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Dropdown Menu Items On iPad

I recently ran into an issue regarding iPad drop-down menus and wanted to share the solution with the greater WordPress web development community for future reference!

We’ve had clients say that when they viewed their sites on iPads (specifically horizontally) they ran into an issue with a drop-down item.

This happened when the menu item they were referred to wasn’t a page, but rather just a blank link. On desktop, when you hover over that menu item, the drop-down options come down on the hover like we want them to.

On iPad (vertical view), you can’t hover, but if you tap the menu item text it just stays on the page like it’s supposed to. However, if you tilt the iPad horizontally, when the menu item text is tapped in an attempt to drop down the other links, iOS (for whatever reason) takes you to a 404 error page.

The fix is: rather than leaving the URL for the parent page blank, type #0.

This is a good practice going forward, instead of leaving the URL blank, so that nothing malfunctions on iPad :)

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