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9 Best Food and Restaurant Websites (December 2019)

Going out to eat is a wonderful treat, but knowing which options to choose from often boils down to how restaurants and other food services present themselves online. Maintaining a good online presence demands knowing what your customers are most interested in and how your restaurant in particular meets their needs without sacrificing your unique brand.

Restaurant and food service websites benefit from immersive presentations, as with close-up pictures of food options, company culture, and concise stories of company origins. The restaurants here don’t let their websites act merely as directions to the business, rather they invite visitors to delve deeper into the personality of the taste-makers who bring their food to life.

List of the 9 Best Food and Restaurant Website of December 2019

  1. Éléphant

    If you’ve ever searched around the internet for a good place to eat with friends, coming to a restaurant’s website with outdated images or menu selections that are no longer carried can be a real turnoff. Luckily, Éléphant is an Indian restaurant for France natives that uses an engaging accordion display for their menu, which always shows the current price for customers who are less sure if they want to commit yet. As with many recent food and restaurant websites, theirs includes a hard-to-miss contact us page with a graphic of their location between street intersections downtown.

  2. Moxhe

    Australia is a predominantly coastal nation, so making a seafood site like Moxhe’s simultaneously interactive and elegant is a balance that will catch a lot of native’s eyes. Their homepage’s video loop of the local tide and shoreline takes up almost the entire screen for immersion, and their reservation button in the upper right is highly accessible. Details, such as each section’s popup animation and gorgeous images of delectables, make visitors feel like the food is carefully presented and higher class. Their about us section personalizes the business as owned by a local chef and hospitality couple with a lot of culinary and events management experience between them.

  3. Mesón

    Based in Villery, France, the very first thing you see on Mesón’s website is a call to action button toward securing a table. The site immediately informs you that what separates them from the pack is their special synthesis of traditional recipes from Spain with more daring culinary inventions, all from their homepage menu. While the grid sections make some of the information more consolidated, their section images blend with the background white space until scrolling over, giving the impression of unfolding different descriptions with elegant animations. Since the business is focused on regional authenticity with a dash of the avant garde, they give heartwarming bios of their staff members and each’s influence and participation in the business.

  4. 4 Rivers Smokehouse

    The design for 4 Rivers Smokehouse puts visitors in immediate eye contact with slathered BBQ and coleslaw goodness to show off their delicious choices before anyone can say differently. Their header bar is the main source of navigation, letting their homepage sections separately describe their other services, like catering options and the food with more of a gourmet appeal. Their “in the beginning” section goes at length to describe their business’s origin story in a warming, emotional history that makes readers bond with the restaurant’s mission. To emphasize their catering abilities, they include holiday information about ordering BBQ at different times throughout the year.

  5. Lupa Osteria Romana

    The Lupa site’s smooth scrolling elements and eye-catching food and restaurant images make a minimalist design load quickly and feel authentic. A unique specialty, Lupa’s focus on creating Roman dishes in NYC mimic’s the city’s densely populated atmosphere — their wait staff wear butcher’s coats, and they’re quick to quote a press review that their food, while homey feeling, is more high class in flavor and presentation than most. Their sustainability and hiring information are smartly coupled together in a learn more slide to emphasize how careful they are about their work’s environmental effects.

  6. Green Rebel

    Green Rebel was the dream of two Canadian bistro owners who wanted more fresh, locally-sourced food options at home. With the site’s homepage video of staff shucking corn, peeling potatoes, and bringing joy to each other and customers with their work, Green Rebel captures how it feels to eat healthy and feel good without losing enthusiasm for a great meal. They immediately present a call to action and short description of their most popular food option, and even include a coupon for returning customers who reuse their Green Rebel bowl to further decrease the restaurant’s carbon footprint.

  7. Quay

    Based in Sydney, Australia, Quay is a leading restaurant within Australia high-class cuisine choices, and their website design shows it. With a black header bar over mostly white images, their reservation button is dominant and immediately visible. The homepage animation playfully draws the lines composing their main logo and unique font. Their images are heavily stylized throughout so that food and plate alike seem hand-sculpted, and their events section is extremely thorough with events on Christmas Day, wine tastings, and even a Thursday lunch in December.

  8. Big Apple Hot Dogs

    The site for Big Apple Hot Dogs is wonderful, enticing, and fun. Despite the name harking to the United States, they operate in downtown London and their site is quick to mention that all their meat is locally sourced and the best in Great Britain. Their homepage image is an interactive map of London, like a mock Google Maps, with each location given a smiling apple icon with popup contact information. Scrolling down, the homepage itself becomes the menu, with individual slides introducing cartoon versions of their food options and playful descriptions for each.

  9. Pies ’n’ Thighs

    With a fantastic name, this Brooklyn-based restaurant takes a new approach to chicken and sweet food, specializing in gourmet full pies, slices, and breakfast entree options with the whole bird. They offer both pickup and delivery options and allow you to select which delivery services you prefer. Their homepage content is probably the most concise in this list, with a simple but highly visible “Get Started Here” action button and two sections that describe their catering options and where they get their ingredients.

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