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9 Best Church Websites (November 2019)

As the technology costs for creating great websites go down, religious institutions no longer have to be incredibly well-established to get noticed online, looking amazing, and gaining members. Churches are community makers, and in 2019 most people discover information about communities by searching the internet, so it’s crucial to have a site that reflects your church’s values and inspires visitors with both compelling content and great technical design.

The following list explores the church websites that stay fast, are easy to navigate, and make us want to keep clicking:

  1. Church on the Move

    Church on the Move does a fantastic job of narrowing their audiences. Their primary site is geared to introduce new visitors to all the events and character of the church with wide images of high-budget musical performances and elated kids. Their header bar advertises upcoming church festivals with bright colors, and just under the homepage image slider they summarize what types of community organizations they’re already a part of and how to join. For current members, they have similar information on a separate mobile-friendly site that’s much more visually compact and a little faster if you already know what you’re looking for.

  2. Bridgetown Church

    In terms of getting across a memorable visitor experience, sincerity is especially important for most churches. Bridgetown Church’s site delivers sincere impressions on every page, in part because they’ve hired photographers to take pictures of real church members while they’re actively engaged in the community. The site’s first call to action directs visitors to a fundraising web-page for renovating the church, and Bridgetown painstakingly gives weekly updates about the whole renovation process, the history of the community, and what exactly the new changes will help the church accomplish in the future. This sort of attention to detail further performs the sincerity and community respect that many church members vie for, especially when asking for funding.

  3. Good News Church

    With bright colors and a delightfully optimistic message, there probably isn’t a more modern-looking church website than Good News Church’s. From the homepage, the most eye-catching feature is the site’s slideshow of real church member testimonials, with each member visually cropped to look like a professional model without looking tacky. They proudly advertise such members from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds in order to describe the rich mix of people in their faith. Each sermon is also recorded on a database that’s easily streamable from the site.

  4. Christ Unveiled Church

    Christ Unveiled takes a more impressionistic approach to marketing their church, with a main homepage image that depicts the passion and devotive seriousness they want visitors to associate with their community. Concisely, the homepage’s three main calls to action each address a different aspect of their faith (general beliefs, community actions, and how to get involved) and how each relates to modern religious life. They emphasize the activeness and openness of their community with short descriptions of each service’s content that take place multiple times per week and clear scheduling for their internationally-focused webcast series.

  5. Anchor Church

    Based in Sydney, Australia, Anchor Church’s great site uses a contrasting white-text-on-black-background design to come off as austere and focused. Scrolling down the homepage shows high resolution, colorful images of church sermons and other community activities to push back and redefine that initial seriousness so visitors get a sense that its associated with passionate community efforts and not simply an expected tone on Sunday morning. Their “Stories” section emphasizes this too, with bespoke guests invited to engage directly with their group.

  6. A Seattle Church

    The fundamental design techniques at play in A Seattle Church’s website make the whole thing shine. Pairing the city’s famous Space Needle icon with Christianity’s symbol makes the church seem open to anyone in the city area. But how do they keep the visual merger from seeming too cartoonish for a serious institution? The answer is that they let the other content address it! Their homepage’s video loop shows gleeful members hugging, singing, and otherwise positively engaging each other in a beautiful, physical space you quickly learn is the church. Their marketing is so successful, the site even advertises that there’s a church app available from the header bar.

  7. Remnant Church

    With full-screen video that speeds up between showing individual church members, Remnant Church’s homepage shows how important their individual community members are while generally depicting what average church activities are like. Their site’s slogan and first call to action ask people to visit and participate as a way to show that membership is a main priority, even if you’re just pursuing. Their plentiful family photos of church staff describe a supportive and family-focused community that looks for the big picture in terms of engagement: passionate groups and individual spotlights instead of just one or the other.

  8. Fuel Church

    With a spectacular homepage that seems initially designed for a woodland camping service, Fuel Church’s clever design helps make remembering their brand a breeze. Their slogan “Carry the Fire” sets the figurative tone for the rest of the site too; there aren’t action shots of community members or the physical location of the church. The site sticks to atmospheric presentation, focusing on descriptions of Fuel’s mission and beliefs, even including specific music associated with their institution. One of the biggest things that makes Fuel stand out is their cafe, where churchgoers can grab a quick coffee before or after sermons, which helps maintain an extra source of income for the community.

  9. Rockville Church of Christ

    You don’t have to be well known to have a great site. The Rockville Church of Christ offers a no-frills, well-designed website with all the fundamental information you could want. Their physical church is shown right on the homepage slider with an easy-to-read upcoming events bar displayed at the bottom. Their missions page warmly describes international staff members, and they offer bible lessons every week to elementary-aged children. They have a separate Members Login page for a forums section and secure contact information for reaching out to others in the community.

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