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Best 25 Furniture Refinishing Websites for 2020

A good furniture refinishing website doesn’t just offer a service—it creates a need that customers didn’t realize they had. Once people see the vibrant, full-color pictures of restored furniture, they’ll start thinking about their old furniture and how much it could benefit from a restoration. If the site features a few enticing blurbs about their services, readers will be even more likely to pick up the phone. The best furniture refinishing websites create a need, satisfy that need, and make it easy for people to get in touch with the company so they can complete the sale.

Here’s a Ranking of the Best Furniture Refinishing Websites for 2020

  1. The Furniture Service

    The Furniture Service immediately greets customers with a full-color image of a plank of wood, which makes them think about furniture restoration. When they scroll down, they see appealing photos of professionally restored furniture.

  2. The Furniture Healing Company

    The Furniture Healing Company grabs your attention with a black-and-white graphic that offers strong contrast. The webpages are conveniently listed in a black bar at the top of the site. Scrolling down, customers find large photos of furniture that was restored by the company.

  3. Hill Country Cabinet & Furniture

    Hill Country Cabinet & Furniture makes a bold first impression with a professional logo and a full-sized image of a sparkling kitchen. The site features a convenient “Call Now!” button and a phone number in the right-hand corner, making it easy for customers to get in touch with the business.

  4. Angelo’s Furniture

    Angelo’s Furniture uses a clean layout with a white top bar and neat blocks of content. The fonts are all clean and easy to read. Additionally, the site features a pop-up box with the company’s phone number in the bottom right-hand corner.

  5. Black’s Furniture Restoration

    Black’s Furniture Restoration makes a strong first impression with a full-size image of richly textured planks of wood. The site also features an animated arrow inviting customers to scroll down, where they find more information about the company. The site also includes a photo of the owner to make the company seem more personal.

  6. Steve’s Wood Studio

    Steve’s Wood Studio features the company’s phone number prominently in the top bar. The site also has a bulleted list of different projects that the company can tackle, so customers know what to expect. Customer reviews are highlighted near the bottom of the page.

  7. Coup Restorations

    Coup Restorations uses a slideshow to show off the different types of furniture they can restore. The site also uses close-up photographs so customers can appreciate their attention to detail. The contact buttons are conveniently located in a floating bar on the right side of the page, and there is an option for customers to create an account.

  8. The Workshop

    The Workshop starts off with a pop-up window that invites readers to sign up for their newsletter. When the reader closes the pop-up, they see an attractive layout with pictures of vintage furniture. The site uses a brown-and-white color scheme to complete the vintage feel.

  9. Leather Remedy

    Leather Remedy displays class and professionalism with a bold, modern layout. The site uses large headers, bold pictures, and minimal text to get the message across without a lot of fluff. Webpage links are located in a bar at the top of the page.

  10. The Windmill Woodworks

    The Windmill Woodworks uses a rustic layout with pictures of wood grain to make their customers think about furniture and wood repair. The logo also has a charming “fire-branded” appearance that suits the theme of the website. The address, phone number, email address, and social media icons are listed at the bottom of the page.

  11. Kunicki Restoration

    Kunicki Restoration puts the company’s contact information front and center and invites customers to request a quote or leave a review. This gets straight to the point without boring the customer with a lot of rambling text. The site also uses a colorful full-size image for a professional background.

  12. Woodmaster Workshop

    Woodmaster Workshop greets browsers with an image of a man wearing an apron. Scrolling down, users find vibrant, professional pictures of the furniture that the company has restored.

  13. Sanchez Leather Restoration

    Sanchez Leather Restoration greets the user with pictures of leather to get them thinking about leather restoration. The site also lists the contact information in the top bar. When customers scroll down, they find glowing reviews from real people, which gives the business more credibility.

  14. Rebar

    Rebar offers an air of professionalism with a sleek, modern layout. Customers can schedule a service right on the front page without having to call the company or click through multiple pages. The front page also features a neat block of content with reviews from real people. Contact information is listed at the bottom of the page.

  15. Walker Furniture Services

    Walker Furniture Services greets users with a slideshow that shows employees hard at work, so they know this is a company that works hard and knows a lot about their industry. They also feature short blurbs of text that give people more information about the company.

  16. Austin Furniture Repair

    Austin Furniture Repair features a bright green “Get A Quote” button in the top-right corner. The site also uses a brown, green, and white color scheme to create a calming, attractive layout. The website content is neatly organized in blocks. Blog posts and FAQs are featured on the front page.

  17. E.T. Furniture Restoration

    E.T. Furniture Restoration starts off with a calming picture of the tools that the company uses to restore furniture. The site also has a white “Call For A Free Quote” button placed front and center. Scrolling down, users find a picture of the business owner and a short blurb about his experience.

  18. MRT Group

    MRT Group features a sports car in their header image to show that they can restore any kind of furniture, even leather car seats. The site offers blog posts where the employees talk about their restoration process in detail. A convenient map is located near the bottom of the page.

  19. Blackstone Furniture Restorers

    Blackstone Furniture Restorers offers a clean black-and-white layout with a simple image slideshow. The site is short and direct, with a list of links and a short blurb about the company. This helps grab the reader’s attention immediately and makes a quick sales pitch.

  20. Special Effects Upholstery

    Special Effects Upholstery includes the phone number in the top bar as well as an eye-catching button inviting viewers to schedule an appointment. The site also features a Facebook feed that gives potential customers a peek at their social media activity. A map is located next to the Facebook feed.

  21. AAA Woodcrafters

    AAA Woodcrafters pairs large black text with a white background to make it easy to read. The white background also makes the header image stand out. The site uses neat blocks of content and short blurbs to educate potential clients about the different services that they provide.

  22. New York Couch Doctor

    New York Couch Doctor places the business’s phone number in a bright red box that stands out from the rest of the website. The cool black-and-white layout and retro font make readers think of New York, which is where the business is located.

  23. Murphy’s Refinishing

    Murphy’s Refinishing greets readers with a close-up picture of a wooden dresser. The site offers more information about furniture restoration and how it can benefit customers, which encourages people to buy one of their services. The site also features customer reviews near the bottom of the page.

  24. Andrew’s Refinishing

    Andrew’s Refinishing offers a large picture of the company building, so people know what to look for if they’ve never visited this business before. The site also has a handy button inviting readers to schedule a free estimate.

  25. Revitaliste

    Revitaliste makes a strong first impression with an artistic logo and a clean, refreshing blue layout. Scrolling down, the site features a diagram that informs browsers about the restoration process. The site also features an Instagram feed with professionally shot photos.

With sites like these for inspiration, you can have a professional furniture refinishing website up and running in no time. While following their example, be sure to make your site stand out with personal details and a focus on your unique offerings.

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