugin. This template includes Divi Builder functionality, just like any other Divi page would.
  • Just go to Listings > Add New Listing to create a new listing.
  • Keep in mind, that if using this with the Progress Map Plugin, you’ll need to go into that Plugin’s settings to tell it to use this new “Listings” post type to display locations.
    • Progress map > Query Settings > Main content type > Listings (listing).


This Plugin currently resides in its own GitHub repository here: github.com/FreshySites/fs-custom-post-type-listing. This allows for us to easily maintain the Plugin, and for users (ourselves and others) to easily access it and use it.

Just click the green “Clone or Download” button and then Download Zip.

Now upload the zipped folder to your WordPress Plugins and you’re on your way!

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