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AdWords 101: How to Decrease Cost While Increasing Reach in 1 Simple Step

If you’re struggling to win with Google AdWords — this is for you. Google’s A.I. can be a tricky thing to understand, but let’s talk about SEO for a second. Google prefers certain sites over others depending on quite possibly thousands of key factors of your site.

They look at anything from the position of the title, to the font of the title and they’ll give the number 1 position not only to the most relevant, but also their favorite site and SEO title.

Google AdWords: The Biggest Spender Won’t Always Win

The saying goes that the person willing to spend the most in business will win. That may be true in some instances. But not always in Google AdWords. Much like SEO, Google prefers some ads over others. You can spend $30,000 a day on Google advertising, but if your headlines are too wordy, and your landing page is not up to par, you’ll lose impressions.

Three Ways To Be Preferred by Google

  1. Reference the Targeted Keyword in your Headline – Let’s pretend that you’re targeting keyword “Fresh Oranges” and getting the search term “Fresh Oranges near me.” Reference “Fresh Oranges” in your headline! Google loves to see that you’re delivering exactly what the person is searching for.
  2. Reference the Targeted Keyword in Your URL Paths – Similar to referencing within the headline, Google wants to see that you’re sending their searcher to what they’re looking for. If they’re searching “Fresh Oranges” and they’re sent to {website}.com/Fresh/Oranges that’s a huge win. Google loves to see that its searcher is being sent to exactly what they’ve looked for.
  3. Implementing a Landing Page That Speaks to the Search Term – Without a shadow of a doubt, Google does look over your site to ensure that it’s valid for what the searcher is looking for. That way, every time someone searches for “Fresh Oranges” they get sent to a place that can sell, or give them information on fresh oranges. Make sure you spare no detail in making sure that your landing page is all about fresh oranges.

Take Care Of Google’s Customers

Make no mistake, you may be paying Google, but you’re not their customer. The person searching things is the customer. As long as you unconditionally take care of the person searching you’ll be fine. That’s what Google wants to see.

What We’ve Seen Recently

Recently, we put this to the test!

We went through and audited some ads that were under performing.

After changing up the headlines, and sending them to a new landing page, we saw an increase of 45% of impressions while spending 12% less. Its because Google now prefers our ads over others because we took care of Google’s customers.

Give this a try and let us know what you think!
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