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9 Best Nonprofit Websites of February 2020

Nonprofit companies face different challenges than private companies, and while both types come with hardworking staff to help grow the business, nonprofits don’t necessarily have the more capitalistic resources to be successful via the same businesses methods. They often depend on customer donations, government subsidization, and lots of marketing to get their messages out to the audiences that care.

Standing out as a nonprofit site requires engaging design that typically puts visitors in a heartfelt position via highly descriptive imagery, clear calls to action toward joining and donating, and mission statements that make readers feel prepared to dive into the important goals these companies have to offer.

Top 9 Nonprofit Websites

  1. Special Olympics

    The homepage for the Special Olympics website does fantastic work putting visitors right in the center of celebrating their athletes. One of the biggest goals of the the Special Olympics is to bring greater diversity to athletics around the world and to support general inclusivity within competition and entertainment. The site’s direct support of Black History Month and their slogan, “The Revolution is Inclusion” are just a few examples of their welcoming of communities from all over, and their header bar’s educational links provide comprehensive resources on learning about upcoming events, techniques, and the origins of the institution.

  2. Nashville Zoo

    The Nashville Zoo’s presentation is vibrant and full of high-res pictures of their animal exhibits, veterinary care, and community engagement. As an institution with a passion for wildlife, their site is chock-full of animated icons as you scroll and move the mouse cursor to show off their company’s character in a fun, eye-catching way. Scrolling down the homepage takes you behind the scenes of the zoo’s more professional areas, including research, conservation, education, and habitat protection. The site’s nature-specific background animations and graphics highlight photos of the animals they care for, and the effect is a site that visitors won’t forget.

  3. ASPCA

    ASPCA’s website puts emotional engagement upfront with beautiful images of animals in need being treated with love and plenty of attention. The homepage’s image slider automatically scrolls between animal pictures that each come with a unique tag line that expresses a particular sentiment, as in “don’t leave him out in the cold.” The site’s balance between activism and education topics is thorough and easy to access with plenty of CTAs throughout. In general, their design tugs on the heartstrings of viewers compellingly and with clear details about why their institution is important.

  4. WCS

    The design for the Wildlife Conservation Society welcomes visitors with plenty of images of wildlife in their natural settings. Their subsections are specific and informative, and in particular their header bar’s nature section does great work entertaining and informing visitors about the resources, scientific principles, and types of education involved with wildlife conservation. The menu on their sidebar has very smooth transitions between different slides that let you see the entirety of what the site and WCS’s service involve, and also how to get involved yourself.

  5. The SEEP Network

    The Small Enterprise Evaluation Project (SEEP) uses businesses development expertise to help put a spotlight on the primary causes of poverty at the global level. Their “About Our Mission” section is highly descriptive and inspiring, and important provides unmissable CTAs for joining their cause. Right from the homepage, the issue of addressing global poverty takes center-stage with an automated slideshow of staff hard at work helping the people most directly impacted by such poverty. Due to their international focus, it’s very important that they provide access to the site’s information in multiple languages, and they smartly provide a translation tool on every page with plenty of options to choose.

  6. Nonprofit Finance Fund

    The site for the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is colorful, filled with punchy small animations, and precisely knows how to use compelling design to attract its audience. A financial management company for nonprofits, their 40-year legacy isn’t understated with a concise and powerful origin description as you scroll down the homepage. Their entire design is simultaneously engaging and efficient with space and informatively concise paragraphs. Every page is bordered with orange footers and headers, and the consistent simple font for all their text helps teach new visitors how to best navigate their different services. In general, the NFF’s site design brings a warm voice to their brand without sacrificing efficient communication.

  7. International Rhino Foundation

    The international Rhino Foundation has a narrower focus than most nonprofit sites on this list, but comes packed with great design features. As an animal advocacy company that focuses exclusively on rhinoceros well-being and development, their homepage should describe their mission as quickly as possible (and it does!). Images of rhinoceroses are centered on the homepage slider and joining to support those animals is a breeze with a bright call to action just under the images. Due to the sheer expense of their protection and preservation goals, their design is heavily focused on inspiring charitous actions from visitors and keeping them informed on the big-picture state of their company’s efforts multiple times per year.

  8. HSTC

    The Humane Society of Treasure Coast (HSTC), based in Florida, offers shelter for homeless animals regardless of health, aggression issues, or age. They take in animals and make them healthy again while working to find them proper homes and families. Beyond just donations, the HSTC provides community engagement through volunteer work, event attendance, purchasing merchandise, and training pets. Signing up for their newsletter is a cakewalk since every page offers an account creation form at the bottom near the footer bar. Arguably their best feature, the “Events” section provides highly informative descriptions that give a broad sense to what the company does generally and which events stand out so visitors have plenty to choose from.

  9. Upstream

    Upstream’s nonprofit expertise is dedicated to helping individuals bring change to other people and societies that need it most. Upstream’s design is probably the most inspiring on our list, with a clickable full-screen video that’s longer than most website productions due to the in-depth nature of interviewing both their staff members and people who they’ve helped. With plenty of small animations throughout and an eye-popping gray and rainbow color palette, they do amazing work encouraging visitors to explore. Their square-grid layout makes itself known via scrolling down from the main video and offers an evenly-spaced view of different donation and volunteer areas to give a sense of equality to the areas of importance visitors might be most drawn to.

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