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9 Best Landscaping Company Websites (January 2020)

The effects of proper lawn care and landscaping work are environmental, personal, and highly visual. Companies devoted to such work often meet customers in public-facing ways, and brightly-colored sites with image-based testimonials and punchy copy-writing often separate themselves from the competition with clear results and persuasive language.

No lawn care service company should feel exactly the same

Each on our list offers a specialty and brand presentation that make them feel unique by leaning into their employees’ specialties and passions.

  1. Brightview

    Brightview’s palette of natural-looking greens and blues represents its landscaping expertise and helps establish their company’s brighter tone. The large, response icons show outdoor scenes and in-progress projects that help garner visitor attention with snappy copyrighting to mimic the actions that visitors and pictured workers are taking. There are plenty of calls-to-action throughout the homepage with direct verbs like, “shop,” “discover,” and “enhance.” Each term is paired with a contextually relevant thumbnail that matches the verbs to further entice readers to find out more and navigate the site in the informative and intuitive ways designers intend.

  2. TruGreen

    TruGreen’s banner image changes with the season, depicting action-oriented outdoor activities that take place on lawns and large properties. Their homepage presents a lot of care options and search fields toward what they offer, including a pricing and zip code field so visitors always know if there’s a local store and the average costs for specific services. It’s excellent backlink profile and titles for each subsection helps TruGreen show up earlier on Google and other search engine results pages, getting visitors to click on its particular pages before competitors. Using sections to describe their specialties more in depth, such as on their tree and shrub removal page, helps visitors navigate what their company has the most experience in.

  3. Bartlett Tree Experts

    Based in East Syracuse, NY, Bartlett Tree Experts lets its image-based design do most of the talking. Their concise, no-nonsense descriptions describe professionalism about their company, and their elegant logo and simple, cartoon-like icons give a sense of levity to their upfront seriousness. With poignant images and short descriptions about the severity and origins of natural disasters, Bartlett both shows and tells how its business is valuable, and customers will remember what scenes captivated them when looking for companies that have the most expressed awareness, whether recovering from a natural disaster or just finding the best pruning expert for their lawn’s hedge.

  4. California Landscaping and Lawncare

    Based in Winston Salem, NC, The California Landscaping And Lawn care company make their website simple and easy to navigate. Their contact information is on the homepage in bold text just under the header bar, and the testimonials and service description pages stay to the left of the landing page images in clickable boxes you can’t miss. They offer a handy list of each area in North Carolina they serve, and they include links to their social media pages and extensive payment options for quick pricing and ease of access. Their before and after-shot gallery is simple and offers a realistic view of their handiwork from recent projects.

  5. Scott’s Miracle Grow Company

    Scotts is a popular brand for many lawn care products, and their site does a great job breaking down their products and services from the header bar. Each homepage section is a clickable image to the depicted service, and all their sections come with concise and informative text about what they offer. Their online web store is easy to use and runs a current inventory for every product, and they even offer overview tips for general use for each item them carry. Their site’s videos and up-to-date blog give perspective toward best practices for taking care of your home’s lawn or garden.

  6. Landscape USA

    The Landscapes USA design has a minimalist, successful website with a list of the states they serve taking up the whole homepage for immediate navigation for visitors looking at local services. They suggest quickly contacting them by email or phone from the large header bar, and their effective slogan, “Design. Build. Maintain.,”supports the no-frills and highly professional experience they value as a business. Each state’s sub-page includes images from local projects so that customers can see a range of their work in a variety of areas to show evidence of their expansiveness as a company without losing regional focus.

  7. Better Homes and Gardens

    The Better Homes and Gardens site offers something unique: visitors can register and upload pictures of their lawns and gardens so they can edit in flowers, trees, and other lawn care options for future planning and troubleshooting. The site’s wide variety of services offers everything from lawn care to cooking to general home improvement ideas, and their homepage’s central blog and garden trends section helps differentiate service areas without up-to-date content to entice readers instead of just category titles.

  8. Purple Care

    From North Texas, Purple Care offers lawn care and landscaping expertise in maintenance and renewal, fertilization, lighting installation, and more. Their homepage’s image slider offers fun pictures of exotic animals in extensive foliage with punchy text beneath to describe the company’s playful character amidst their years of service in the state. Coupled with an extensive gallery of the homes and landscaping work they’ve accomplished over the years, the site’s “Meet the Team” section offers more extensive, personable bios of their employees for a personalizing touch.

  9. Quality Care

    The site for Quality Care provides a classic green and white palette for that nature-driven feeling, and the homepage’s main slider offers well-cropped and stylized images of their employees at work cleaning, designing, and trimming lawns. Each slide comes with its own call to action, and they differentiate residential and commercial services from the header bar. Their tips and advice section acts as a regularly-updated blog, with insight on identifying different types of lawn pests, how to measure soil quality, and how to train a pet to use the lawn in the ways most beneficial and long-lasting for the lawn projects visitors look to establish.

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