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25 best geriatric medicine doctor website designs of 2023

Launching a medical business to help seniors involves more than just a team and a building. It also requires marketing to the community so potential customers will know what you have to offer. One of the best ways to do this is to have a well-designed, straightforward website that is nice to look at and offers a ton of helpful information. Here are some examples to inspire you.

These are the top geriatric medicine doctor websites.

  1. WellBe Senior Medical

    WellBe Senior Medical focuses on key images, both of which show a caretaker and a senior. The rest of the site is minimalist, using a cool, comforting palette of blue, aqua and plum with lots of white space. The homepage features a helpful form that visitors can use to contact the company.

  2. ElderConsult

    ElderConsult does a good job of capturing the viewer’s attention by using videos as its primary way of communicating. There are two helpful short films on its homepage as well as several images of seniors. The text is brief and easy to read, and a “Schedule a Housecall” button is boldly highlighted in orange in the header.

  3. Partners in Primary Care

    Partners in Primary Care uses a simple, basic template to get its points across. The company emphasizes an uncluttered look with pastel colors and a video at the center of its homepage. Tabs just below the video link to helpful information about topics like changing doctors and understanding Medicare.

  4. JenCare Senior Medical Center

    JenCare Senior Medical Center’s unique approach is to present its “Patient Stories” on the homepage. This video is a great way to attract new customers interested in hearing firsthand what the center is like. The dark blue background is a departure from the soft palettes that most of these practices use. Its effect is calming and strong.

  5. Village Physicians

    Village Physicians takes a different approach with its website. A slideshow at the top of the homepage visually summarizes the types of services the practice offers. Below the fold are a photo of its clinic followed by one of a woman bicycling through a beautiful forest, implying health and enjoying life.

  6. Geriatric Home Care Physicians

    Photos of happy seniors create a welcoming atmosphere on this homepage. Besides these images, Geriatric Home Care Physicians offers a stark white background. A prominent dark red square highlights important content, and matching “Read More” buttons link to additional information.

  7. Hershman Medical Center

    Beneath a slideshow with buttons to click, Hershman Medical Center showcases services in a dark blue box, then provides more information against a white background. This practice differs from most by displaying doctor profiles on the homepage. It also offers patient testimonials. The green “Make an Appointment” button is easy to find in the header, next to the phone number.

  8. Texas Medical & Geriatric Center

    Texas Medical & Geriatric Center’s soft blue and white color scheme is calming. On the homepage, a contact form is superimposed on the large photo of a doctor and patient above the fold. A large field at the bottom highlights patient testimonials with an ombre effect of purple morphing into blue.

  9. Suleman Lalani, MD

    The website for Suleman Lalani, MD has a distinctive color scheme of olive green, dark blue, black and white. Below the slideshow at the top of the homepage are a photo and profile of Dr. Lalani. The homepage also mentions what insurance the company accepts, which is important for potential patients to know.

  10. Optum Care

    Optum Care offers a clean, straightforward website with tons of information on its homepage. The practice opts for a white background with black text and accents of red and blue. At the bottom of the homepage is a video that tells visitors more about the available services.

  11. Texas Family & Senior Care Clinic

    The website for Texas Family & Senior Care Clinic lets images dominate its homepage. Red titles draw attention to black text on a white background. Viewers can book an online appointment right from the homepage, and the large locator map at the bottom has a button to click for directions.

  12. Hempstead Medical Group

    While most geriatric medicine websites focus on images of seniors, the site for Hempstead Medical Group focuses on its two doctors. Their images greet viewers at the top of the homepage, and at the bottom, they are profiled once again with photos and lengthy bios. The “Services” section is nicely organized with a small, colorful image to identify each.

  13. The Family and Aging Center

    The homepage for The Family and Aging Center combines different shades of blue with green accents — echoing the color scheme of its logo — to create a calming effect. A button for the patient portal is easy to find near the top. Scrolling down, visitors find a chart with office hours, a profile of the doctor and a form for making an appointment.

  14. Chen Senior Medical Center

    Chen Senior Medical Center uses the varying shades of green in its logo as the color scheme for its website. The homepage is heavy on images rather than text, and it offers a video highlighting patient stories.

  15. Excel Medical Center

    The homepage for Excel Medical Center combines soothing shades of blue and green with plenty of white space to make a professional first impression. Visitors can scroll down to find a wealth of information about the practice, its providers and the insurance they accept. There’s also a calendar of seasonal events and services.

  16. Doctors on Call

    The Doctors on Call website features a blinking “Request an Appointment” button that appears in the header of each page. The rest of the site combines muted blue and orange banners with a minimal amount of text. Eye-catching icons highlight services and allow viewers to download a brochure, learn about accepted insurance or get in touch.

  17. Visiting Physician’s Network

    With a basic blue and white color scheme, the Visiting Physician’s Network website showcases its team of doctors by placing their group photo near the top of the homepage. Tabs for the “New Patient Form” and the “Contact Form” appear just above. The address, phone number and office hours are in large print at the bottom along with a locator map.

  18. Abundant Life Assisted Services

    Abundant Life Assisted Services offers a text-heavy homepage with a calming background in shades of blue. Diversity is highlighted in the slideshow at the top. The bottom third of the page lists services and an emergency phone number as well as a map of locations and a form visitors can use to send a message.

  19. Prime MD Geriatrics

    Less is more with the Prime MD Geriatrics homepage. It offers a minimalist design, leading with a large photo featuring a “Book an Appointment” button in blue. Text about the practice, services and patient resources follows, and a large contact form can be found toward the bottom.

  20. Visiting Physicians Association

    Magenta and white create the color scheme for the Visiting Physicians Association homepage, which adds shades of blue in the photo at the top. Telehealth options are offered on the homepage while the rest of the site features easy-to-read information about services and locations as well as a portal and FAQ section for patients.

  21. Chicago Express Doctors

    Although its services may appeal especially to homebound seniors, the visuals on this practice’s homepage emphasize urgent care at home for patients of all ages. The Chicago Express Doctors homepage highlights its affordable house calls and presents a well-organized section about the specific services offered.

  22. Doctors Making Housecalls

    While most geriatric medicine websites lead with photos of seniors or doctors, Doctors Making Housecalls (DMHC) greets visitors with a close-up of a virus. The photos below that blend into the site’s white background. The website design lets the text, rather than the images, dominate.

  23. Home Instead Senior Care

    The design of the Home Instead Senior Care homepage highlights diversity with its images. Visitors can find the nearest office using a form displayed prominently at the top of the homepage. Halfway down, there’s a video that visitors can watch to learn more about the organization.

  24. Damon Raskin, MD

    The homepage for Damon Raskin, MD’s website uses the doctor’s office building as its main image. Information follows about services and reasons to choose this practice. At the bottom are YouTube videos of the doctor’s appearances on local television news shows. The site is text-heavy, but it is well-organized and easy to navigate.

  25. Reliable Medical Associates

    This colorful site combines blue, orange, yellow and green in muted tones. Reliable Medical Associates balances text and images to tell visitors about its services. Testimonials and information about house calls are featured at the bottom of the homepage.

Creating a comprehensive website that showcases your services, your team and the patients you serve can be a daunting task, but these well-designed websites make it look easy. They’re great examples of how to effectively market a geriatric medical practice.

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